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Stripe Payments Review


Stripe Payments Review

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Melissa Johnson

Melissa Johnson

Melissa Johnson has been writing about payment processing and mobile payments since 2014, and has been quoted in articles for Credit Karma and The Next Web, among others. She graduated from The University of Kansas in 2010 with bachelor's degrees in English and journalism.

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    Organization Name: mmmediterranean

    We are food importer for 20 years in New-Jersey (USA).We set up an account with STRIPE. One of our customer tried to place an order on our website. STRIPE denied his payment. They emailed us asking for justifications (recent invoice, pictures of our products) which we sent right away. (we sell seafood, meat and vegetables). They answer back that they can’t work with us because they don’t trust our business. (we work today with charged us $136 for absolutely no reason.We weren’t be able to work with stripe or cash in customers because they denied our application, but still, they charged us $ 136 and they aren’t able to justify the fee clearly.STRIPE is the WORST experience we ever had in 20 years business.I don’t Recommend them at all. There is better companies.Good luck.

    • Organization Name: mmmediterranean
    Robert Blalock

    Organization Name: Rural Pest Solutions NW

    To be completely honest, I’m being generous with one star and ONLY because I can not give them fewer. Stripe’s customer service is, bar none, the worst customer service experience we have ever had with a vendor. We recently upgraded to better software for our business and needed Stripe to migrate our clients payment tokens — a task that is apparently impossible. There is no direct contact with Stripe’s Migration Team, forcing customers to rely on Stripe’s (amateur) customer service rep’s to forward migration requests. We have contacted Stripe’s customer service several times and still none of our information or requests have been forwarded to the Migration Team. We are literally trapped within Stripe’s black hole with no apparent way out. In short, if you sign on with Stripe, they make it damn near impossible to leave, holding your client information hostage for as lone as they like.

    • Organization Name: Rural Pest Solutions NW

    Organization Name: Hyde Park Floral

    I have been a customer of Stripe for over a year now. I’m a florist so Stripe came with my wire service.
    Last week I entered an order for a corsage and accidentally entered a wrong decimal point. Instead of 26.95, I entered 26095.00. When I processed the order I realized the mistake and immediately refunded it within four minutes .The customer wasn’t charged and didn’t even see it , but stripe still charged me the 2.9% fee!!
    I had a charge to my checking account for $753.23 !!!! I called them but was told there was nothing they could do and would t reverse the charge! This is totally unfair and I can’t believe it’s legal!! Is there an agency that I could call to see it’ll it’s legal!!?

    • Organization Name: Hyde Park Floral
    Jessica Dinsmore

    Hi Melanie,

    I’m so sorry this happened to you! We’ve done a little digging to try to help you out, but we haven’t found much in the way of good news, unfortunately. For refunds that happen right away, the banks will usually process them as a reversal, meaning that the customer never sees the charge on their account, which is what happened in this instance. However, Stripe appears to treat them the same as a refund, and its policy for a long time has been not to give back the processing fees on refunds. Stripe will allow you to plug in transactions manually, but generally speaking you’re not supposed to because Stripe can’t verify PCI compliance.

    From what we can tell, your best shot at recouping those fees is going to be hard-fought through pestering Stripe until they escalate you to a manager or you could try opening a case with the BBB.

    In the future, the best way to avoid something like this is to not key in transactions at all — go through a POS with a customer-facing display so the customers can see the transaction amount before it’s processed and get their signature. For CNP (Card Not Present) transactions you’d would be better off relying on invoices. And for what it’s worth, if Stripe has left a bad taste in your mouth, PayPal has the same policy but Square still refunds the processing fees from refunded transactions.

    We wish you all the best!

      Peter Williams

      Organization Name: AUS Marketing

      After creating an account with Stripe and processing approximately $50AUD they email me that they hold 50% of payments in their account for 30 days – I assume as a precautionary measure for new accounts. I contacted them earlier to ask why this isn’t disclosed before sign-up , they linked me to deep with their terms of service. I am disappointed that Stripe are not more up-front pre sign-up in regards to their 50% reserve practice. I do not have these issues with Paypal and will probably just continue using Paypal despite its drawbacks compared to the Stripe interface.

      • Organization Name: AUS Marketing
      Peter Williams

      50% reserve policy for new users + improper collection of identification

      I joined Stripe thinking that they’d offer a similar service to Paypal. Within one week of using Stripe , having transacted about $100 – they email me that they’ll be “reserving” 50% of my funds for 3+ months. Secondly , after attempting to upload my driver’s licence and passport – their system shows failed within 1 minute whenever trying to upload photo ID’s. I’m currently reaching out to the NAB Bank of Australia in regards to their “50% reserve” policy for new accounts and the fact they are not properly collecting identifications for new users.

        Steffany Hubbell

        Organization Name: Higher Energy

        I would give them less than one star if I could. I used Stripe and Collect for Stripe, at an event using the POS system, 4 transactions immediately changed themselves to Refund customer and refunded the money to the customer who had already left with their merchandise. There was nothing I could do, as I didn’t have any contact information for the customers. I lost over half of my sales that day, due to this. It took weeks and threats to finally get someone to email, as they have no phone number on their website. You can’t complain to anyone or get another person because there is literally no way to find out who and how to get in touch with them. Stripe said it wasn’t their malfunction or issue and couldn’t help. Collect for Stripe finally admitted it was a faulty reader, but they refuse to refund the money. They offered to send a new reader but I will never trust them again. I moved to Clover and they are amazing.

        • Organization Name: Higher Energy
        armen eloyan

        Organization Name: 12 Organic Co.

        They cancel for no reason and keep your money for 90 days. Worst ever.

        • Organization Name: 12 Organic Co.

        We were using Stripe for almost a year and they cut us off just before the week-end with 5 days notice on a Thursday afternoon. Try to reach customer service but not a chance to talk to an actual person! They say on their website that we can reach them over email, phone or chat but it is really just by email and very slow answers and not at all satisfying. Client services is key for an healthy business.

          Jeff Li

          Organization Name: Green Bioresearch LLC

          All fake reviews. Stripe is the worst service I used so far. No 1099 report. You couldn’t get a detailed report for last year’s sale. What a suck company

          • Organization Name: Green Bioresearch LLC

          Organization Name: electro

          My name is Dennis Applied for merchant account via Stripe per internet recommendations as is a user friendly company. In 2 days our account was disabled, contacted support a lot of times, every day via email with no success. We selling books and computer parts via our website and we received from Stripe email like this type of Business is not supported. I read 10 times the TOS and there is no limitations to sell new and used books. Also is not in prohibited list. I contacted again every day the Stripe to receive a response, but I not received any email till today. Really horrible company, and no support. Also on the website is specified that they also have phone and chat support which is a lie. My recommendation, stay away and don’t spend your valuable time and apply for a really serious company with real costumer support.

          • Organization Name: electro
          Deborah Martin

          Organization Name: With Woman Jewelry

          I recently received a 1099-K from Stripe Inc for a substantial sum of money however I do not have an account with them. I do not sell anything on line. All of this alleged income occurred in one month. And, finally, I have never received a dime from them. Why didn’t their “RADAR” not pick up on any of this? In the meantime, their “Support” does not answer their phone, apparently ever. Their email responded that “a colleague” would get back to me asap. Obviously, thathasn’t happened either. Next step will be a complaint to BBB and the IRS. Frustrating people is not to their advantage.

          • Organization Name: With Woman Jewelry

          Organization Name: CARSOLL

          Be aware of this service. I had fully verified Stripe account with just 2 transactions (total about $450). Today I received Email saying that they deactivate my account because they noticed unathorized transactions. But both of 2 transactions were authorized in fact and both customers received products they ordered and very happy with them.I wrote to Stripe support asking to tell me which one of these 2 transaction is unathorized….Since they didn’t have anything to answer me, they just changed their mind and said that they find my business high risk for them….They don’t read emails you write to them, they don’t even try to investigate your issue…They just send you copy-paste answers on oll questions….They tell you one reason for deactivation first, then they tell you another reason….Very very unprofessional team! Now it seems that I will loose my $450 because they want to issue refund to customers who already received products .They act like a scam. They just make you think everything is ok giving you access to their services, but once you have some money on balance they use fake reason to close your account without any payouts, so you loose everything including money you earned!If they care about high risk business so much why not to review this business proir giving access to their services???? They not even give you explanation of why they consider your business high risk….Particulary my business is connected with selling physical goods – consumer electronics and I had 2 sucessful transactions with them. Where is the risk?????

          • Organization Name: CARSOLL
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