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You probably know Intuit first and foremost as the creator of the popular and successful QuickBooks bookkeeping software, which we reviewed favorably. Secondly, you may know Intuit as the brand behind TurboTax and Quicken, software for tax preparation and personal finance respectively, both of which users enjoy working with. Thirdly, you may have heard of Intuit GoPayment for mobile payment processing, a service which we reviewed not so favorably. Lastly, you may have heard that Intuit offers standard payment processing through Intuit Payment Solutions, recently rebranded as Intuit QuickBooks Payments. These days, the company likes to go by simply QuickBooks Payments.

How did a financial software development company become a payments provider? Basically Intuit built a fantastic piece of accounting software, QuickBooks, and wanted to integrate payment processing to increase revenue and create a more seamless user experience. So they partnered with a merchant account provider called Innovative Merchant Solutions to make this happen. Soon after partnering, Intuit acquired Innovative, and before long rebranded it as Intuit Payment Solutions, which later took on the QuickBooks namesake. Now they also have a POS system called QuickBooks POS software (it didn’t impress us), which draws in a fair number of merchants to Intuit’s payments branch.

So if you don’t use QuickBooks bookkeeping software, what is the incentive to use QuickBook Payments? As far as I can see – not much. To be fair, Intuit isn’t really selling their processing service to non-QuickBooks users. When you visit their site, the first thing they ask is “Do you currently use QuickBooks?” If you answer no, you will be forward to the Intuit GoPayment page. So if you answer no and are not planning on using QuickBooks, you can probably stop reading here and go to our review of GoPayment instead. And even when it comes to GoPayment, QuickBooks integration is a major selling point.

The question remains then, do I recommend QuickBooks Payments to those currently working with QuickBooks account software? Well – I don’t not recommend it. QuickBooks Payments actually has pretty honest marketing material and competitive features, but they’re not one of my favorite processors pricing-wise or contract-wise. And consider this: QuickBooks payments does not have a monopoly on QuickBooks integration. A lot of processors can do QuickBooks integration. For instance, CDGcommerce, one of our favorite providers, integrates with QuickBooks. They’ll set up your account with interchange-plus pricing and a monthly fee as low as $15 per month which included gateway access. So that’s something to consider.

More or less, you’re looking at the same basic features and experience as you’d get with Intuit GoPayment when you sign up with QuickBooks Payments. The difference being that you need to use QuickBooks in order to use QuickBooks Payments, while you don’t necessarily have to in order to process with GoPayment.

For now they get 3.5 stars out of 5, but I’ll be keeping an eye on QuickBooks Payments and Intuit to see how things shape up for the rest of the year. Check out the full review for more info, or take a look at our handy comparison chart to see some of our favorite providers. And please comment with your thoughts!

Products and Services:

  • Merchant account: Even when you use the pay-as-you-go option, QuickBooks Payments will set you up with a unique merchant account instead of aggregating.
  • QuickBooks integration: Everything you do with you merchant account will automatically sync with you QuickBooks bookkeeping software. Intuit executes this flawlessly, for obvious reasons.
  • Free swiper: Note, you can only get a free swiper if you don’t currently have an Intuit merchant account. Also, you can only get one free reader per account. Additional readers seem to sell for about $50 a piece. This is true for QuickBooks Payments or GoPayment.
  • Virtual terminal: This allows you to accept payment from any internet connected computer. To accept e-checks, you’ll have to apply for this separately.
  • Mobile app: See our GoPayment review for more information about the mobile app.
  • Invoicing: you can request payment through online invoicing directly through the QuickBooks platform. Nice feature!

Fees and Rates:

In mid-2014, Intuit QuickBooks Payments revised their pricing structure, much to the benefit of GoPayment users especially. Now both GoPayment and QuickBooks Payments have the same exact pricing options. While the monthly fee pricing option is now $7 more per month than it used to be, they’ve eliminated the expensive hidden non-qualified rate (which is fantastic news). For both the pay-as-you-go and monthly models, users will now have to pay a $0.25 per-transaction fee, where previously there was none. This will have the greatest effect on low value transactions.

The current pricing models are as follows:

Pay-as-you-go (also called Basic)

  • No monthly fee
  • 2.40% + $0.25 per swiped transaction
  • 3.40% + $0.25 per keyed transaction
  • Additional $0.15 transaction fee for non-qualified transactions
  • $0.20 Batch fee

Higher volume (also called “Save Big” or “Pro”)

  • $19.95 monthly fee (was $12.95)
  • 1.75% + $0.25 per swiped transaction
  • 3.15% + $0.25 per keyed transaction
  • Additional $0.15 transaction fee for non-qualified transactions
  • $0.20 Batch fee

(American Express rates and fees will vary.)

Which Inuit QuickBooks Payments Plan is the Best Value For You?

With the monthly fee plan, you get slightly lower rates in exchange for a monthly fee. With this option you can:

  • Save 0.65% on swiped transactions
  • Save 0.25% on keyed-in transactions

If you’re willing to pay $19.95 per month extra, that is. As you can see, you’re savings is much higher for swiped transaction than keyed-in, but – for the sake of this example – let’s assume you are swiping all transactions. This means that, in order to have your savings equal $19.95 (i.e. the break-even point), you would need to process about $3,070 per month. (3070 * 0.0065 = 19.955) And that is just to break even, and it’s assuming you process only swiped transactions. To be safe, you should only use the monthly fee option if you are absolutely positive you will be processing well over $3,500 each and every month. If you’re not sure, just stick with the pay-as-you-go option.

Other Fees:

If you opt-in for PCI compliance service with the pay-as-you-go option, you’ll be charged $9.95 per month. For monthly fee accounts, PCI compliance is decided on a sliding scale based on how many transaction your process, ranging from $35 – $100 annually. If you plan to process 100 or more transactions per year (as most people do, I’d wager), then you’ll pay the $100 fee.

You should also be aware of the fees at the bottom of Inuit’s official pricing schedule. These are incidental fees or fees that have to do with opt-in features.

Contract Length and Early Termination Fee:

You won’t pay any early termination fees with Intuit QuickBooks Payments. With the pay-as-you-go option, you can simply stop using your account without any penalty. If you use the higher volume option, then make sure to cancel you account or change over to the pay-as-you go option if you plan to take time off from processing. Otherwise, you’ll still have the monthly $19.95 taken from your account. If you account becomes inactive for six months, it will likely be suspended or terminated. If your account is closed due to merchant misconduct, however, Intuit reserves the right to charge a $500 termination fee.

We may terminate this Agreement without prior notice if: (i) we have reason to believe that fraudulent transactions or other activity prohibited by this Agreement is occurring; (ii) such action is necessary to prevent loss to us, (iii) you appear on any card or payment network or other fraud, prohibited, or security reporting list. An administrative account closure fee of $500 will be charged to you if we terminate for the reasons set forth in this section.

You should also know that to cancel your account, you’ll have to mail or fax a formal written request for cancellation.

Sales and Advertising Transparency:

QuickBooks Payments has made great progress in this category lately. They are nowhere near as good as companies like Helcim, but are now better than average I would say. Most important information appears in the main advertising copy, and additional disclosures are not difficult to find. Nothing seems hugely deceptive at this point, now that they’ve removed the hidden qualified fee. Good progress! Just make sure you read Intuit Merchant Agreement and review the pricing schedule very, very closely before making any decisions. They make this information available to you, but’s it’s up to you to read it carefully.

Customer Service and Technical Support:

While previously live customer service was only offered to merchant using the monthly fee account option, this no longer seems to be the case. While I’ve heard conflicting reports in terms of quality of support, I can at least say that the service is very streamlined. The FAQ is enough to answer most basic questions, with live chat and phone support available depending on your issue. As a reviewer, it’s difficult for me to ascertain the quality of customer service when it comes to complex, account-specific issues. But that’s where you come in! Have you worked with QuickBooks Payments? Have a complaint, rip off report, or even a positive testimonial? Please leave us your review. Don’t forget to read the user review and comment policy.

Negative Reviews and Complaints:

While QuickBooks Payments doesn’t have its own BBB page separate from Intuit’s profile, you can find a number of complaints directed the company’s payment process service there. In fact, I’d say an unusually high proportion of Intuit’s BBB complaints are directed at GoPayment, considering how many other popular services they offer (QuickBooks, Quicken, Turbo Tax, etc.). If you read through some of the most recently complaints, you’ll see what I mean.

  • Confusing and undisclosed rates: This complaint seems to be on the downtrend thanks to Intuit’s new fee and rate schedule. Good news!
  • Holds and freezes: It’s disappointing to see this with Intuit, since added account stability should be a draw here (compared to aggregating mobile processors). You can do your part to prevent these issues by following the advice we provide.
  • Long hold times for customer service: Many users have reported less than stellar customer service, including unacceptably long hold time for unhelpful service.
  • Having account upgraded without request: This fairly strange complaint came up enough times to warrant mention. A handful of merchant complain that they signed up for the basic, pay-as-you-go-option, but found out later they were being billed according to the upgraded monthly fee option. When they contact Intuit, the company has been unwilling to issue refunds. While this could be a matter of user error, you should be on the look out.
  • Difficulty canceling: Many don’t realize that in order to cancel, you’ll have to fax or mail a formal cancellation request. For some, completing and following up with this has led to longer than desired waits for cancellation.

Positive Reviews and Testimonials:

While you’ll find a few anonymous superficial reviews on the QuickBooks Payments site – all quite positive, as you might have guessed – I was not able to find any in-depth case studies or testimonials demonstrating the effectiveness and value of Intuit’s offerings. If you have any insights here, please leave us your review. In the meantime I’ll keep this updated as more information becomes available.

Final Verdict:

I’m slowly warming up to Intuit QuickBooks Payments and GoPayment. I’ve seen this company make some really sensible changes and advancements over the past year, and am hopeful for their future. If you really love the QuickBooks interface and like the idea of brand loyalty, this could be a great option for your payment processing needs. With online invoicing, a powerful mobile app, e-check acceptance, and absolutely ideal QuickBooks bookkeeping integration, there are certainly some noteworthy draws for QB Payments.

But given the account expense, I think you can get better value elsewhere, and probably better support as well. CDGcommerce, for instance, will set you up with interchange-plus pricing and a lower monthly fee than Inuit can provide. Same goes for any of our higher rated providers.

Still, given the process made by QuickBooks Payments, I’m going to bump them up from 3 to 3.5 stars. I’ll be hoping for more good news next update. Please comment with your experiences and insights!

Tom DeSimone

Tom DeSimone

Tom loves asking tough questions and getting straight answers, so he has a lot of fun calling payment processors for Merchant Maverick to cut through their smoke and mirrors and find the real deals. He has run a full-time editorial business from his home in New York’s Hudson Valley since 2010 and could not imagine a better job. When not busy writing and keeping credit processors honest, Tom enjoys backpacking in the mountains.
Tom DeSimone
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    Mike Gaisor

    I wish I could give negative stars. IPN’s staff is sooo poorly trained. Every time I call they tell me something different. I have QB 2015 and was excited about having my clients pay their invoices online. I call into IPN and one of the agents walks me through the process of getting everything set up. I even got an instant approval and didn’t have to wait the 2 or 3 day processing time. They showed me how to send invoices from QB that has the link to pay now and I could even choose if I wanted them to pay with a CC or Electronic transfer. The sale guy even seemed happy that he was helping me set all this up.

    Little did I know I had been working with the village idiot. A few days later I’m starting to wonder what is taking so long for the deposits to arrive in my account. So I call in and learn that IPN is not compatible with QB 2015. You think the tech who got me all set up might know that.

    So now I look like an idiot having to call all my clients and work out another form of payment. Basically Intuit Sucks. Once you sign on with them you starting getting tech support from the other side of the world and none of them have a clue what they are doing. Its like they had a mass hiring and put people in front of a computer and said read this when customers call in. Its a total joke.

    It must also be tough to be a supervisor there. They sure are in a lot of meetings. It makes me wonder what they are supervising. Every time I ask to speak to one they have just sat down in a meeting and they are not available.

    I call BS on this whole company.
    Please choose a different company for your merchant services.

    Chris Dykstra

    One star is a massively generous rating. If there was a way to give a negative rating I would. They held a significant customer payment for days, refusing to deposit it and refusing to send it back to the customer. Then, they closed our account completely after the retirement of one of our partners even though we’ve operated continuously for over 10 years. They have absolutely no process to support transferring ownership of a merchant account internally – they will simply grab payments intended for you, hold them indefinitely then close your account and wreck your relationships with your customers. Do not trust Intuit.

    Mitchell Newman

    Intuit has withheld $8,200 in credit card charges for over two months now. There is no way to resolve any issues with this company. The staff, while friendly, are completely untrained to get the job done. They ask for back up, and then more back up. You send it all and then they claim they don’t have it, and then you send it again and they tell you they need to review the documents. You call back a week later and they are still reviewing the documents. Same thing happens the next week and the next week. They border on criminal behavior. I guess its time to get a lawyer and sue them.

    RatingNot Rated
    George Bridges

    Intuit is the worse company ever to do business with. They lie over and over again.They charged my company for 12 months after I told them I was not ever doing business with them again. I did’nt even have their equipment because it was faulty and would not process credit cards. They said I never even called them. Very happy I don’t have to do anything with them again. They get a “0” rating. I hope they go out of business.

    Richard Bonn

    I was with QuickBooks and IPN for over 2 years. It was always a mess. Under really bad management. After two years they started to hold my payments because of increased sales. I never had a single dispute. The person that was my case manager forgot about my case for a month. After one month of no money I moved to for accounting. is better than QuickBook anyway. I moved my credit card processing to QuickBook kept charging me $40 a month for something even though I closed my account. I had to close my bank account to stop them from ripping me off every month. When I called support no one ever knew why I was being changed. No one ever called me back as they stated they would. QuickBook payments is a joke of a company.


    Will never use this service again! A client of mine paid their invoice twice by accident. I got charged DOUBLE the transaction fee AND the reversal fee which I was unaware of (no notification of this charge was given…it is in the small print of the site)—they should have NEVER been able to pay their invoice twice. This is a huge hole in your system and should be fixed so no one else gets stuck paying all these fees for something they have no control over. Customer service was extremely unhelpful and would not do anything for me to refund me any of the fees. Cannot believe a company this big would allow something like this to happen and not make up for it.

    Cynthia Clark

    Intuit admittedly sells defective software “as is” and attempts to force people to buy new version to fix bugs in old version. Appears all their engineers’ time and efforts are devoted to new versions for which you must pay big bucks – instead of fixing existing serious bugs in already paid for software. They have known about these bugs for at least six months and have NO IDEA when there will be a patch, but, of course, if you want to fork over $1,000, the fixes are in the new version. Imagine that. No profit in that – fixing bugs!


    I cannot speak to the product but the customer service is horrible!!! I tried to set up the account and it was not functioning so i two days and 4 phone calls later asked them to close the account. they said it was closed and that I would not be charged. they continued my account and continued to bill me, they will not refund any of the erroneous charges. Horrible company!


    I have had nothing but problems with IPN and now QuickBooks payments. I have three merchants accounts. QuickBooks is the worst company I have ever had to deal with. The fees are very high. They hold my money for a weeks. They call my clients to confirm payments after my clients have already been making many months of payments. This company has not idea what they are doing. I am looking for a new account solution that without this horrible payment system.

    stella chou

    Horrible customer service. If they know you have already had an account with them, you will be put on hold forever. I have been trying to reach them more than 5 times in the past week, holding or leave my call back number. I have not be able to reach them at all. The merchant service fee is ridiculous and does not follow any rules.

    RatingNot Rated
    Kathy Barin

    For Merchant Services, they charge our company three times for one case, almost $1000, we contact them, but no result yet, already one month. Please do not use this service, they auto charge your money from your bank but no reason. Nobody help fixed this problem. it is not good company. very bad.

    RatingNot Rated
    Chris Cherek

    If I could give negative stars I would. I had my 1st transaction held hostage and each time I called in I was put on hold, given the option to only speak with the wrong person whom I know would transfer me to another person, and another 5 + minute hold. Repeatedly I was asked for information which when submitted I was told it wasn’t sent, when I confirmed the email they said it was the wrong claim number. After over two weeks of trying to get my funds I finally asked and after a 30 minute series of short conversations and then long holds I spoke with Carla who knows the rules well but never heard of customer service. After speaking with Carla she tells me I don’t have the right account to process expense charges so my only option is to cancel the transaction. Needless to say I’m canceling any further dealings with the intuit Quickbooks payments system and I recommend you run not walk, but run away from this “service” as well.

    Laura L.

    (Cont. from above) Worst part of dealing with Intuit Go Payment was yesterday when they sent a generic-sounding email saying I could no longer receive payments, without any explanation, and advised me to reapply. I finally found a working number today and was told by a robot that I had to reapply, no reason at all other than some info. might be missing. I decided it was no longer worth the increased costs and headache and canceled the service right then and there, which the rep did promptly. No apologies, no explanation, no requests to help. I’m through and will never use them again for CC processing. Hoping this will ensure others don’t get caught in the trap like we did!

    Laura L.

    Signed up for “pay as you go” Intuit GoPayment in May 2014. Application process was a headache. Didn’t run a charge until June 2014, yet they still charged a $12.95 monthly fee without informing me. I noticed it when printing my first statement of charges/fees. Had a terrible time trying to connect with a live person and the feature where they offer you to leave your phone # for a call back is useless. Three requests – no call backs! After finally seeing a checked box in my account for the monthly plan, I unchecked it and was STILL charged a monthly fee which by then increased to $19.95. I was told that I would receive a credit for the fees, which I have not seen yet. Trying to integrate with QB accounting was such a headache, I gave up and decided to manually enter the payments/fees myself (although with higher volumes, this would be impossible!) (Cont.)

    kevin Smith

    Very bad services, they arbitrary charges, please do not use it. they will bring big trouble to you. they continuous charge from your bank, duplicate charges.

    Jacob Levinson

    if there was an option where i could give negative stars i would, The customer service seems to me like they are in a 3rd world country. Risk Depo! Everyone their is an idiot. Good luck getting a straight answer from them. they flagged my account for no reason and then refused to refund money to clients. and they are giving me the run around… DON’T LET THEM HANDLE YOUR MONEY YOU WILL HAVE PROBLEMS 99.9% USE PAYPAL INSTEAD!

    Amy Boyd

    Very frustrated with Intuit Merchant Services billing.

    I used the Intuit Payment Network for a couple months back in 2013 to accept credit cards, then moved away from it to a different system in Oct 2013. During the time I used it, it was not a pay-per month service, but a pay-per-transaction service, so I assumed that once I was no longer using it, there would be no more payments.

    The, two months AFTER I stopped using it, they changed it into a pay-per-month service. I was never asked to sign anything accepting a subscription service, but suddenly, months later, I notice several months of this $19.95 charge, which was for – what? I had zero transactions of any kind during that period, and had never accepted anything saying I would be charged monthly.

    I told them this later, and asked for my money back, since it should be clear from their records that I had NOT been using this service when they started charging me for it in December 2013, and they told me that I had been signed up for it “because I had used the service from May – October 2013.”

    My last transaction was two months BEFORE they started charging, and yet they refuse to consider the fact that maybe I didn’t want this in the first place?

    I do not feel a company should be able to start charging people who used their product at some point in the past, without requiring some sort of acceptance of the new charges.

    D Keith

    I have had a horrible service from Intuit or Quickbooks in the UK. They offered a deal which I took them up on they invoiced me twice and failed to respond to emails. I am now taking the time and trouble to transfer all my data over to another platform. They just want to steal your money out of your account and ignore requests for credit. A horrible company.

    RatingNot Rated
    Oscar Gastaudo

    My worst experience ever with a credit card processing agent. I charged $1,910.07 for services rendered to one of my best foreign national customers to his foreign national credit card, with his authorization; of course.
    Intuit/ closed my account beacuse I was so risky for them due above charge. Until this point it is fine, if they do not want me as a client nothing that I can do.
    They never paid me that charge but they took it from my client’s account. I called my customer asking for my payment and I was said he will not pay twice because money was taken from his account and he forwarded me a credit card statement showing that charge at his credit card. Of course he must not pay twice same charge.
    I called gopayment for fourth time and I was said that they have that money and my client must dispute that charge at his local overseas bank.
    My client is asking me why he should dispute a charge when he authorized me to charge it.
    My client is upset on my becuase this headache, he is busy and he must lie to dispute a charge that he shouldn’t, Intuit/gopayment customer service has treated me as fraud guru over the phone and I did not get my fee paid.
    They closed my account and they yell on me over the phone.
    My records: never at the police station for any reason, my Fico score is 817 and in my own business sine 1997.
    Intuit customer service representatives are from the forth world. They do not even match the third world.
    Dissapointed with them? More that that. I think they did not know what they do.
    My sales rep Steve has been great all the time. Of course, he is in the sales department.
    Don’t be fooled. Don’t not sign with these people.

    Bob Zeitlinger


    Intuit Merchant Services is very very deceptive in their sales practices. I rarely have to process a credit card payment in my business, but signed up because one customer wanted to pay by credit card. I provided all my information over the phone, and was told — and received an email — that I was approved to receive transactions up to $10,000 each month.

    Intuit only told two lies — not bad, huh — during this process.

    1. I wasn’t really approved. A rep from the Risk Mgt. Department told me the next day (after I processed a charge) that “approved” really means “auto” approved or “pre-approved.” Apparently, to Intuit, this means that the new client has only submitted an application. They actually run the application for approval only when you submit your first transaction. Silly me! How didn’t I know that! What’s worse is that the rep didn’t think this was deceptive. And all they needed to start their “investigation” on my approval is 6-12 months of business bank statements faxed to them, along with the invoice for the transaction and contact information for the company and person who provided the credit card for the transaction. Not much, right?

    2. I wasn’t really approved for $10,000 a month in transactions. I was approved for $10,000 a month — pending the real approval — and no more than $500 in any one transaction. When I told the manager in the Risk Management Department that I wasn’t told about a limit, he said, “Well, did you ask if there was a limit?” You gotta be kidding me.

    The reason I told the client that I would accept the credit card was to speed the transaction process. Now, Intuit tells me that they need to 1. review my bank statements; 2. call the company to verify that the transaction is not fraudulent; and 3. call the company’s bank. And after al this, which could take up to three days, they will hold my transaction for another 2-3 days.

    As you might guess, this was not explained to me by the pleasant sales person when I was told about how simple and easy the service is.

    RatingNot Rated
    Ian Courville

    The company holds funds for weeks at a time with no good reason. They make you wait on a phone for long periods of time and can’t come up with good reasons other then requesting your patience. Highly recommend to stay away from it. We are closing our account as soon as they release the current charges.


    Intuit is a horrible company, with the worst customer service I have ever encountered. They have kept me on hold for more than an hour more than once. They have held my money for long periods for no valid reason. And they have actually charged my account while they still owed me a lot of money. They even admit that they owe me money, but they say they cannot release it, only the Risk Department can. Of course that department is unreachable. I sent them a email complaining and demanding some help–They promptly closed my account, without notifying me, and while still holding onto my money. WORST company ever–and I almost never write a negative review of anyone. HORRIBLE.

    GSM Imports

    Beware of Intuit Payment Solutions. They have held our funds for over 2 months and risk management finally decided to not honor the funds because we sold cell phones. I told them that is what we stated on the application and they said it should never have been accepted and they were closing the account immediately. When asked about prior charges, they said no funds would be transferred to our account and I would need to issue refunds to customers and collect payment some other way. I explained the charges had transpired a month ago and we had already shipped merchandise based on their approval of the charge. I even had a customer call them to verify the charge was authorized but Intuit refused to place the funds in our account. I finally had to issue refunds and wouldn’t you know it, Intuit took the funds out of our account instead of taking the funds from the charges they were holding! Now we are out double the funds and it has been another month with Intuit not crediting the funds back in our account. Each support call takes hours on hold and many times they just hang up after waiting on hold for such a long time. 1 star is way too much to rate this vendor.

    BH Designs

    IPS is horrible, I have been using them for 8 weeks, in that time period their Risk Management has held my transactions 3 times.. I have had to call to get everything straighten out all 3 times, this third time I have been put on hold for 3 HOURS before I could talk to anyone about resolving their issues, when the card was swiped & the customer signed for the transaction. I could understand a red flag for a keyed in transaction with no signature, but a transaction that was swiped & signed for??? RIDICULOUS!!!

    RatingNot Rated
    Susan Leonetti

    This is possibly the worst way to process an occasional credit card payment. I processed a credit card payment through my Quickbooks account and both times they held up the payment citing “usual activity”. They emailed me a litany of documents including 3 months bank statements before they would review the payment. Incredible wait times to speak with anyone and they never answer the phone or return calls at the risk management center. They claim they must verify your bank account but that is after they accept the transaction. Total scam. I am forwarding a complaint to the NY Securities and Exchange commission and Better Business Bureau. Do Not USE One star is too much!


    It made sense to use QuickBooks merchant services since it would integrate with the accounting program which should save time and reduce errors.

    We have done maybe 10 transactions in the last 4 months, and my time spent on this is likely getting up around 20 hours. So, definitely no time savings. The sent me the KeyCorp K23P pin pad, which has never worked. We can not use the chip feature, as this causes it to lock up. We can only do a single swipe, then it locks up. The only way to rectify is to restart the computer. Very embarrassing to have a customer waiting to pay, and we are messing around restarting our computer.

    Intuit has multiple toll free numbers to call, and do not tell you what each number is for. As for tech support, all you get is a person with an accent that only knows how to say ‘unplug the pinpad, and then plug it back in, now uninstall the software, and resintall it, oh, it still does not work, I will look into it and call you back.’ I am still waiting, 3 months later for that call back.

    Their statements and the way they get their fees from your bank account is ridiculous. They will take the monthly service fee today, then the interchange charges another day, then the card brand fee another day. They normally take their fees separate from your deposits, but then one day decide to take their fees off of a payment, so how is a person supposed to balance your bank account with this type of transaction. They charge the card brand fee on the next month’s statement so you can not tell from a single statement what your fees were. My belief is that this is all set up to daze and confuse so that you cannot tell what their actual fees are. You will never have a transaction ‘qualify’ for their quoted rates. Try asking them how to tell a ‘qualified’ card from a ‘non-qualified card’ and the response is, would that have made a difference whether you would have accepted payment or not. Side stepping the real question.

    I called today to cancel the credit card services, but keep the interact option for our customers. I was informed that I would have to keep one of the credit cards on the account, so they can charge me the monthly minimum service charges, when I am already paying a monthly fee. I was then told that to cancel one of the credit cards would result in a $250 early cancellation fee. Okay, so I paid $550 for a pinpad that has never worked, $500 for early cancellation, $400 in fees to date, 20 hours on the phone. Total opportunity cost of around $3500 for 10 transactions, or likely about 35% of the funds that I have collected using their service.

    From my call today, I am now waiting for a customer service ‘specialist’ to call me back. Luckily I am not holding my breath.

    RatingNot Rated


    RatingNot Rated
    James Huey

    Man I am bent! Home owner just tried to pay but because of a payment limit ( both daily and monthly ) he was (I) was denied. Are you kidding me? Then its a 3 or more day waiting period to get approval to raise your limit. What? Makes absolutely no sense to me. So what they are saying is that they are limiting their own income????? OK, Well that “limit” just cost Intuit customer, a huge transaction fee and all the future fees that are now going to “SQUARE”. OH FYI “Square” is the best merchant service I have ever used in 17 years of running this company!

    RatingNot Rated
    Jeri Hodge

    I have been with Quickbooks (Intuit) for almost 8 years and the service for quickbooks is the worst I have ever seen, but I have to much money invested in equiptment to vhange right now. With Intuit I just had a problem with a customer (an accountant for a company) that could not remember he made a charge with us with his bank card than claimed fraud, so Intuit notified me by email (no phone call) so we called our customer and he sent in paper work to stop the disbute and we sent our paper work to Intuit, the bank stopped the fraud charge and gave Intuite back the money on 9/13, Intuit charged my bank the dollar amount and made my account have a non-suffecient fee, than again on the 23rd after they had the paper work for 10 days to stop the charge back, Not sure whos desk it was sitting on while my money is being held and my account keeps getting charged!!! I called many times to let them know someone had the paper work, I talked to many people, so on the 26th they said my account would be released, and they did but only new charges. They continued to hold the rest of my money( must of needed the interest off it more than my small company) I called again on the 29th and the 30th and I was told they just took the hold off the balance of my money. I will see if it ends up in my account on this next week. I have never called a company where not one person knew what was going on with my account, not even a supervisor. When my program becomes out dated with quick books I am done with this company. We have a notice up to let our customers know it is better for companys to recieve cash or checks and to not use cards due to the hassel and expense that falls back on business. I would never refer this company to anyone due to the lack of customer service and the lack of knowlege of the people working for them.

    RatingNot Rated
    Jalene Marler

    Good heavens!

    We’ve been using Intuit Payment Solutions (Innovative) for three or four years now. Tremendous savings over Merchant Services up to and including the annual compliance fee ($25 vs. $200).

    Have never had a problem and have found their customer service to be both courteous and caring. The seamless integration with QB through their Virtual Terminal is the icing on the cake.

    Couldn’t be more satisfied unless the service were free. :-)


    Ian Courville

    This positive comment seems phony and certainly appears as an outlier in this forum. Given my recent experiences, I just don’t buy it.

    RatingNot Rated

    Worst experience I have ever had with a company. Set a tiny 15000 a month transaction processing limit. Customers tried to pay for invoices and we’re given a message that their cards were declined because my business was over its limit. They refuse to look at my financial or do a credit review to raise the limit. Don’t put your companies future in the hands of this awful company.

    Quentin Lapp

    Intuit has the most pathetic customer service i have ever received from ANYONE! Had a few chargebacks so of course they looked at the account and held some funds… ok i get that. The guy in the risk management dept. that was assigned to my case was a complete joke. He called me once to notify me of the hold, after that, he never answered calls from me or returned voice mails. my funds were then held for another 90 days because i was unresponsive he says. ??????

    so i begin to speak with someone else at risk management to try to get details sorted out. she is speaking to [name removed] while i’m on the phone with her. So i ask if i can speak to him directly. she says “no, he’ll just let it go to voicemail, he picked up for me because he saw it was a coworker” What a bunch of BS! He single handedly caused over 1,000 to be held for over 6 months.

    My rating? 0-5 for intuit. For [name removed] and his customer support? -5 out of 5.

    Brian Hedenberg

    DO NOT USE INTUIT MERCHANT SERVICES OR HOMESTEAD!!!!! First they set up my account wrong, held my sales hostage for over a week, then told me “oops, we set up your account wrong” made me send in all my corporate paperwork and then held my funds another 72 hours. Because they set up my acct wrong the bank rejected the deposit so Intuit charged me over $116 off my first deposit and never told me about any of it. Shady shady shady shady!!!!! Trust me, its more of a headache then what its worth. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE! HOMESTEAD IS A JOKE AS WELL.

    RatingNot Rated

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