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CDGcommerce Review

Merchant Maverick's Rating: (5 out of 5)

Last Updated: April 13th, 2014.


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We don’t give out perfect scores lightly. Only truly exceptional providers can hope to get a five-star review, and even those who make it to that elite level have to keep up the good work, since we constantly reevaluate our ratings to make sure last year’s perfect providers are still the best of the best today. As a reviewer, I’m always looking for things to complain about and will downgrade ratings without any hesitation when I can no longer stand behind an earlier rating (lest they make me look bad!). So let me tell you, CDGcommerce is the real deal. They’ve been among our favorite payment processors for a while now, and have never faltered.

Formed in 1998, CDGcommerce has had plenty of time to cultivate a reputation - and they have. Across the board, independent reviewers have praised this company for years. Customer complaints are nearly non-existent, and absolutely never habitual. The internet has a very good memory, so even good companies tend to rack up a bunch of reviews on popular complaint sites. CDGcommerce, on the other hand, has a fairly spotless reputation, with absolutely no damning complaints to be found in 15 years!

This is no accident. CDG simply provides excellent service and clear, honest marketing. To that end, they have:

  • No set up fee
  • No monthly minimum
  • No early termination fee
  • No PCI compliance fee
  • Free use of Quantum gateway

Finding all of these features in one place for as little as $10 per month in base fees is exceptionally rare. Beyond that initial $10, you can pick and choose additional services to pay for. This way you aren’t paying for things you don’t want or need. Want to use an Authorize.Net gateway instead? Only $15 per month, no set up fee. Want $100K in data breach insurance and other security upgrades? $15 extra (and $15 very well spent, in my opinion). Want a terminal? Well, you only have to pay $79 annually for insurance, nothing more. Don’t want any of those things? That’s fine too. You won’t be charged for them.

CDGcommerce might not have the name recognition of a big processor, but that doesn’t stop them from providing some of the best, most flexible service around. They make a great option for those who just want to process sporadically, or even those interested in mobile processing (they’ll even give you a free card reader). While I'd really like to see CDG advertise an interchange-plus program, you can get it if you ask for it, or through this offer. (I’m pretty sure that clock never runs down, FYI…)

All said, I’m glad to recommend CDGcommerce to any and all businesses, especially ecommerce businesses. Whether you’re looking for barebones service or a fully equipped account, CDG will set you up with an affordable plan and honest, high-quality service. They’ve earned their 5-star rating, and I have a feeling they’ll be holding on to it for many more years.

Check out the full review below for more details on this stand-out processor.

Get Started with CGDCommerce

Date Established:



San Pedro, California and Chesapeake, Virginia.

Domain Name(s):

Products and Services:

CDG’s line of products and services covers all the bases, with a focus on ecommerce and small to mid-sized businesses. Their one-step PCI compliance program and robust optional CDG360 security features come in handy for ecommerce and beyond, and their free additional account tools will help you get the most out of your processing experience. CDG offerings include:

  • Merchant accounts
  • Virtual terminal/gateway: You can use a Quantum gateway for free, or pay $15 per month for an Authorize.Net gateway. Virtual terminal is free, and allows you to process from any internet-connected computer instead of a traditional credit card terminal.
  • Terminal leases: While I’m normally not crazy about terminal leases, CDG does a pretty god job of keeping it affordable. While other companies will set you up with a non-cancellable third-party lease amounting to thousands of dollars in fees or cancellation penalties, CDG offers truly free terminal leases. You’ll just have to pay a $79 annual insurance fee and, of course, return the machine when you wish to cancel service. Wireless terminals (not the same as mobile) carry different fees, however.
  • Mobile readers and USB readers: These terminal alternatives allow you to process swiped transactions from any computer or smartphone, and are available for free with your account - you won’t even have to pay the insurance fee. Good deal!
  • Online reporting and tools: I usually consider online reporting and some additional tools a given, but CDG really goes above and beyond the industry standard here. Features include detailed account information, chargeback/fraud warnings, automated alerts, real time reporting, historic trends and graphs, Quick Books integration, and a bunch of other useful tools.
  • Security service: Called CDG360, this $15 optional add-on includes $100K breach/data theft protection, PCI/DSS vulnerability scans, customized security alerts, staff awareness training, and a Merchant Trust seal for your website. For $15 a month, the $100K insurance alone could be worth it.

Fees and Rates:

While I found this portion of the CDG site a little difficult to navigate, that’s really only because they provide so much information. Right off the bat, they won’t charge you for the usual money pits:

  • No set up fee
  • No monthly minimum
  • No early termination fee
  • No PCI compliance fee
  • Free use of gateway and virtual terminal

BAM! That’s great news. Generally, you would expect to pay $8 per month for PCI, up to $25 for monthly minimum, $100+ in set up fees, and $300 in early termination fees. Gateway fees are usually around $10-15, and many companies charge for virtual terminal use on top of that. (Great job CDG!)

Okay, so what will you have to pay then?

  • Statement fee: $10

…that’s it. You are not obligated to pay any more than that for your baseline cost. Of course you’ll also pay processing fees, but even those rates are competitive. If you want to use an Authorize.Net gateway instead of Quantum, then you will need to tack on $15 per month. If you want their CDG360 security package (including $100K of data breach insurance), then you’ll have to add on an additional $15. These services are entirely optional, though.

You can get an interchange-plus plan if you ask for it, or through this offer created specially for our readers. (I know it looks gimmicky, but trust me – it’s real.)

Ten bucks for base fees is about as low as it gets in this industry. Even mobile processors like Inner Fence are charging $25 monthly just to maintain your account.

You can also get free use of a credit card terminal, provided you pay a $79 insurance fee annually. Mobile phone-based swipers come completely free of charge. For merchants interested in wireless terminals (NOT mobile card readers), you have to pay:

  • $35 set up fee
  • $19.95 monthly wireless fee
  • $79 insurance fee

But you will get to lease the wireless terminal at no additional cost, which is nice.

You can find CDG’s standard processing rates here, but I’m not going to include them in this review. In all likelihood, your actual quote will not be exactly the same as what you see on their site. If you want a quick quote without calling them up, you can use their online application process to get a no-commitment rate quote.

Contract Length and Early Termination Fee:

No early termination fees means that, for all intensive purposes, you will have a month-to-month contract with CDG. You should note, however, that you will need to complete the necessary steps for cancellation outlined in your merchant agreement in order to stop your monthly fees from being billed.

Sales and Advertising Transparency:

CDG Commerce does an outstanding job disclosing all account fees and major contract stipulations to potential customers. You will see a couple of offers that I might call “gimmicks,” but none are deceptive. For instance, they offer free terminal leases, but fully disclose the mandatory $79 annual insurance fee.

I also like that they don’t depend on sales-driven independent agents, a practice that can lead to a poorly trained and inconsistent salesforce encouraged to sell expensive accounts for higher commissions. The CDG salespeople I spoke with on the phone and via chat were very helpful, honest, intelligent, and offered me very fair and consistent pricing information.

Their Resources page offers a few useful documents. It’s nothing too impressive, but nice to see nonetheless. I would like to see more information about interchange-plus pricing, but I’m glad that they at least offer it.

Customer Service and Technical Support:

We've personally experienced CDG's customer service, in addition to the responses that we've heard from references and other friends. Their staff is very helpful, knowledgeable, and operates with a great deal of integrity. They offer live chat, email, and phone support 24/7.

As a reviewer, it's difficult for me to ascertain the quality of customer service when it comes to complex, account-specific issues. But that's where you come in! Have you worked with CDGcommerce? Please leave us your comments! Don't forget to read the user review and comment policy.

Negative Reviews and Complaints:

While CDG has virtually no complaints on the web after 15 years in business, you can find a few if you try. Of these, however, I’ve actually seen the company CEO personally respond on occasion and offer to help the complainant directly. That’s pretty awesome in my book. Try getting the CEO of First Data to respond to your complaint…

At the BBB, you’ll find five complaints over the past three years, with two of those occurring in the past twelve months, along with an A+ rating. For a business dealing with so many merchants over such a long period of time, this kind of web reputation is almost unheard of in the processing industry.

While a few complaints have come up, none have with any real regularity. Any processor might have isolated problems. As long as no patterns of poor service emerge and the processor addresses complaints, I can’t hold it against them. Here are some things you should know, though:

  • You need to be a US-based merchant doing business mostly in the US. While CDG puts this info all over their site and applications, it still catches a few merchants by surprise. CDG has taken these complaints to heart, though, and now even direct such merchants elsewhere.

Our services require a U.S. business, U.S. bank account and a U.S. signer with a valid SSN #. If your business does not meet these criteria, please consider our international & high risk affiliate option.

  • Account freezes and cancellations: Since a processor is essentially extending you a line of credit with your merchant account, they have to cover their own butts. This sometimes means holding funds or freezing your account if suspicious activity comes up. From what I’ve seen, CDG does a good job of avoiding these practices as much as possible. They do happen, though, and can occur with literally any account provider. Check out our article to learn how you can prevent freezes and holds.

Positive Reviews and Testimonials:

On their site, you’ll find a long list of customer testimonials. We have personally contacted a number of them, and found these merchants were extremely happy with their accounts. They also assured us that they weren't paid or incentivized in any way by CDGcommerce to write their testimonials.

You’ll find a number of positive reviews in our comments section, as well as on other independent review sites. It’s fairly uncommon for satisfied customers to go through the trouble of writing a review. In my experience, customers are exactly 1,000,000 times more likely to complain than to praise, especially in this industry. Given this, even a few positive customer experience can mean a lot!

Final Verdict:

In the end, we still love CDGcommerce. They are about as close to an all-around perfect payment processor as you’re likely to find anywhere. They have fully-disclosed base fees as low as $10 per month, making CDG a great option for low-volume or sporadic processing. On the other hand, they also have all the resources a larger business would need, including optional breach insurance and security upgrades for an extra $15 per month. With no PCI compliance fees, no early termination fees, free gateway/virtual terminal, and no monthly minimums alongside fair rates and abundant features, I couldn’t ask for more.

If I had to come up with some complaints, my first one would be that they don’t advertise interchange-plus, which is by and large the most transparent and fair pricing model out there. That said, they do offer interchange-plus pricing with no monthly minimum for most businesses, but you’ll have to ask for it and your sales rep will probably have to get approval from a manager. You can also get it through this unadvertised offer. (I know the countdown clock is sort of gimmicky… please forgive them.) Aside from that, I’m not crazy about the look and design of their website. It’s a little clunky and not very clean, and it gave me a feeling of hesitance when I first saw it. But hey, we’re not a website review service…

Overall, I’m more than happy to recommend CDGcommerce to any and all businesses, friends and family included. Whether you’re looking for barebones service or an account with all the bells and whistles, CDG will set you up with an affordable plan and honest, high-quality service. They’ve earned every point in their 5-star rating!

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Tom DeSimone

Tom loves asking tough questions and getting straight answers, so he has a lot of fun calling payment processors for Merchant Maverick to cut through their smoke and mirrors and find the real deals. He has run a full-time editorial business from his home in New York’s Hudson Valley since 2010 and could not imagine a better job. When not busy writing and keeping credit processors honest, Tom enjoys backpacking in the mountains.

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  1. Our furnished corporate apartment business,, has used CDG commerce for more than 3 years, and we’ve been exceedingly happy with everything about the company–responsiveness, transparency, rates/fees, etc. As our transaction volume has grown, they’ve been proactive in ensuring our increasingly larger transactions have gone through without issues, reaching out to us prior to any issues arising. Their customer service is great, and they respond promptly to any questions. Their rates are not the absolute rock-bottom, though they are extremely competitive, without a bunch of junk fees, and the fact that things have gone so smoothly for 3+ years by far makes up for the fact that we could save a very small amount of money elsewhere. We do 99% of our business online through Quantum Gateway portal, and have never had any issues.

    • 55555
  2. The rates and virtually no set-up fees are great…but that is where it ends.

    The service is terrible. As an organization that simply resells and bills another companies service you would expect them to be great at the customer service portion since that is essentially their biggest job. Nearly 100% of the time that I have needed to interact with them I was unable to get anyone on the chat or by phone and was sent a voicemail box and email panel. When I did get a chance to interface with live individuals they were typically rude and not very knowledgeable.

    Right before I made the decision to convert our company from CDG we experienced an ethical issue that arose form them not allowing a transaction to go through and yet still charging the transaction fees as if it did. We have worked with many processors through the years as I own a multitude of companies and have never had any thing like this before. They will not be missed.

    • 11111
  3. If you are a retail business with zero risk of charge backs than this company might be ok for you. But if you are an online business or any type of company that has even the slightest chance of charge backs, do NOT use this company. Even if you are below the Visa/MC min. of 1%, they will freeze your funds, hold your money and basically hold your business hostage. This processor seems to have a zero tolerance for any risk at all. So if your selling slices of pizza go for it, but if your a e-business run and dont look back. Their customer service is very dry and there is no room for negotiations with them after they freeze and hold your money. Even if you do not get more charge backs and stay below the 1% threshold, they will hold your money for at LEAST 180 days after they terminate your account. All in all, i dont recommend this processor at all. I quickly found a different company and have been running my exact same business with the new company with no issues at all. I would recommend CDGcommerce to anyone.

    • 11111
  4. As a follow-up to my last post, I received an email 6 hours later. Here is what they said:
    Thank you for your inquiry! Per your request, we have submitted a quote below for Interchange Plus pricing. We would be able to offer you V/MC/D Interchange pricing + 0.30% + $0.15 per transaction.
    Here is a fee schedule that would apply to your account:

    ++Setup/Application fee: $0.00

    ++V/MC/D Credit: Wholesale cost + 0.30% + $0.15

    NOTE: This applies to all credit transactions including keyed, B2B, Rewards, etc.

    ++PCI compliance/non-compliance fees: $0.00

    ++Statement fees: $0.00

    ++Monthly Service fee: $10.00

    NOTE: This fee includes an online back office area called the MerchantPortal where you can manage your account, view live reports, update banking information, live chat support and much more.

    ++AVS fees: $0.00

    ++Chargeback fee: $20.00

    ++Batch fee: $0.25

    ++IRS Reporting fee: $0.00

    ++Termination/Cancellation fee: $0.00

    ++Mandatory contract length: N/A

    ++Monthly minimum: N/A

    Also, you could be saving an entire layer of gateway fees by utilizing a FREE Payment gateway called Quantum Gateway.

    • Not Rated
  5. I’m in the process of seeing if CDG is for us. I clicked on their “click to call” button to talk to a service rep. Their system immediately called me, and I was talking to a service rep in seconds. I asked about their Interchange-Plus Pricing, the service rep asked what my average monthly revenues are, and then she told me she needed to have “upper management” contact me. So, I’m waiting for their phone call, and I will return and report when they get back to me, and what they said.

    As a side note, their website states very clearly that the business must be U.S. based owned by U.S. citizens with valid SSN. Just saying…

    • Not Rated
  6. Is it possible for quantum to integrate with shopify?

    • Not Rated
    • Not at the moment Roman, but I believe they’re working on it. Stay tuned. If you need to you can get CDGcommerce to set you up with Authorize.Net and that gateway definitely integrates.

      • Not Rated
  7. I am thinking of become an agent for jst Merchant Services. They are located at 5727 N 7th St STE 401, Phoenix, AZ 85014. Any information would be appreciated.

    • Not Rated
  8. Can you compare CDG with Evolution? Evolution seems to have a good rate structure. Thanks

    • Not Rated
  9. Read the notice in their application about non-acceptable merchant types. You can’t miss it, it’s all in red. It’s apparent by the first items listed that this company is anti-second amendment.

    • Not Rated
  10. Thank you so much for your reviews and awsome job. I have read all the reviews, and it helped me a lot. I have decided to work with CDG after I read all the comments and reviews on this website.
    Thank you very much.

    • Not Rated
  11. I started through the process of filling out the application online and noticed towards the end that CDG has and additional $25 fee for statement fees and other things. Is this typical? After reading the reviews I was lead to believe, right or wrong, that CDG was very low on their fee structure….this caught me off guard.

    • Not Rated
    • FNE,

      I believe the $25 fee that you’re referring to is a combination of the $10/month merchant fee and the $15/month cdg360 service. You can find more information about cdg360 on their homepage. The monthly merchant fee is pretty standard, but the cdg360 fee is completely optional, as you can see on this page. If you tell your rep that you don’t want cdg360, then you won’t be charged the $15/month. If you want, I can chat with them for you. Just email me.

      • Not Rated
  12. I have used cdg commerce for the past 5 years and have never had a problem. The customer service team is great. I have only had to call 4 times in 5 years and it was for minor issues. No waiting on the phone. I use thier wireless terminal and it never fails. If you want a great merchant service with low fees, this is the way to go.

    • Not Rated
  13. After a few minutes of researching I found a negative review regarding CDG Commerce’s Quantum Gateway.

    • Not Rated
  14. Hello, i am starting a ecomerce with magento and i dont see neither CDGCommerce or Quantum Gateway in the payment method. can you help me out with this issue?

    • Not Rated
  15. I’m pasting below the contents of my Yelp review. This is the first business I’ve been mad enough to write a Yelp review about:

    These people would not cancel my account when asked to, until they had written cancellation. Meantime they were still billing me for the account, and then when I did send them written cancellation via two separate fax systems and via email, they claimed they didn’t receive it. I replied to that email and attached it again, after which they wrote me that they couldn’t give me a refund until they received the form, and they only received it yesterday, so they wouldn’t give me a refund. In other words, they planned to screw me from the beginning no matter what I did.

    DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE. Find someone else. Anyone else — you can’t possibly do worse.

    • Not Rated
  16. It looks like CDG commerce doesn’t have a lot of complaints. In plus, those complaints are not the worst ones. That’s a good sign.

    • Not Rated
  17. I am looking for some advise I have worked in the merchant business before and really enjoyed that type of sales can anyone direct me to a good company to work for in the merchant industry everyone that’s offering me a position has a bad review and I really want to provide a customers a honest and fair deal.

    • Not Rated
  18. i am trying to find the best merchant services out there. so far, by reading all threads here, i think i’m going to check CDGcommerce. i was looking at flagship, merchant warehouse, central paymnet (almost got me in, until i saw the bbb reviews) and payjunction of their trinity. my concern is the best for the merchant who just starting, cash only, etc, especially always looking for cheapest and best customer services. #1, on top, cheapest, wow…

    • Not Rated
  19. These guys are incredibly unprofessional. We started talking with them on Feb 3, 2012 and in my first communications I told them that the majority of my customers would be Canadians, even though we’re a US company. Then after negotiating over the rates, getting the application, and waiting 11 days on their underwriting department (they said it’d take 24-48 business hours) they denied us on March 9, 2012. They denied us because “they cannot accept merchants who will have a majority of foreign sales” and that it was against their banks policy. They wasted 37 days, knowing that my business practices were against their policies, for the slight chance that they could land another customer. Like I said, incredibly unprofessional.

    • 11111
  20. Thanks

    The information MM gave me was very helpful

    • Not Rated
  21. Will CDG accept collection/billing companies? I am looking for the best option and this site is great. If you have any suggestions for a merchant that is reliable and will cater to a collections agency please let me know. Thanks in Advance!

    • Not Rated
  22. You should take another look at CDG Commerce. They offer a “free” wireless terminal but require a $79.00 PER YEAR replacement fee + $20.00 monthly fee in addition to other regular fees. Not sure your rating of them is accurate.

    But still, thanks for the great website!


    • Not Rated
    • Thanks for the comment Chris, I appreciate your insight. I agree with you that “free” is not the best word to be using in this situation, but I think that detail is minor considering the upside to this company.

      Btw, can you tell me where you found the $20/month? I only see a $10/month merchant fee. I hope I’m not missing it somewhere.

      In regards to the other regular fees that they charge, I have to say that they are much lower than other companies that I’ve reviewed.

      No annual fee.
      No setup fee.
      No monthly minimum.
      No contract.
      No cancellation fee.
      No payment gateway fee.
      No AVS fee.

      That’s hard to beat!

      • Not Rated
  23. I had a terrible experience with this company. These guys are discriminative, xenophobic and not man enough to come out and say it.

    I’m a US citizen with a US bank account living and operating a business in the US for a US audience. After I fulfilled all their requirements with flying colors they denied my application because I was born in a foreign country. They kept claiming that my domain name is registered under a non-US address, which is simply not true.

    The truth is they are suspicious of me because my name sounds foreign to them and they’re not open minded enough to admit that they think of immigrants as second class citizens.

    CDG Commerce prides itself on being American but their prejudice, xenophobia and dishonesty is distinctively anti-American. Boycott them: say no to hatred and discrimination.

    • 11111
  24. I too do not recommend CDG Commerce. After the extensive application (see my first entry). I was denied because my business has foreign customers. Like the entry above, I too have perfect credit. It really is not so much their company that’s bad, but their bank. As stated in a recent email from them, it was because their bank is VERY CONSERVATIVE. They really should have let their applicants know that ahead of time, instead of wasting our time filing for an application that may have a potential in being denied. I am so disappointed in CDG Commerce and if you have foreign customers, I DO NOT recommend using them!

    • 11111
  25. I must say that I am very disappointed in CDG commerce. I filled out an extensive application and the processing took a lot longer than they originally said it would. I also was DENIED because they decided I was a life coach and financial advisor and they do not approve those categories. I am a licensed psychologist with an excellent reputation, perfect credit, an office with staff and have been in business for 25 years!!!! If you are a psychologist, forget applying with them as they apparently have no understanding of the business !!!!

    • Not Rated
  26. I really appreciate your website. It has helped so much with my search for the perfect merchant service providers.

    I went ahead and am currently signing up with CDG Commerce, however I would just like to point out that although their prices are spot on, their customer service and response to emails have been less than stellar. It took them around 2 days to respond to some emails and no one ever seems to be available when I call. They also do not have support on the weekends, so if anyone ever plans on asking questions, it’s best to do so during M-F.

    Like with any other provider, before you sign with them, make sure you read and fully understand their contract before submitting anything. I haven’t spotted any fees out of the ordinary and their prices really are very competitive especially with Quantum Gateway. I’ll be doing the AIM Emulator, because my hosting provider requires it, so I may provide an update on the ease of set-up.

    Also they advertise they can set you up in 5 minutes. That is so not the case! Given that you need to fill out the application online then wait for them to reply and they then send you list of instructions to do and you must fill out and fax/scan and email the official application/contract…..this whole process will definitely take you more than 5 minutes. Also make sure to do it on a weekday because if you have any questions, they cannot be reached during the weekend (even through email). Its definitely not an “Instant Activation,” but with their great prices I’m more than willing to overlook their mediocre customer service and application process.

    • 44444
  27. Thanks to your website, I had merchant services companies for my retail location narrowed down to CDG and a local bank. I spoke with somebody from CDG through the live support and email, and he was very helpful and quick to reply.

    - CDG only uses qualified and non qualified rates – transactions that would normally be processed at the mid qualifying level are processed at the non qualifying rate.
    -CDG’s non qualifying rate is a SURCHARGE, that is, you would be paying the qualifying rate in addition to the non qualifying rate for those transactions. This is pretty important, and being new to this, something I didn’t know to look out for until I did some more research.

    Although CDG may still be very cost effective for some companies out there, I’m expecting to process a good number of rewards cards that would rack up fees, and my local bank is giving me a better offer.

    • 44444
  28. I am a new CDG Customer and so far I love the service. I’m an Artist and work shows in the fall and I have not had one problem. The easy access to the Quantum Gateway allows for ease of input as well as access to data and reports.

    Great so far. Thanks!

    • Not Rated
    • Helen, I just want to ensure you’re still satisfied- I’m really trying to pick a provider to go with and CDG seems good. Any recent feedback would be great. I’m really concerned about hidden fees.

      • Not Rated
      • I am very pleased with CDG. I was also worried about hidden fees but have not had a problem. I love the ease of technology! I take payments on my iPad. Love it. Helen

        • Not Rated
        • Hi Helen,

          We are working on finding a POS App that will integrate with CDG Commerce on the iPad. Do you use a particular app or do you just go to the website to process your cards?

          Are you able to swipe or do you manually key in the cards?


          • 55555
          • Larry,

            CDGcommerce offers both their own Quantum Gateway and Authorize.NET. Most of the POS software vendors (e.g. Vend, Shopkeep, POSE, Zing Checkout) that we’ve reviewed on our site integrate with Authorize.NET, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding one that integrates. If you need our help with your search, let us know.

            • Not Rated
  29. I would highly recommend CDG commerce. I have moved away from Elavon\ to CDG\Quantum and it should save us $750-1000 annually. They were very helpful throughout the signup process and I was approved and setup in 48 hours.

    Thanks also to this website for their helpful guidance.

    • Not Rated
  30. Just wondering if CDGCommerce offered data portability, which seemed to be important to merchants writing comments for other providers.

    • Not Rated
  31. Called them twice today during their business hours. Was on hold for more than 5 minutes. At the end, phone systems said, “All of our agents our busy helping customers, at the tone, please leave a message.”

    • Not Rated
    • That would turn me off reeeeeal fast!

      • Not Rated
    • Same thing happened to me. I really like their website and got a response from live chat pretty fast, but not being able to reach a person on the phone would be a real show-stopper for me. I didn’t try to leave a message to see if they would respond, but my experience with other CC processing companies is that they NEVER call back.

      • Not Rated
  32. Good site!
    Question: If CDG has 5 starts, why aren’t they in your Top 10?

    • Not Rated
  33. Thanks for the website as well as well as your quick correspondence, this definitely made my searching easier.

    Been looking around and found that CDG seems like a good and overall cheap company, been kind of paranoid about hidden costs, but this company seems to only charge 10 dollars a month for everything (excluding charge costs). even the $79 fee for the “free” CC machine (amazon cost $398) was less than other total costs from some banks I was looking at. Though may buy my own alternative terminal so the 79 isn’t charged.

    One negative though is when I called them the first time, I was told that their terminal doesn’t accept multiple-users (phone sales), the second time that no CC machine accepts multiple-users (online sales chat), then the last time that it does accept multiple users (phone technical support).

    - The terminal actually does, it appears to be maybe the only 3 hypercom that has this ability per the hypercom webpage. A cheaper option for this is the T7 Plus, an older but still useful machine at $180 (main neg. is no IP connector) that supports up to 20 merchant accounts.

    • Not Rated
  34. Great site! We’re launching a new company and the thorough information that your site provides is very helpful.

    One thing – you gave kudos to CDG for Twitter and Facebook pages, yet neither is really that engaged. They’ve tweeted once with only 6 followers, and their Facebook page is a ‘friend’ page rather than a business page (and only has 11 friends).

    I may have missed something, but was a bit confused.

    It doesn’t matter much to their processing, but I agree with your attitude that having a social media presence allows their customers to be fully engaged and their service transparent.

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  35. Thanks for the great website, this is the best comparison resource I have found! (I tried to click the main contact button but that page isn’t loading for some reason.)

    One suggestion as to a tip you might add…I have been researching the best payment solution for a non-profit theatre company, and it took me a while to find out that none of the “special deals” you see for non-profits offer a custom payment solution — all of them involve leaving the main website to go to a “donation page” on the provider’s website. I kept hoping that there might be a custom payment solution with a discounted rate for non-profits, but no such luck. (Since it is a professional theatre company with a good percentage of older patrons, we really want people to stay on the site).

    So, my advice to non-profits in a similar situation would be to go with a provider that uses QuantumGateway, since they seem to offer slightly better rates than, although I think some of the 5-star companies on this site that use would probably be great also. I like how QuantumGateway keeps it simple (we have our own database, so we don’t really need a fancy API, though they offer one if you want it), e.g. and

    I think we will probably go with CDG Commerce. Thanks again!

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    • Matt,

      Thank you for the great post! As this site gains a following, it will be comments like yours that will help make our reviews even better. I definitely plan on adding industry specific criteria to my reviews in the near future, but as of now, I’m just trying to keep up with the number of MSPs that are out there. That’s a full time job in itself.

      Again, thanks for the great post. Please check back and let us know how it went with CDGCommerce. It would be great if we could hear your experience with them in the following sequence: Initial Setup, Mid-Term and Long-Term. I know that relationships can last for years, and problems can come up at any time during your relationship with your provider, but if we know that you’re still happy with their customer service 6-months or 1-year into your relationship with them, then that’s great info for all of us.

      Take Care. :)

      Btw, I fixed the contact page issue…oops!

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  36. I’ve been think of CDG Commerce as a reseller for my clients. I am really interested in the Quantum Gateway. Thanks for the review and I now leaning their way!

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