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My first experience with Moneris Solutions was through research into Dharma Merchant Services, one of our few five-star providers. Dharma provides merchant accounts through Moneris and three other processors. As you may already know, we have all the respect in the world for Dharma Merchant Services. We thoroughly reviewed their practices and found nothing bad to say about them, which is a not-so-tiny miracle in this industry. So the first reason I like Moneris is that any friend of Dharma is a friend of mine.

A Canadian provider first and foremost, Moneris came about as a sort of super-group resulting from the Royal Bank of Canada and the Bank of Montreal combining their payment processing services into a single entity, which included Harris Bank in Chicago. Thus Moneris has some serious infrastructure and experience in the industry and I like to see that. They have more investment capital and wider margins than a small processor, which could work in your favor.

Their Canadian website is easily one of the most thorough, polished, and generally good-looking payment processor websites we’ve seen. They have article-sized testimonials from big businesses, beautifully-designed catalogs, brochures, manuals, guides and almost every other resource you could want. Almost. Information about interchange-plus pricing is conspicuously missing, which is disappointing.

There is a link to the US-based website on the Moneris site, but as of December 2016, Moneris Solutions USA is part of Vantiv. To read our review of Vantiv Payments, go here. Vantiv is still using the Moneris site and information, but we will keep an eye on things as the transition progresses.

It’s not all good news with Moneris (is it ever?). We have recently seen a steady stream of complaints from Merchant Maverick readers regarding early termination fees, technical issues, billing problems, and generally poor customer service. Most alarmingly, a large percentage of complaints from our readers say that Moneris is taking liquidated damages upon early termination. They also have a sizeable number of complaints on Ripoff Reports and through the BBB, all along the same lines.

I wish I could more easily differentiate between complaints from merchants in Canada and from merchants in the US. While Moneris claims that all merchants across North America get the same level of service, I don’t believe that. I think merchants in the US have a better chance of dealing with an independent sales agent further away from corporate oversight, and I think this leads to poor and/or inconsistent practices. Overall, Moneris rates 3.5 stars (although they’re probably a solid four-star processor if we’re just looking at their Canadian business). I really like a lot of things about this processor, but having liquidated damages and failing to disclose an early termination fee consistently – that’s a major screw-up in my eyes.

Check out the rest of my Moneris Solutions review for more details. If you’d rather cut to the chase, take a look at our better processors or try our merchant account finder to get matched with the best processor for your particular business needs. For nine out of ten Canadian businesses, we find that Helcim performs the best. If you hail from Canada, check them out first!

Products & Services:

Moneris truly shines in this category. They offer an enormous number of products and services ranging from merchant accounts to office supplies, which you can browse via their online store at If you can name a service or product related to merchant accounts, chances are Moneris can provide you with it, often in-house.

Some of the stand-out services include:

  • Mobile Payment App and Swiper: With services like Square offering flat-rate processing and a free card reader (really free), most processors are trying to compete by offering their own payment apps and mobile readers, all bundled in with their POS software. Moneris offers its PAYD mobile app and card reader, and also eSelect Plus for US customers. Before you commit to any mobile processor, check out our mobile and low-volume comparison article.
  • eCommerce Services: These include a virtual terminal, shopping cart integration, in-house payment gateway service, support for recurring payments, and other features.
  • POS Software: Moneris has recently replaced their old Morris POS system with PAYD Pro Plus, an Android/iOS app-based system that brings POS capabilities to your smartphone or tablet. Unfortunately, it appears to be available only in Canada. US customers can use eSelect Plus, a web-based program that provides similar capabilities, but runs on a PC. Note that PAYD Pro Plus and eSelect Plus are proprietary (i.e., you can’t use them without a Moneris merchant account). They don’t make this very clear in their advertising.
  • Quick Service Options: This includes Moneris’ No Signature Program and support for Apple Pay.
  • Merchant Supplies: See

Fees & Rates:

First, the good news. I like Moneris because they’re Canadian. There, I said it. What does that matter, you ask? Well for starters a few years ago the Canadian government released an official “Code of Conduct” for the credit and debit card industry. While this code doesn’t currently have legally binding status, if the industry doesn’t kindly acquiesce to the simple guidelines of conduct the Canadian government will step in more forcefully, or so they claim. Under this code, merchants can expect:

  • Clear information regarding fees and rates
  • A minimum of 90 days’ notice of any new fees or fee increases
  • The ability to cancel contracts without penalty should fees rise or new fees be introduced
  • New tools to promote competition, and in particular, the freedom to accept credit payments from a particular network without the obligation to accept debit payments and vice versa

…among other provisions. Sounds pretty good, right? Well, Moneris states its commitment to this Code of Conduct in many places through their website, including a dedicated Code of Conduct FAQ. While I’m inclined to believe them, it’s not clear if these practices extend to their American customers. I don’t see this company as on par with the transparency and honesty you’ll find with a Canadian merchant account provider like Helcim, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction.

Moneris discloses very little information about fees or rates, although they’ve recently included some interchange rate information on their Canadian website. The US site isn’t nearly as transparent, and you’ll need to use the site’s Search function to find anything at all. Just remember that your rates will be negotiated depending on your business type, and you will want to negotiate an interchange-plus rate plan.

I’ve seen Moneris try to hit some merchants with big setup fees, up to $300. Don’t accept this. While a gateway setup fee makes sense, other account setup costs are generally junk fees.

On a brighter note, Moneris does offer seasonal downtime if you need it. You’ll be able to shut your account down for up to six months without any fees or penalties. As always, be sure to verify those terms on your application before signing.

Contract Length & Early Termination Fee:

By default, Moneris Solutions will set you up with a three-year contract that auto-renews for one year intervals thereafter. This is the industry standard, although you might be able to negotiate something better. Terminating your contract requires that you submit a written cancellation request at least 60 days prior to the end of the current contract period.

Moneris will also hit you with an early termination fee if you try to leave before your contract expires. I’ve seen a lot of merchants stating they were charged $250-$300 for early termination, while others have been charged thousands of dollars to buy out the remaining time. We call this liquidated damages since they are cashing in on the money they predict they’ve lost by losing your business. It’s asinine, but it really does happen.

The sales agent I spoke to about this promised me that I would have no such terms in my contract, and furthermore denied that any “average” merchant with Moneris would see these kinds of terms. He told me the usual ETF comes in at $300. He did say, however, that in rare cases larger merchants might expect to see those kinds of terms, but that they would be fully disclosed.

So I’m left with a “he said, she said” situation. Personally, I believe that Moneris is including liquidated damages in a fair number of their contracts and that at least some of those cases involve non-disclosure of these terms. For this, I have to deduct serious points from Moneris. For practical purposes, however, you can protect yourself from this by simply reading your contract and paying close attention to the termination section, usually located toward the end of the document. Always go into negotiations assuming you can’t trust your sales rep. It’s sad to say that, but it’s what you have to do to protect yourself. As friendly as they may seem, salespeople are not your friends and sometimes do not have your best interest in mind.

Sales & Advertising Transparency:

Moneris does okay in this category, but not great. They don’t disclose much about fees or pricing in their sales copy, as I mentioned in the section above. They also have a reputation for failing to disclose their early termination fees, as mentioned in the Contract Length and Early Termination Fee section above. The sales agent I spoke to also didn’t do a very thorough job of explaining fees and rates to me during our pre-application consultation. On the bright side, Moneris does provide copious information about the features associated with their products and services via their Canadian website, as well as the difference between various machines and plans.

Moneris also employs numerous sales gimmicks, which is a big turn-off for me. These ploys are always designed to work in their favor, not yours. Nothing in this industry comes free, so when they say they’ll “give you” $300, know that it’s coming from somewhere – and that somewhere is probably your own pocket. This kind of thing doesn’t foster transparency. Let me walk you through a few of the central gimmicks currently advertised by Moneris.

First, they have a “90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee.” Three months seems like a sufficient amount of time to decide whether Moneris will work out, so initially, I like this offer. But what does it entail? Will they provide any refunds? Well…

The promotional offer… is available from January 1, 2017 to April 23, 2017 and is available only to new merchants located in Canada that enter into Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover® and Interac® processing agreements with Moneris Solutions Corporation (“Moneris”) and that rent or buy terminal(s) from Moneris…

The 90-day satisfaction guarantee is limited to a waiver of the cancellation or deactivation fee if the merchant cancels any of the Agreements within 90 days from the date of the Agreement. All other fees, charges and terms and conditions in the Agreements apply.

Okay, so basically if you want to cancel within the first three months – that is, within 90 days of signing – you won’t have to pay a cancellation fee – as long as you also buy or lease your terminal through them. While buying your terminal is a viable option, leasing one is not. While this is a reasonable offer, I’d prefer to see an affordable cancellation fee that extends the life of the contract. They meet you halfway here, though. Or maybe a quarter of the way.

Next, they advertise that you will get a gift card worth up to $500 for signing up with their service. Awesome! Right? Well, the aforementioned terms apply to this offer as well, and…

The gift will be provided in the form of a GIFTPASS® from™ delivered approximately 150 days after the merchant begins processing credit and debit transactions with Moneris, provided that:

at such time the merchant continues to be an active Moneris merchant processing transactions under valid Agreements; and

the merchant has processed at least $1,000.00 in Visa, MasterCard and/or Discover credit card volume with Moneris within the first 60 days following the date that the merchant processes the first credit or debit card transaction…, provided that such first transaction is processed within the first 30 days of the Agreements. [Emphasis added]

Okay, well that’s something. If you process a minimum of $1000 worth of transaction in the two months following your first transaction and buy or rent a terminal through Moneris, you will at least get a $150 gift card five months after signing up. Getting the $500 gift card requires that you process a whopping $150,000+ in the same period. All this assumes, of course, that you remain an active user of Moneris in good standing for the entirety of those five months.

Advice to Moneris: To increase transparency, nix the gimmicks and list your fees on the web. Thank you.

Customer Service & Technical Support:

Moneris offers 24/7 customer support by phone or through their Merchant Direct Secure Message Center. You’ll also find a number of manuals, troubleshooting guides, installation instructions and so on through their Support page. Not all processors offer this kind of information at your fingertips.

They also have a strange but nice-sounding customer service practice called the Ambassador Program. One article describes it as:

A more unique and impressive customer service is what Moneris calls its Ambassador Program. All 1,000 employees of Moneris receive a card they can present to any merchant they meet who either has a complaint about Moneris or a question about its service. The employee gives the merchant a designated phone number, and, in turn, a dedicated team at Moneris’ call center exclusively handles those Ambassador Program calls. […] Responses to those initial conversations are guaranteed within 24 hours. Even if the merchant does not place a call, the dedicated team still will make contact. The result: A happy merchant who believes someone out there is listening.

While this seems a little haphazard, it’s a nice idea. I’d like to do business with a company that thinks outside of the box for customer support. I just hope that their non-Ambassador Program service can provide a good solution for the average customer as well.

Have you worked with Moneris Solutions? Feel free to leave us your review. Don’t forget to read the user review and comment policy.

Negative Reviews & Complaints:

While you’ll find more good press about Moneris Solutions than you will for an average processor, a fair number of negative reviews populate review sites as well as our Comments section. Overall, Moneris has a relatively small volume of complaints with the BBB and on Ripoff Reports considering the size of the company. Their Illinois and Toronto offices have separate BBB profiles. The former doesn’t have a rating and the latter has a B. Together they have a total of 52 BBB complaints in the past three years, and 13 complaints within the past twelve months. This represents a slight decline from our last review update. The recent Vantiv buyout may also effect complaint volume, so we’ll be sure to keep an eye on Moneris.

Ripoff Report currently shows 19 complaints dating back to 2006 and covering both the Canadian and American offices. Remember that Ripoff Report doesn’t take down complaints – ever.

For a company that processes more than 3 billion credit and debit card transactions a year and serves over 350,000 merchant locations across North America, 54 BBB complaints split between two countries is actually much better than average. I was also happy to see that Moneris responded to all of their BBB complaints, usually offering refunds or trying to resolve the situation in an appropriate manner.

With this large of a complaint volume, certain trends become readily apparent. Issues that came up frequently included the following:

  • Nondisclosure of early termination fees: As with most payment processors, the number one complaint you’ll see has to do with allegedly undisclosed early termination fees. You don’t have to worry about this, of course, since you will make sure to bring this up in negotiations and you will not sign the contract until their ETF clause is amended to your satisfaction – right?
  • Liquidated damages: Many merchants also have complained in our Comments section and on other review sites about being charged liquidated damages as a part of their early termination fee. For some merchants, this translates into thousands of dollars owed upon closing, which Moneris automatically takes from their accounts. A number of complaints assert that these damages are equal to the three highest months of processing fees combined, with a bottom limit of $250. I find this troubling. While you can usually prevent these terms by carefully reviewing the termination section of your contract, Moneris loses points with me for having ever included this kind of clause in the first place.
  • Undisclosed automatic renewal of contract: Again, this comes up with a majority of processors. It happens for two reasons. First, it happens because auto-renewal is the industry standard and 95% of processors have this as part of their standard merchant agreements. Second, it happens because many sales agents just want to get you signed up while disclosing as few potential sticking points as possible. The problem is that unsatisfied merchants are waiting patiently for the three-year contract to be up so they won’t have to pay the termination fee. They wait and wait and then when it’s time for the contract to expire they call to cancel only to find out they are stuck for another year! In case you were wondering, this makes merchants very angry. While I understand why they do the auto-renewal (it saves them time and makes them money), Moneris needs to do a much better job of informing their merchants about it.
  • Poor customer service: A few merchants have complained about dealing with rude customer service reps, especially when it comes to handling more complex problems. I’d like to hear some more opinions on this, as it’s difficult to tell based on a few anonymous complaints. If you’ve dealt with their customer service reps, please let us know how you’ve been treated. Authenticated reviews will, as always, be heavily considered in future updates.

Positive Reviews & Testimonials:

Although it’s not easy to find, Moneris has a nice section called Success Stories on their Insights blog which features testimonials from some of their more-satisfied customers. Rather than the usual quick blurb that most processors provide, these are in-depth articles and videos showing how customers are using Moneris products and services in the day-to-day operation of their businesses. While any testimonial featured on a company’s website is naturally going to be very one-sided, it’s nonetheless an impressive presentation.

Their US-based website also has a Testimonials page, but it’s not nearly as convincing. It includes a small number of very cursory customer reviews, and that’s about it.

Final Verdict on Moneris Solutions:

Moneris offers an impressive lineup of products and services. However, their hefty early termination fees and occasional use of liquidated damages clauses in their contracts brings them down a notch. Their failure to disclose important contract terms – either verbally or on their websites – lowers their score even further.

Unfortunately, Moneris Solutions operates both the Canadian and American divisions of their business under one company name, so for the purposes of this review I must take all practices into consideration and assign a single overall rating. I’d love it if readers could help me out here. In your reviews, please make a note to let me know if you have your contract in Canada or in the US. This information will allow me to provide a more accurate picture of their practices in future review updates. Thank you! Until then, I can only offer 3.5 out of 5 stars. While that’s still a slightly better-than-average score, it’s not enough for me to give them a ringing endorsement, either.

In the meantime, I’d recommend comparing some of our better-rated processors, especially for US-based merchants. For Canadian merchants, I wholeheartedly recommend Helcim. For me, their site speaks for itself. Definitely check it out.

Frank Kehl

Frank Kehl

Frank Kehl is an independent writer, editor, and blogger with an endless fascination for technology and gadgets. After a long and enjoyable career of traveling around the world as an Air Force navigator, he’s comfortably settled down in the wine country of California’s Central Coast. He enjoys reading, photography, hiking, and numerous other outdoor pursuits.
Frank Kehl
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    Bill Whitesides

    The well hidden”automatic three year renewal” clause is something all of their customers should be very aware of. A three year renewal is absurd. Read your terms and cancel your contract at least two months before your renewal.

    Shuiab Khan

    Do not respect contract signed by their representative in our case by their Account Manager for Machine .
    Straight and Clear violation of agreement, If anybody need to see will sent as proof and looking forward to explore this situation with media and social Media let to know about such a Major Called Canadian Company.
    Recently their system to RIP OFF $ 151.30 debited from our CIBC account, since keeping eyes the withdrawal shock and called to office. First time calling they keep on hold 40 minutes to discuss with supervisor, than apologized and informed us will call back with in 24 hrs with issuing a Ref: # 33609662.
    Nobody called and later, we called to follow up the said amount they apologized saying , SORRY system fault $151.30 will be returned in account.
    HO many account holder watch closely out of 350,000 merchants dealing $ 3 Billion credit and scammed in same way, they know how to scamme.
    We need to address this serious issue to BBB and fraud departemet to Discipline this Giant corpoate.
    I have to cancell and terminate the services but like us small business will suffer because either we need to close account or pay to bank to stop withdarwl before they draw any FEE.

    Norman Leeworthy

    STILL PAYING CAN’T STOP IT. agreed on startup fee. It was double. Agreed on monthly fees they were higher. There were other hidden fees. Asked for termination and refund of services. Have been avoided and ignored since. Have to shut down business. Have to close all bank accounts. Will be charged large cancellation that will go to collections if I don’t pay it. About $2000 all in. No services reviewed.


    Moneris over charged me 600$. I called several times and was told each time a manager would be in contact with me. Five times actually. no one ever called me back. once everything was worked out they only offered to pay back 119$ of the 600$ over charge. Never would I use this service again where they just go into your bank account and take money.


    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

    Dave Pettie

    I signed up with Moneris when I started my Plumbing and Heating business back in December of 2015. As a small business just starting up, I need to have money in my account to pay for materials. When the deposits are inconsistent and not in my account when they’re expected to be, I lose out on money. This week I processed a credit card transaction on Thursday expecting the money would be in my account the next morning. When it wasn’t, I called customer service and was told it was a problem on their end and the deposit would settle and be in my account by Saturday morning at the latest. It wasn’t and now I’m unable to pay for a part that is a few thousand dollars because of this. I lost a customer and lost over $2,000. This is not acceptable when trying to grow a business.


    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


    Significant issues and although Customer Service was amicable and easy to work with we were directed to a different department which are not polite, thorough nor are they professional. We have received different messages which were always quoted as policy etc and the Managers are often condescending and blaming us as their customer.

    When we attempt to deal with our Sales Rep, we are again shuffled back to another department.

    Overall Customer Service when you’re experiencing an issue with their staff is TERRIBLE.

    We want answers and want to avoid legal escalation but they’re really leaving us no options as they will not communicate effectively let alone honestly.

    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

    Jason Bellchamber

    Moneris is a devil you know and there just isn’t much choice here in Canada. I’ve been dealing with them since 1997 just with an imprinter for Visa or MC. I’m beginning to have a problem with their lack of transparency and disclosure regarding what services they have which are taxable and not.

    Had a helpful rep show me their complaint site.

    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

    Jonathan Elkins

    Great article.

    So I waited on hold for Moneris support for over 5 hours, eventually hanging up because I knew that their support department was closed. I’m trying to resolve an SSL issue.

    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


    We signed up with Moneris in 2007 after our previous service proved unreliable. Our experience with Moneris was favourable in terms of service and reliability but we always recognized that we were paying Lexus prices for a Toyota service. We were unaware of the auto-renewal and when we closed our doors in late 2015 we certainly didn’t expect the $300 charge for ending service outside the arbitrary 3 month fee-free window. To this point I have always promoted Moneris to other business owners but that stops now. I will warn everybody to stay away from Moneris.


    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

    Behzad Hayati

    It’s so unfair that such practice is still happening. I am talking about EFT (early termination fee) that is hidden somewhere in the website (not even in the contract that you sign)!
    After three years with Moneris we decided to move to a new platform which would provide more functionalities for our business. By the way, Moneris has never proposed any initiative to keep us with the new requirements requested by the credit card companies.
    Story short, they are asking for $500 EFT (which has been originally $2600). The term that has never been discussed with the representative when I signed the contract. I signed the contract for three years and was expecting to have month to month renewal like any other respectful company in the same market. Unfortunately I could only share my frustration with the account manager and her manager. The only recommendation that I have for Moneris is that they need to raise their standard as their customer satisfaction is far beyond what they can be.
    I am supposed to talk to their attorney that such important term can not be in another document in the web where information can be easily changed and there is no traceability. Let’s be more human.

    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

    Byron Hermann

    Hi. Moneris did indeed charge us a large termination fee. We were in the “auto renewal” program but we did not know when renewals were to take place. Make sure you know when the 60 day termination period is! Other than that Moneris has been great.

    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

    Terry R

    Very disappointed in Moneris, I am closing my franchise business and they refuse to waive this $300 cancellation fee. Not very sympathetic to small businesses, but I understand it is my own fault for not reading the fine print. For my next business I will be using someone else and will spread the word to all the future franchisees and contacts.


    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

    Hai Nguyen

    very bad service and customer rip off keep away from them ,this kind like cheating ,I think the cancellation fee of $250 -$300 is ridiculous.


    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


    Moneris lied to me about collateral required on my account. I operate a furniture store and take deposits on orders and then the balance upon delivery. They explained to me that they would need collateral on my business in the event of returns and would review the amount in a year and that it would be returned if their were no refunds/returns processed on my account.Since I have operated the business we have had zero returns and zero refunds and yet my collateral still has not been returned. The amount is significant and the only answer I get when I ask why it won’t be returned is that “the risk to Moneris has increased with increased sales volume.” WTF? The only thing that’s increased is the amount of money that I am paying to Moneris because of higher sales volumes.


    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

    James Gauley

    Great Country. Lousy Service. This just in from Moneris “Solutions”:
    If your card reader is down, don’t worry; not only will they offer to repair the problem between the hours of 10:30 am and 8:30 pm—they don’t bother to show up. And the topper is Moneris doesn’t follow up with a phone call. You have to chase after them, but they are available 24/7 with this helpful tidbit: “Sorry, we can’t help you. There are no parts available.” Gee—I guess that means we should just fold up our tent and go home. Thanks Moneris; your business lack of service will help put us out of business.
    James Gauley, President/Partner
    Pumphouse Supplements Inc.

    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

    Ruce Ahmed

    OMG … their customer service is atrocious; this is putting it kindly; over the last 3 days we have spoken to over 10 of their first line support and spent over 5 hours on hold for their integration department and no luck. We have sent emails and no responses. We have left voice mail and again no responses. We already have 20 customer using Moneris via our software and we are thinking of changing all 20 customers to another provider.


    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

    Igor Morozov

    Do not let this company any near your precious business; they will ruin your potential success just by their presents around you with all the negative outrage towards this company. It is an absolutely ugly company with absolutely ugly employees.I stayed with them for 10 years and when I found another MSP who was much, much less expensive, who disclosed any single point to me I decided to switch.Moneries instead of closing the account talked me into a 4 months suspension in case if I change my mind and want to stay with them. They promised to close an account automatically if I do not want to stay with them any longer. After the period was gone they started charging my account again for not even doing anything for me. I called them again to cancel and get a charge reimbursement. They pressed me to charge $300 cancellation fee for something that I cannot even find on any Moneries papers that I have. Yes, it does say that when I sign a contract I agree to their terms and conditions. The terms and conditions came with POS terminal in a digital format as I can tell – go figure….The funniest thing that I started talking to them about the service cancelation just on time to avoid this renewal cancellation clause not even knowing that; BUT THEY DID . They prolonged time to get me into a time frame that allows them to charge me that cancelation fee and only then make me aware of the fee clause!SHAME ON YOU MONERIES!


    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

    Norine Roussain

    In November 2014 a sales person came into my store selling Moneris, owned by Royal Bank and Bank of Montreal. I refused their offer at least 4 times as I was still in a contract with another company for another 5 months. The sales person kept insisting they would give me $300.00 if I signed up with them. This would help pay any fees I incurred with the other company. This was a promotion only they could offer and that the banks don’t even have. I asked when I would get the $300.00 and they said after 3 months. They kept pushing until I said I would sign up as long as I got the $300.00 My husband came in and asked also and was told the same thing, we would get $300.00 afte 3 months. I read the fees after the first month and they were almost double what I was paying with the other company. I called them to address this and was told that we wouldn’t be getting $300.00 as there is a minimum dollar sales amount that we have to achieve to qualify. Our sales weren’t even close to what they wanted to qualify so I canceled them. The woman gave me a cancelation reference # and her phone #. I called her back a week later, left a message that they should refund me the fees, to this day ave not received a reply. I was worse off than when the rep from Moneris entered our store. The company I was contracted with raised their fees as I advised them I was going to cancel with them in 5 months. I was deceived by Moneris right from the start. The representative asked to see a statement from my current provider. I opened the last one up and there was no activity. At this time they would have known that this was not a good choice for us. We’re about $250.00 worse off than if Moneris never entered our store. In the last 1 1/2 years 3 different people came into our store to sell Moneris and I said no every time. I was pressured into saying yes this last time. I only gave in because of the reputation of Royal Bank of Canada. I know they don’t do business this way by deceiving and don’t know why they keep their name associated with this company.


    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

    mark de pelham

    I was really happy with the Moneris Payd app. I have recently started a small business and it had several features that suited me perfectly.
    I soon realized that I would exceed the 5000 monthly limit and called a sales rep to set up an account on their I select plus system. I submitted all the information they requested and waited patiently form their descision.
    Not only was my application refused, Moneris went ahead and cancelled the account I had been using for two weeks, no warning and on Christmas eve to boot. Very classy.
    This has seriously compromised my ability to do business. It has left me in the lurch just as my busy season is approaching.
    If this is how the company treats small businesses that are just getting off the ground, I would stay away. If my issue does not get resolved and I am one day running a larger business you can bet I will, take my payment processing elsewhere.

    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

    peter osberg

    This company have the patina of honesty but will not honor written or verbal commitments or quotes, unilaterally changing terms and conditions without consent or notice; and as others have mentioned only gives a narrow window every 3 years to cancel without penalty. They will debit your accounts once hooked up even if you object. The only way to stop their access and their unauthorized debits is to close your bank account and open a new one with a different number.


    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

    Yann Mergui

    Ugly company with ugly employees. Their only target is to rip off merchants, taking all the money they can from them and then screw them. If you like to be ripped off go ahead with this company if i can call that a company…They gonna put you on the mastercard blacklist for no reason and close your account in 2 hours just over the phone after almost 9 years of business with them and taking high fees.


    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

    Carole Foley

    Avoid this company. I feel ther are dishonest an I’m being charitable. They had my fax cancelling service since May 2010 – 4.5 years ago. I stopped using them and didnt get one call, one receipt and yet they continued to take services fees from my bank for 4.5 years. I’ve called twice now and sent the cancellation form. They want me to prove I sent it on one breath and stating even if they got it they woudln’t have accepted it.I was thier legit client paying high fees for several years before that. Processsing companies get your bank info and process fees under msp or merchant services. it all looks the same so if you move you have to do careful checks to make sure you dont have lingering fees. Id ony g owth a company that clearly states under thier name one fee a month and thats credited nt offset from revenues which is confsuing. We plan to take then to small claims court.


    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


    Moneris is HORRIBLE!!! People be aware and avoid it! Nothing is good with Moneris, high monthly fees and terminal charge! Ridiculous! I paid cancellation fee $300 and I’m free! Thanks God! Go with Square instead!


    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

    John Cooper

    Ridiculous early termination fees – USURY.My new rep says they’re higher than a hospital he just converted – I have a small business.AVOID THESE PEOPLE AT ALL COSTS _ THEY ARE TERRIBLE !!!


    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

    Camilla Perreault

    I like Moneris as a merchant provider. But I am extremely disappointed at their lack of safety and report options when it comes to gift cards. To not have to put it a clerk ID when selling gift cards is to me as a business owner not acceptable. It is extremely easy to make extra money for someone not honest, especially if customers pay cash for their gift cards. No control what so ever. I wish to think this is about the staff you hire, but it is also easy to make mistakes, and forget to punch into the POS system if it is not connected to your terminal could be the same. You can not get reports helping you to track down who has sold what gift card and how it has been paid. This to me, is enough to say no to their gift card service if you were ever thinking of signing up, do not lock your self up on this useless service, I am sure there are others out there that knows how to make this system safer.


    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

    Sue MacInnes

    Just had the worst customer experience ever. And… was to cancel. Not only was I given the ‘cancellation fee’ that I was supposed to know about from 8 years ago, I was told why my new provider was so terrible. It’s none of your business! I am really upset by the interaction, not just the charge, because I felt attacked by the cancellation representative. I was with this company for years and was very disappointed by this interaction. Avoid moneris and don’t by intimidated by their scare tactics. Options are not possible once you ‘sign up’!


    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


    We had a three year contract with Moneris Solutions to process our MasterCard and Visa payments. After over 2+ years we decided we couldn’t justify the monthly charges since we were we not being asked to use CC in our business. We called Moneris to verify the end date of our contract and to ask if there would be any cancellation fees if we closed our account at the end of our contract period. We werer told that there there was a $250 cancellation fee or we could just pay till the end of our contract Dec 2014. Apparently the fine print in the contract also says that if you don’t use the service they can cancel you and charge you $250. We continued to pay the monthly service charges intending to payout till the end of 2014. We have two accounts with them so our fee would have been $500. We opted to just pay the minimum for the rest of the service period. What Moneris does is very clever. They continue to charge your account for months even if you don’t use they service, then before your contract period is over they cancel you for not using the service and charge you $250 termination fee.The manager of customer service was rude and unhelpful. Also beware there is a small window to terminate in writing or your are on the hook for another 3 years. This means it will costs me $1,000 to stop doing business with Moneris. This company is based in Canada. Don’t trust them. I am using Moneris is a rip off and they should not be allow to do business in the US. They claim to operate under the Canadian Code of Conduct, but it is unclear it it applies to US customers.

    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


    Moneris is a rip-off. Not only are their fees astronomical, you can’t depart from them without them ripping you off for more. They ask you to keep the affiliated bank account open so you can receive your deposit refund for the machine. Don’t. Close the bank account and forget the measly deposit so they can’t help themselves to more of your money for cancellation fees and another entire month of service fees after you cancel!


    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

    John Mountain

    When we no longer needed this debit machine we were charged a $300 fee to cancel and were told to pack up their machine and it would be picked up. That’s all normal and the machine was duly picked up. However we were then charged for an extra month despite having paid the cancellation fee and signing the documents, because they didn’t receive the machine back in time (don’t forget they organized the machine to be returned). They will not refund the months rental. Stealing would be what I would call this. To take money for no product or service!! On reading the reviews this is obviously one of your business practices! Moneris we would not use nor recommend you again. We will refer this to the BBB and to our local business associations. Small businesses work hard to make ends meet and you should be ashamed or yourselves for your bad business practice.

    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

    charrier mehdi

    Every company in canada have not asking a fee for the cancellation before 90 days, it’s a gouvernement’s loy.
    The cancellation fee with moneris is $ 300 for every custumers. the contract is automatically renewed, more moneris to increase these rates in 2013 and he add a PCI security fees per month or every 3 monthes.

    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


    Just wanted to chip in on Moneris. We have several webstores and have had several processors over the years. Moneris is the worst. Two of our websites have been using Moneris as processor for almost four years. When we wanted to switch to a different processor, they informed us, that we had to pay termination fees described above as liquidated damages. We had initially entered into a 3 year agreement, that I have now learned included these liquidated damage charges. When our agreement expired after three years, it auto renewed for another three years and the absurd temination fees continued to be a part of the agreement, so when we terminated after being a good customer for four years, we ended up having to pay in excess of $6,000. I would advise other merchants to stay away from Moneris and as a minimum to make sure, that any agreement only has a one year life and that it does not have these liquidated damage fees included. I would advise Merchants already using Moneris to check their agreements and if they have any of these clauses, renegotiate when the agreements expire (and remember there will only be a 60 day window to do so).


    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


    I’ve been using Morris/Moneris for a year now. Whilst I’ve had problems, they have to be fair been pretty quick at solving them. However, I’ve just done my first stocktake in my new business and discovered a very basic, but major flaw in their system. So basic in fact, they should be embarrassed….You can Add inventory, Update Inventory or Add and Update, but you can’t replace existing data with new data. I have over 3,000 products and have to go into each one that I don’t currently have in stock to amend inventory errors. You would think that a simple scanned stocktake followed by an import of the resulting data to override existing data would be an obvious feature.

    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

    Moneris user

    I am just disappointed that I have found out that Moneris is releasing name of businesses to a private lender that is partnering with them and offering you money without consenting with you before releasing names of the business to this organization!!! Not cool!


    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

    Jack Turley

    We fired Moneris yesterday after a rough 7 month stint with them. They are a very ethically challenged company who are arrogant enough to believe that they can treat their clients with complete disregard and have the client come crawling back wanting more. Promises were made when we switched over to them from Chase Paymentec ($300 gift card for each account) and then those promises were broken without so much as an apology. Their customer service reps are wretched at their job, but I guess they are just an extension of the corporate culture in that they are arrogant and belittling. We have been in business for almost 23 years so we are not neophytes who demand the unattainable. Our only demand is that any business associate with us act in a business like manner. Moneris failed this test.


    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


    Moneris Solutions is statind that i have a 90 day trial period with their service. I have called this week (Nov 11, 2013) to cancel the service and they are waiving the $300 termination fee, however i have to pay the value of the Terminal $742.27

    When i spoke to the Sales Rep on the phone on the 11th Nov 2013, he also admitted to not giving me the right information and nowhere does it state on my contract that i have to pay the Terminal in full within the 90-day trial period!

    I have filled a complaint with the BBB.

    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

    Jason Ramos

    Have been with Moneris for 8 years and I had to switch to due technical issues with their pinpad integrating with my computer system.

    After canceling my 5 accounts I received a $300 cancellation charge for each. I am under no contract and when I request a copy of the contracts, I get no response.

    No one in interested in providing back-up to this contract.

    So frustrating!

    TD Merchant Services on the other hand, gave a better rate, better service and someone that I can call when I need help.

    Not Moneris! Definitely the worst supplier relationship that I have had with a financial institution.

    As with any of my review I am more than glad to remove or modify my review once the issue has been solved. If you are reading this, it’s because Moneris still has not replied to me regarding why they have charged me $1,500 in cancellation fees.

    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

    Mario Crespi

    These people are THIEVES. The WORST company ever. Their charges are ASTRONOMICAL and they have NO integrity or honesty. They will nickle and dime you to death and even after a request for cancellation of our account had been accepted, they still continued to withdraw money from the account. ABSOLUTELY THE WORST COMPANY IN THE STATES. I give this company 1 star because there is no choice for a ZERO.


    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

    Alan Taylor

    Avoid Moneris at all costs. They seem to have stupid staff. They wrote us about an unpaid invoice for peanuts and when I called them to pay they said that their collection dept had it wrong and that our account was in order. Then they cancelled it 2 days later and refused to respond to emails.

    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.



    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

    Diane Guignard

    Oops, one star! don’t even deserve that.


    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

    Diane Guignard

    I feel much the same as most of you on here!
    Moneris misinforms and charges customers fees for NO service.
    Here is my story:
    I inherited a Moneris machine with the business I purchased last summer. I called to activate a merchant account, so funds would be forwarded to me. No problem. I called to close in the fall, since it was a seasonal business. No problem, I return the machine ($35/mth) and I’m advised to continue paying the $15 a month to keep the account open so I would not have to pay another set up fee ($250) next spring, makes sense, cheaper to pay $15 for 6 months, than pay another set up fee.
    I called back recently to get a debit machine for start up, guess what ?, another set up fee, now $300???? I’m pissed, since I paid all winter for nothing. No problem, I acquired the services of another merchant account company and cancelled this account. Guess what $300 fee to close the account???? Yup, $300 to click “CLOSE” wow, Moneris, I will never be back, nor will i even so much as pay anything on any of your machines in the future. All the best to you, I hope you choke on my $300, plus the $90 I paid to keep my account open all winter for nothing.

    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

    ronnie giles

    I am writing this complaint concerning Moneris Solutions to warn others about their exuberant costs. Moneris Solutions is a company that provides card services to businesses at rates that equal 10% of total sales in my case. I have dealt with this poor excuse of a company for the last few years.Until another company in the same field of business enlightened me,Bank Associates Merchant Services,charging me half as much. I switched companies last month and Moneris gave me a going away present of $71.90 in charges. Here’s the sick part.! I didn’’t have any transactions with them during that period.The person that I complained to at Moneris told me that the charges were out of his control.The fellas name and position at Moneris,[edited: name removed] | Merchant Retention and Account Management | Moneris Solutions further told me to complain to some attorney at the company. Instead I have decided to enlighten the business community to avoid using this company.

    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

    Nicky Morrison

    Yep, same boat. Except I stopped them taking payments from my bank via TD. TD was applaulded. They Moneris representative claims that the $300.00 they wanted to take from my account was to pay for space on their server for keeping my information for the next four years. In the four years I have been with them only one of my clients complained and that is only because they did not recognize our name on their credit card statement and this was cleared up with the client and Moneris with a five minute phone call. I asked Moneris to show me where I signed this contract and they say I never did. It is just understood the first time I use the machine.

    I am disgusted with Moneris after being a client of their’s for four years.

    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

    Zoë Stewart

    I just closed my father’s account with Moneris. He was the smallest of the small time operators, lost money consistently, and paid ridiculous fees to Moneris for years, relative to his sales volume. He still used one of the old “knuckle-busters” to run credit cards through. I spoke to a customer service rep named [edited: name removed] to cancel, and of course nearly choked when she got to the $300 cancellation fee. She said, ever so softy, “It’s in the contract…””I can’t tell him that” I said, ” Look at his sales history, have you seen how little he makes? I can’t tell him it will cost him $300 to retire. Is there anyway around it?” She put me on hold, spoke to a supervisor, and waived the fee!I don’t know what rating to give. My father’s experience with this company was mostly negative, but then [edited: name removed] (blessings upon her), saved the day and let my father out without exacting the requisite pound of flesh. I guess it’s worth it to read contracts carefully.


    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


    @ zoe Stewart, can you please provide me the name they have deleted so i would know which company to choose for my payment processing needs.


    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

    Very Concerned

    Emails dated april 21 2012..

    Please confirm what you mean after the 90 days, you will not have to do anything for the rebate promotion as the money is deposited into your business bank account automatically if you continue to use the services after those 90 days, enjoy the 2 month trip!

    David Preston

    IB Sales Consultant

    ( 1-877-825-0361×4436
    ( 416-232-2391×4436

    Fax: 416-2347094

    Called after that 90 days period to find out he is no longer there.. its now Oct 31 2012 and still no 500 bonus for staying 90 days what gives??? Am i being scammed?

    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

    Ted B

    I am willing to pay the cancellation fee! It would save me a lot of money as their processing is SO INCACCURATE! They told me they have a “known problem” in the software of their new equipment. In two days, they deposited roughly $6,000 LESS than the dollar amount we have in transaction slips. According to them, their reports balance so it is something we’re doing. They then suggested we use a different report as their report that we’re currently using “isn’t accurate”. It often takes 2 huors to settle and balance 1 day of electronic payments PLUS the time I’ve spent on the phone with them repeatedly asking for a rep to attend our place of business. I am in Toronto so it isn’t a great distance. I was with Global Payments and left because their equipment was unreliable and frequently crashed at our busiest time. At least their reports were accurate and reliable. I’m currently seaching for a provider with accurate reporting and reliable equipment! Ted

    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

    brian mchenry

    Read the fine print from Moneris. They stealthily initiated a $10 per month PCI fee and then a $20/month ‘non-compliance’ PCI fee and when i checked around, others simply charge a $10 per month compliance fee. So i told Moneris i was moving my credit card handling to another company after almost 2 years with them So what did they do? DING me a $250 cancel fee??!! ALL OTHER merchant service companies have MONTH TO MONTH contracts so you can cancel any time. DO NOT USE MONERIS they will nickel and dime you (apparently their sales rep said ‘oh yea, we’re month to month’ but in the fine print they include a 3 YEAR CONTRACT? and then even after i mentioned what their sales rep represented to my company they refused to ‘waive’ the fee. Also because i trusted them and didn’t notice the PCI fees for many months i was beyond the 90 day cancellation window. I recommend you stay away form MONERiS and find a company who gives you month to month contracts.

    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


    Anyone currently with Moneris may be interested to know that as per the Code of Conduct for Credit and Debit Card Industry that you have 90 days to opt out of your contract without penalty if they raise your fees.

    Many customers (including our business) received a PCI Security Fee addition that will be effective July 1st. If you received this on your March 31st statement you will have 90 days from that time to cancel.

    See this link for more info direct from Moneris

    Hope that helps!

    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

    Jared London

    Im having a hard time figuring out how this company has a 4 star review, they are clearly the opitomy of of evilness in merchant services. My advise to any merchant with Moneris is to contact your attorney general ASAP, if you just turn tail and take this abuse you will get it. If you have found a new MSP get up and running with them and periodically plug your Moneris terminal in and run a few transactions because the will attempt to ACh you if they find out you’ve switched and ps the contract says you can not switch banks nor MSP’ s. We are currently working on a lawsuit against this company and would like any readers with questions or complaints about Moneris to email me for advise as we have got multiple clients out of these rediculas fees. After seeing the rating merchant maverick has givin them this website has lost some credibility in my eyes and is not up to date on many subjects. Best of luck and turn their ACH abilities off with your bank, because sooner or later you will get hit for these fees unless you fight back. Good luck

    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

    Amad E.

    Thanks for the input Jared. The Moneris review is due for an update, and we’ll reconsider their score if necessary.

    After seeing the rating merchant maverick has givin them this website has lost some credibility in my eyes and is not up to date on many subjects.

    Would you mind telling me which subjects are not up to date? I’d like to get them fixed if necessary.

    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

    Jared London

    The cancellation, this sight states $250-300. The fact is that if a merchant cancels with them they will take the average volume of the highest months and figure 3% of that along with any fixed fee’s is then multiplied by the remaining monthes with a fee no less than $250. All I am saying is that I have had multiple clients that have recieved bills anywhere from $2700- $21000 and I would hate to see a person look for advice on this sight and then end up like this. Moneris also has a claus that says you can not leave RBC or you will have the same harm. Moneris also uses FD Nashville and TSYS if you werent aware. I noticed you gave Heartland 5 stars, just so you are aware they have raised their ETF to $500. Ive been in this industry a combined 10 years with my partner, neither of us have ever leased equipment no written a teired account, we sell with honesty and integrity and answer the phone for our clients; so when I see what Moneris does it makes me sick.

    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

    Amad E.

    Thanks Jared. The Moneris cancellation fee was historically $250-$300, but it seems they’ve changed to a liquidated damages type ETF as of late. Still, it would be nice to see a copy of their new contract. Do you have one that you can send me?

    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.



    We got involved with Moneris through RBC bank. We were led to believe they were rbc’s in house processor and their ridiculous 3 year contract terms were not made clear at signing. Shame on me for not reserching this more closely. When RBC pulled out
    of Georgia and we had to switch banks, we switched to a local processor.
    I am now getting calls from their counsel demanding a $3000 termination fee. If a Moneris rep contacts you, run for your life. It seems to my uneducated self to be simple usury. Most upstanding processors will wave this contract requirement if confronted. You will need to read to page 28 in their contract to find this hidden requirement.

    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


    Hi Jared, just another victim of our own stupidity…we too have been in a conflict with the above mentioned, and are wondering what to do. they have cancelled with us, and now want 2900 dollars! reading your remarks, and wondering if you had any success or can point me in the right direction?
    thanxs, disallusioned…

    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


    Hello Jared,

    Can you let me know how the lawsuit turned out for you? We are also being harassed by Moneris. Any information would be helpful.

    Thank you!

    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


    Worst company ever! Avoid Moneris at any cost! After 8 years with them, they are asking for $3,200 to close the account, because of that 3 YEARS RENEWAL clause THAT NOBOADY KNOWS ABOUT! THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!!!!
    I hope someone will close their business or ask them about their practices!

    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

    Cassandra Cornell

    Does anyone have a better solution than Monteris? Julie, Reg, Heather have any of you switched to a provider that offers a better system?

    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


    I was just talking to a Moneris representative on the phone today. I asked about interchange + pricing. And he must have thought I had heard to ask that interchange pricing is the way to go but that I didn’t know much details about it. He tried to convince me that interchange pricing includes 1.65% base + 0.25% for rewards type cards + the interchange fee. When I asked him how much the interchange fees are he said they are usually between 0.3% and 0.7% however on the Visa and Mastercard interchange fee schedule on their website it lists ecommerce fees around 1.55%.

    After I brought it up a 2nd and 3rd time he tried to get me to ask the others about it. He answered the phone as [edited: name removed]. At the end when I asked him for his extension # and name he had changed it to [edited: name removed] after I said to confirm it was [edited: name removed]. And also I asked him to send me a quote by email which was also not sent (no surprise).

    If this type of behavior is being done by their sales people, it is no doubt structured that way from the very top. These are unethical business people and everyone should be very wary and careful when dealing with these guys. And by being careful I mean look elsewhere for a merchant!

    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

    Julie Jewell

    Just try to cancel your contract with Moneris. They have a feE schedule that is referred to and never available. It says see section 19 and there is no page 4 or section 19. I have been trying to work with the company for over 6 months and they are so big, they can cancel you at anytime but you can never cancel them. They take your largest 3 months in your 3 year history and that is your cancellation or early termination fee, not the standard 250 try 2600. I have filed with the BBB and they debited my account anyway. They have raised their rates, April, then again in June, it is in tiny print on the last page of your statement. Beware ! Also you have to cancel 6 months prior to the end of your contract in writing. Beware of being grandfathered in when they buy out a company too !! Beware of sales people selling you great things from a company that has their best interests at heart. Beware of the qualified vs non-qualified transactions, you could be charged 4% of the sale. Beware, they are Gods and you are just a stupid merchant and they hold all the power and can do whatever they want to you. GET OUT, CLOSE YOUR ACCOUNT AS SOON AS YOU CAN, MONERIS IS A BAD WORD FOR MERCHANT SERVICES.

    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

    Keith Adler

    I deal with Moneris in the US and have for several years with no real issues to speak of. Within the last year, I have had nothing but poor customer service. In the past I would get my issue or question answer immediately on the phone. Now they have changed the way ypu get serviced and to come out to find after asking some questions, that they moved these departments to Canada. Now I understand why companies consolidate, but it seems that they have put a bunch layers in now and their reps just take messages and say that someone will call me back. The average turn around seems to be 2 days if at all. I miss the one call and I’m done approach they use to have. I’ve decided to start looking elsewhere because maybe they have just gotten to big.

    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

    Reg Siemens

    Same story here. Longtime Moneris customers. After repeated fee increases we sought out another credit card processor. Called to cancel and were made aware of this ridiculous contract that we had NEVER seen or signed. Decided to wait until renewal (cause it’s only 8 months away) and then were told that we couldn’t give notice of our desire to NOT renew until within the 90 days prior to renewal. I asked for an address of record where I could send a registered letter to document our desire to not renew and they refused to supply it. Insisted that we call back within the 90 days. When we do that I suspect they’ll tell us it’s too late and that we should have phone PRIOR to the 90 days. Just ridiculous! Absolute extortion!!! Seek out another solution! These guys are bandits! And for the record, this organization is a joint venture of RBC and BMO, pulling your business from either of those institutions would be another wise move – and be sure to tell them why!

    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


    Moneris & RBC bank
    To all merchants looking for credit card processing:

    Please be aware of the fine print which includes VERY excessive and severe consequences for early termination of this (3) year agreement. Below is what will happen if you decide to leave Moneris Payment Solutions or discontinue processing according to their terms stated in application MSFRI-OC-APP-0910.
    “Early Termination Fee is calculated based on the greater of Two Hundred Fifty Dollars ($250) or Bank’s average monthly volume derived from processing Merchant’s
    transactions (based on an average of the highest three (3)months of processing volume during the previous or current term of the Agreement,whichever is greater),multiplied by .003,multiplied by the number of full and partial
    months remaining in the term of the Agreement”
    EX: A business processes $40,000 monthly in credit cards and is unhappy with increased rates and poor service. After 1 long year of being fed up they change processors and cancel Moneris.
    The Consequence: $40,000 x .003= $120….then take ….$120 x 24 (months remaining) on your (3) year term= YOU GET HIT WITH A $2,880 CANCELLATION FEE.
    But please keep reading because it gets more ridiculous…………….
    “TERM AND TERMINATION. (1)Term.The termof thisAgreement,including any equipment
    rental, shall be for three (3) years from the Effective Date and shall remain in full force and effect
    until termination.This Agreement shall be automatically renewed thereafter for successive three
    (3) yearperiods unless Merchant gives written notice of termination at least sixty (60)daysbut not
    more than one hundred twenty (120) days prior to the expiration of the then existing term.
    (2) FEES FOR DISCONTINUING PROCESSING. In the event Merchant (i) discontinues or ceases
    processing of Card Transactions prior to the end of the term hereof, or (ii) gives notice of discontinuance
    of processing (including an invalid or ineffective termination notice),or (iii) violates Section
    15 of this Agreement, Merchant shall pay Bank upon demand the Early Termination Fee
    described in the Schedule of Rates and Fees attached to and made part of this Agreement. Merchant
    agrees to pay this Early Termination Fee and agrees that such Early Termination Fee constitutes
    liquidated damages and is not a penalty.”
    In other words…unless Moneris is notified within 60-120 days at the end of the initial contract…They will stick owners back into another 3- year contract without consent. Therefore allowing merchants that have been with them for 3-10 years to still be subject to these outrageous fees.
    The above also states that merchants can be punished for discontinued processing. So if you close your business or for whatever reason decide not take credit cards, you are still on the hook for thousands of dollars…And believe me they come after you… as well as none of this gets explained as your signing the contract.

    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


    this is happening to me right now, they are saying that i owe them over 2700.00 in fees, changed to a new company in June and they are just now sending me this nasty gram here in December, I signed with them back in 2004 and who knows what was or wasn’t said back then but i am sure i was not told about their renewal terms because i would not have agreed to something so stupid as that, I hate being locked into something for so long and not having a way out, please give me some advice if you can, thanks

    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


    I can confirm that Moneris solutions have hidden fees.
    Moneris charges an extra 20$ EVERY MONTH fee PER EACH moneris terminal if we do not process a total of 8000$ per terminal. We have never been made aware of such charge.

    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

    Jason J

    I have been with Moneris for last few years but i am definitely going to change it this day. I am really fed up with their service and i feel they will scam you like anything else. Charging you your hard earned money left and right. I am really depressed and will go ahead for cancellation of which i have to pay another $300. I am Not Satisfied.

    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

    Vikash Sharma

    All processors are the same Moneris, Payment Tech, Pivotal Payments,First Data, Global Payments , any banks and others.

    You have to read the contract before signing, this is the number one mistake merchants make, the salesperson will tell you no need to read contract. The contract always states its automatic renewal and contract term varies between 3-5 years depending on the company. Some companies also will charge you liquidation damages if you cancel the contract, LD is calculated from monthly fees, monthly volumes of sales and any misc monthly or yearly charges. I have see merchants charges over $50.000 depending on their volume of sales. If you don’t understand your contract have a lawyer read over the contract. Another issue is terminal purchase versus terminal leases, LFG is a rip-off they offer you a 4 year lease non-cancellable but they fail to mention that after your 4 year lease you have to buy-back the lease you will still be billed monthly charges.

    Hope this helps anyone

    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

    David Pfau

    I was ripped off by Moneris Solutions. I was only with them for three months and cancelled because they would not change the font to be legible on my printed tickets. They offered to sell a new machine to me. Once I cancelled for getting NO SATISFACTION from their services they took OVER $1300 from my account not as a cancellation fee but for their “lost business” feel. I tried getting my money back but was told I needed to hire a lawyer and sue them. I can’t afford that so I got ripped off. They even paid $250 for cancellation fees from my previous processor but yet they rip me off for $1300. My business is in Alabama.

    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


    I just found out the hard way as well about the Moneris theft of $300, based on an ‘agreement’ that I was never privy to. I asked for the ‘agreement’ to be faxed to me, and it indeed does say that there is a $300 cancel fee. Trouble is, I have never seen this form, ever. I was told that it was in place when I signed for the terminal. Shuldn’t we be given a copy of any such agreement and given a chance to read ot, or have it explained?

    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


    Since May I have a $9.95 “Pre-authorized Payment No Fee, ACCT SERV PKG MSP/DIV” charge on my Moneris merchant account. Why? I don’t recall any mention of this new “No Fee” fee?

    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


    I was charged the same amount per month $9.95 which wasn’t stated in my contract.

    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


    You are required to have separate merchant accounts per location for security purposes

    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

    Marion Case

    10+ year merchant with Moneris. Opened third location, new account refused. No reason given. Rates increased. Called today to cancel account as we have opened with another provider who will cover all locations. Very uncooperative and rude representative. When I asked how to spell his name (for my records) he hung up! I surmised the closing application was over. I was unaware of the $300 per account cancelation fee. Do you suppose this is why Moneris requires a seperate merchant number for each location?

    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


    FWIW, I read my application more carefully. The “waive early termination fee” appears to be coming via a Special Program from Dharma Merchant Services, not Moneris Solutions.

    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

    Amad E.

    That’s correct Virginia. Dharma has a special agreement with Moneris in which they waive the early termination fee.

    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


    I have just reviewed an OA-S19 contract from Moneris Solutions that I have obtained through Dharma Merchant Services. The contract is one year auto renew. The section 25 on early cancellation fees has been removed from my document. Perhaps Moneris is aware of your recent review or perhaps it was removed by Dharma Merchant services.

    Thank you very much for your website. It has been very helpful to me in our search for a new provider.

    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

    Mary Jordan

    Did you end up signing up with Dharma? If so, how is it going with them? If not, who did you end up choosing? Thank you so much.

    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

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