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I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting much coming into this review. I had heard about the data breach Heartland Payment Systems faced back in 2008, so I automatically assumed that they were a bad company to work with. I’m happy to admit that I was wrong. Despite what you may have heard, I much prefer to write a positive review than a negative one!

Heartland Payment Systems is headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey, but they have offices all across the U.S. They’ve been in business since 1997, so you can rest assured that they know what they’re doing. They’re also the fifth largest credit card processor in the United States and the ninth largest worldwide, processing about $120 billion in transactions each year from 250,000 merchants. But enough about their corporate profile – let’s get to the important stuff.

The first thing that I want to address is the 2008 data breach. In 2008, a man by the name Albert Gonzalez hacked into the Heartland system and stole the data from some 130 million credit and debit cards. An unfortunate disaster that, to be honest, could have happened to anyone. What impresses me is how Heartland has reacted to that breach. With their recent launch of E3 Secure, I’d be willing to bet that Heartland is probably one of the most secure processors you can work with right now. Avivah Litann, an analyst for Gartner, has even gone as far as saying that Heartland is now paving the way for the industry in terms of data security. That’s pretty high praise.

Heartland also understands that educated merchants make for good clients, so they’ve created the Merchant Bill of Rights website, as well as other truly useful educational materials. I seriously commend their efforts here. They have great testimonials, an active Facebook page and Twitter account, and they offer both interchange-plus pricing and seasonal downtime. I wish they’d disclose some fees on their site, but that’s not a deal breaker for me.

Overall, I believe Heartland is an honest, stable, reliable business offering unique products and services in the industry through a fantastic sales team. While I’d prefer to see an interchange-plus option for low-volume merchants, the $59 per month + interchange plan for merchants processing under $50K per year is not a terrible deal, but is a much higher mark up then I’d like to see.

On the bright side, Heartland provides amazing solutions for the restaurant industry, especially since they recently launched a new wait management system, Freshtxt. It’s chock-full of features including: wait queue, guest alerting via text, analytics, reservation management, SMS marketing, and plenty more. Restaurant owners should be looking into Heartland for sure.

Heartland Payment Systems gets a 4 out of 5 rating from me because they don’t have an effective plan for low-volume merchants. Also, even with their high flat rate, they still include a standard termination fee for all contracts. If they could take care of these issues or at least disclose them on their website, they could easily get into the 4.5 to 5 star range. See the rest of my review for more info.

Products and Services:

Heartland offers a really great list of services. It’s nice to see that they can set businesses up with payroll and billing solutions, giving you less companies to deal with overall – which will hopefully translate to time and money saved. They also have unique offerings for specific industries that I really liked. Offerings include:

  • Merchant accounts
  • Online reporting
  • In-house gateway/virtual terminal: This is nice to see. You won’t have to pay for gateway service to use the virtual terminal.
  • Data security: Their state-of-the-art E3 system is seriously impressive.
  • Wait management system: Freshtxt looks like an excellent system for restaurants.
  • Mobile processing: I’m a sucker for puns and wordplay, so you can imagine my delight in seeing Heartland’s Mobuyle payment system. You’ll need a merchant account through them to use it, and it’s not clear if the card reader comes free or not.
  • Marketing solutions: Including loyalty programs and gift cards.
  • Mobile payments: Heartland has a partnership with LevelUp.
  • Industry-specific programs: They have some pretty cool offerings for restaurants, retail business, educational institutions, hospitality, grocery, parking, and more. Check them out here.

Other Services:

  • Payroll solutions
  • Billing solutions
  • Managed network solutions
  • Micropayments
  • Lending

Fees and Rates:

I love that Heartland offers interchange-plus pricing as their primary model! They even explain to you what it is. A lot of companies these days will list their markup rate without explaining that it is, in fact, a markup. They lead you to believe that you will only be paying 1% to process, when really that’s what you’ll pay them on top of assessment and interchange fee charged by the credit card companies. Heartland is different. While they don’t quote any rates, they tell you basically what to expect when you do get a quote from them. I really liked this – until I got a sales rep on the phone.

There is a major stipulation when it comes to their interchange-plus pricing. If you do less than $50,000 per year, they will charge you a flat rate of $59 per month on top of interchange fees. I guess you could call this an “interchange-plus plan,” but it’s pretty crappy in comparison to a standard markup rate. Let’s not forget that they’ll charge you $0.05 per transaction over interchange while they’re at it.

The Math:

50K / 12 = $4167 per month maximum

59 / 4167 = 0.0141 = 1.41% mark up (plus $0.05)

Considering most interchange-plus markup are between 0.15% and 0.35%, a 1.41% markup is awfully high. And remember, this is the best-case scenario. If you are only doing about $2,000 per month, then this doubles.

But, okay. Let’s say that $20 of the $59 is a justifiable account fee and not part of the actual markup. In this case, the math works out as follows:

39 / 4167 = 0.0093 = 0.93% mark up (plus $0.05)

Again, this is way higher than any sane interchange-plus plan.

To be fair, this is similar to the pricing structure offered by Transparent Merchant Services – a pricing structure which, in their case, I tend to approve of. The difference here is that Heartland caps this flat fee pricing at $50K per year, which takes away the opportunity for savings based on high volume you’ll find at Transparent. Noteworthy, however, is the relatively low transaction fee charged by Heartland compared to that charged by Transparent.

The good news is that you won’t have to pay any annual fees, PCI fees or statement fees on top of the $59 plus interchange. Still – not good at all for small businesses who don’t do over $50K in credit transaction per year. For those doing over $50K per year, however, I think Heartland could be a perfect provider. I really like this company. I just don’t like this fee structure for low-volume businesses.

Contract Length and Early Termination Fee:

With Heartland you can expect, as standard:

  1. An early termination fee of $275
  2. A three-year contract
  3. Auto renewal if you don’t cancel in writing three months before the contract ends

If you negotiate, you can most likely get the early termination fee waived. If not, you should be able to get the contract term reduced to one year. Make sure to ask for this! If you don’t get the termination fee waived, also be sure to get the auto-renewal clause removed.

Sales and Advertising Transparency:

I love that you don’t have to deal with the usual smoke and mirrors when you deal with Heartland. They don’t have any sales gimmicks, they don’t make any wild claims or promises, and they don’t try to pull the wool over your eyes. While I’ll miss Heartland’s “cost of a burger” campaign for cost transparency, I still think they’re doing a good job. Overall, Heartland is almost an ideal processor in terms of sales and advertising transparency. I say almost here for a couple of reasons.

First, they don’t disclose any fees on their site, including their early termination fee. If they want to commit to transparency, I’d love to see some of these numbers standardized and disclosed. Furthermore, they don’t offer true interchange-plus pricing if you do under $50,000 per year in processing. They fail to disclose this not-so-little fact on their site.

It’s not very easy to get a sales rep on the phone. All sales go through local agents, so you have to send a request for information through the website. Then someone from corporate will call you back to schedule a meeting with a local sales rep. On one hand, this is really nice. Getting to sit down with an agent has a straightforward appeal. On the other hand, I’d really like to be able to get some information quickly over the phone rather than inviting an agent into my place of business. The service rep I spoke to said she couldn’t really give me any specific information, since it all depends on my discussion with the sales rep. I understand this logic, and I appreciate that she didn’t make any promises that a sales rep might not be able to keep, but it felt a little evasive to me.

The best I could do was make a phone-based appointment with a sales rep within two business days. In today’s fast-paced industry, I feel like this isn’t quite good enough. Then again Heartland was rated the number three business to sell for in 2013 by Selling Power Magazine, marking its fifth consecutive year on the top 50 – so their sales practices must hold up to some scrutiny. I also like the fact that their sales agents are all employees of the company, not just independent contractors. This is fairly rare in this industry, and it’s a really good practice.

Their sales agents are probably well-trained and well-supported. I would just like a better way to get in touch with these agents. In the end, a sales rep did get in touch with me by phone the same day I put in my request, and she didn’t give me any BS. She knew that the $59 per month fee (see the Fees and Rates section above) would be a deal breaker for me (as a low volume merchant), and she told me upfront. So in that way, I think they’re actually doing a good job.

Customer Service and Technical Support:

Heartland is the real deal in terms of customer service. They offer 24/7/365 support in-house, claiming to answer every call in about 5 second with a real person on the line. I put it to the test, and they did a good job for me! I think it only rang once before a friendly representative picked up. Most processors can’t say that.

If you’d like to tell me your experience with Heartland Payment’s customer and technical support systems, please leave a comment. I love hearing from readers, and it really helps me to provide the most accurate reviews possible.

Negative Reviews and Complaints for Heartland:

I’m very happy to say that Heartland doesn’t have nearly the amount of complaints that I’d expect them to have. I actually gasped a little when I saw they have only 22 complaints in the past three years through the BBB. That is exceptionally low for even a small processor, which contributed to their A+ BBB rating. For a business as big as Heartland, it’s almost unheard of! They must do a great job of arbitrating problems in-house and disclosing all contract terms, which is exactly what I like to see. Of the few complaints out there, the most common include:

  • Terminal setup issues: I did see a few reviews in our comments section and elsewhere complaining of difficulties with setting up terminals through Heartland. On the other hand, I know for a fact that Heartland has local agents across the country, and will probably go out of their way to help you with your terminal in person.
  • Early termination fee: You’ll see this complaint with nearly every processor that has an early termination fee. The problem isn’t so much that the fee exists; the problem is some sales agents “forget” to mention it. I think the vast majority of Heartland reps do, in fact, disclose this fee, which is why they have far fewer complaints about it than most processors. Feel free to see if you can negotiate your way out of it. You might have to pay higher rates if you do, though. Your other option is to choose a processor with a month-to-month agreement.

Positive Reviews and Testimonials:

You’ll find a number of video testimonials on Heartland’s Video Library page, so you know they are legit. You can find even more on their YouTube page. A lot of these come from the restaurant industry.

The web is also chock-full of happy Heartland sales people, all praising the company. I really like to see this! For most big processors, you’ll find as many complaints from sales reps as you will from merchants. I think that a satisfied sales force leads to better business practices overall, so I consider this a big plus.

You can also check out their many endorsements in the restaurant and hospitality industries.

Final Verdict:

I really do like Heartland Payment Systems. I like their website, I like their services, I like the way they do business overall. They offer some fairly unique practices that set them apart as one of the top processors in the country. For businesses that process over $50K annually and can get set up with a markup rate over interchange, Heartland could be your perfect processor. For those in the restaurant industry, Heartland really has your back with great tailor-made services. For those who process cards sporadically or in low volumes, however,  you’ll want to look elsewhere for your payment processing needs.

So for now, I can offer Heartland 4 out of 5 stars. If they could give a reasonable processing solution for those who take in a smaller volume of card transactions, they’d be solidly 4.5 stars in my mind. If they could offer a standard month-to-month option (not by-request), then I’d probably consider giving them a better score. Even some upfront disclosure on their site would go a long way for me. I hope to update this with good news soon.

For those interested in better solutions for low-volume processing, definitely check out our highest-rated processors.

Tom DeSimone

Tom DeSimone

Tom loves asking tough questions and getting straight answers, so he has a lot of fun calling payment processors for Merchant Maverick to cut through their smoke and mirrors and find the real deals. He has run a full-time editorial business from his home in New York’s Hudson Valley since 2010 and could not imagine a better job. When not busy writing and keeping credit processors honest, Tom enjoys backpacking in the mountains.
Tom DeSimone
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    Been in the retail business for over 30 years now and owned multiple stores. I’ve had just about every merchant service under the sun and I currently run two full time credit card terminals. I’ve had Heartland now for over 6 years and they are hands down better than the competition. It’s not even close. The people reporting problems with them are doing something wrong, plain and simple.

    I see people reporting issues with hardware. Well buy better hardware. If you are still using a terminal that uses dial-up and not broadband you’re doing it wrong. Buy a terminal built in this decade and it will prevent headaches. I’m always amused when I go into a business and their terminal is the size of a football, uses a dial-up modem to communicate, and is printing with ink and not thermal paper.

    We do over $300k a year in credit cards and every bit of it is processed through Heartland. Wouldn’t even think of using another company. To have Heartland rated the same on this site as Mercury is astonishing. Mercury is pathetic. They aren’t even a true merchant service. They are a reseller!

    RatingNot Rated
    William Condiff

    My company was with Heartland for 12 years and decided to change processors.
    Heartland charged me a $400 termination fee.
    You would think they would just wish me the best and thank me for 12 years of business!
    Class just went out the window.

    Linda Coburn

    We switched to Heartland from Elavon about a year and a half ago and we have been very happy with their service. We did not have to sign a term contract, we got a free desktop card swiper/printer and a Mobuyle card swipe unit. Their customer service is top notch and the pricing is as easy to understand as is possible with the ridiculous multiplicity of rates charged for this rewards card or that corporate card. It hasn’t been all wine and roses, though. Getting all the attachments for the contract was weirdly problematic. It’s a real pain in the butt to find out why a card has been declined and last week a batch from six months ago was magically re-run because of a glitch in the hardware. But they took care of it immediately, refunding all the cards that were charged within a day or two and all the transaction fees as well. I’m opening a second business and we will use Heartland for that as well. They also have a gift card program that we’re going to try.


    I have used Heartland in the past i used it in my business in 7750 okachobee blv W.P.B.
    then the service and rates where ok
    In January i did sign a contract with Heartland (PAT) i was told that there would be no charging fees for terminating the service , also i was promised new credit card machine
    i newer recieved the credit card machine , and right afthet a month or two the RATES START CHANGING, when i called the representative of Haeartland PAT and i asked her how comme my friend who its 3 miles away from me has different rates (in the begining we had same rates) she told me that my friends customers use different credit card ???
    whell i was disapointed and not happy because Heartland was changing the rates and i stoped having theyre service, now they are sending me statements for early termination service, which in my knowledge i did not know that i have signed anything regarding that, oraly i was told that i can terminate the service with heartland anytime without terminating fee, so BE CAREFULL FROM HEARTLAND

    Charlie Odorizzi

    I have been with Heartland for well over 10 years. They have responded in record time to any problems I ever had. The local reps/repair techs are always there quickly. I love Heartland, and would strongly recommend them to any retailer. I get calls every day from people promising lower rates. I am willing to pay a bit more for superior service.

    W Denson

    I recently concluded one year with Heartland. I was attracted to HPS because of initial conversations with Debbie, the HPS Relationship Manager, who was very open and honest and put me at ease. I didn’t really like the fact that I had to pay $300 for a proprietary terminal or pay a $25 monthly fee in addition to other fees. For months after I signed up, I had to keep calling/emailing to try and get monthly statements mailed to me. I was aware that my effective rate was very high compared to what other processors offered, but figured that after an exceptional year with HPS, that they would offer me a much better rate based upon my sales volume. Since I was not contacted, I sent an email to my rep requesting a rate review which took a long time to receive a response and then I received conflicting information about the amount of savings I could expect. I decided to go with another processor at that point. HPS ended up replacing the $295 early termination fee in my account after I pointed out that my agreement with them contained a provision that there was no length of term contract and no termination fees. Based upon my experience, I believe that Heartland Pay Systems has some really good folks that care, but there is some kind of “disconnect” between the agents and the administration which, in my case, led to quite a bit of frustration. Basically, I felt that since I was paying over and above what most processors were charging, that I would be treated very well and would not have to worry about frustrating experiences…sadly, that was not the case.

    RatingNot Rated
    Armando Tejeda

    I am a Relationship Manager with Heartland in the New York City/Long Island area and this is a very honest and fair review. The company culture is one of honest concern for our merchants.

    Heartland is currently working on a better solution for clients who process less than $50,000 a year, barring any major issues it should roll out in 2014. We have a tech division dedicated to creating solutions for our clients from the ground up and by partnering with existing providers.

    It is a pleasure to work for a company that genuinely cares about those whom they serve.

    RatingNot Rated
    Tom DeSimone

    Thank you for your response, Armando. I’ll be looking forward to seeing what Heartland has in store for low-volume merchants in the coming year! In the meantime I’m still glad to be able to recommend Heartland to businesses with a larger annual volume, and especially restaurants. Thanks again for the update.

    RatingNot Rated
    Ana Molinari

    Don’t EVER use this company! They are frauds!
    [edited: name removed] sold me the system telling me how bad my previous company was. What a liar. He told me I wouldn’t pay a fee for the machine, I would not pay monthly payment, I would pay Credit, Debit, the same price and nothing was true. They charged me whatever they wanted for monthly payments; for credit and debit they charged me for everything. I’ve been in business for 40 years and I’ve never been lied to so blatantly. I called the company at least 24 times and they refused to call me back or do anything about my payments. Ridiulous service. It costed me more than my previous company. Terrible service.

    Phil Boissel

    I have been a sales rep for Heartland for 8 years. When a merchant calls they get a live person answer. That person stays with merchant until problem is solved.If merchant is still unhappy we have a special customer advocate group that customer can ask for.
    Merchants do not have to sign a 3 year contract. All you have to do is ask. The contract guarantees the markup rate for three years. It is actually in the customers best interest.
    As far as the above complaint, the merchant statement shows the V/MC FOR EACH sale. I suggest you look at a few statements to see the transparency level.
    Feel free to call me @ 256-749-0799.

    RatingNot Rated
    R Beyer

    I like Heartland now, but getting set up was an enormous hassle. They programmed my machine incorrectly the first time and the auto settlement did not work. It was only after I learned about overdraft charges on my account that I was aware of this.

    Heartland also uses a check payment processor called Cross Check and I would avoid them like the plague. They could not get my system set up at all (something to do with Comcast phone lines, yet I had a check reader system prior to trying Cross Check that worked just fine). I had to return their useless check reader and they charged me return shipping! I complained and they refused to refund me. Not good.

    RatingNot Rated

    I have been extremely unhappy with Heartland Customer Support. The Credit Card machine stopped working and it took them 5 days to send someone to fix it… I Lost so much customers and will find a better company soon…

    RatingNot Rated
    Howard Nathan

    Hamed, your note, being very brief, also seems strange- heartland can and will send out repair- replacement terminals, ,and merchants can get a terminal next day, overnight when necessary. Was this your terminal? Having just brought a terminal within an hour to a restaurant in Cooperstown NY on the 4th of July….
    Heartland has the technology and ability to build files and update terminals anytime day or night, and rarely leaves a merchant down, or unable to process cards for very long… I find your comment seems unlikely, if not untrue. What is the real story?

    RatingNot Rated
    K. Cleary

    Hamed, I work for Heartland Payment Systems and I’m very rarely without a loaner terminal for down terminals. Moreover, Heartland could have put you on Heartland Connect which turns your computer into a virtual terminal as a band-aid until a repair/replacement could get to you.

    RatingNot Rated
    vu quang

    For some reason I think that you and Howard Nathan works for Heartland. Yes Heartland, can turn you computer to a virtual terminal, but for a cost. I think there is a $100 fee for doing that. Heartland is great about making promises but can hardly live up to them.

    We have been trying to get set up with Heartland for about two months now, and have gone through three reps (that are not longer withe the company). They make up their prices as they go and have yet to follow through and any commitments made.

    We have gone as far as ordering cards and then all of as sudden “your existing terminals can be used, you need to buy new ones”.



    Call me. If you are really a Heartland customer, which I doubt. A backup virtual terminal has no cost attaced.

    I have been here 8 years and will not be leaving. If you are a merchant I will expect a call. I think you are a 3rd tier processor. If not call me. 256-749-0799

    RatingNot Rated
    Charlie Odorizzi

    I have both used a loaner card swiper, and used the Mobuyle system on the computer. My previous processor required me to MAIL in my swiper if something went wrong! Maybe the Omaha branch of Heartland is the best one in the company. I do not know. What I do know is the local service is phenomenal!

    RatingNot Rated
    Leesa Towles

    I have been a customer for over 7 yrs and will not be much longer! I have had some minor issues with HP and after asking for a rep to come out I have been told they do not have a rep to do that they will assist you over the phone, but not face to face. I am shocked in today’s world that any company dealing with a business’s money would not want to keep a business association with a customer. Pinching pennies is one thing but to take it to the limit of saying its not cost effective to drive 70 miles to sit down face to face with me to discuss some issues.That is ridiculous! I must say that Kerry Sutherland was helpful to try to get someone to come out, but that person evidently refused to come out. But if I was a new customer, they would be beating my door down. Well, I will be finishing my contract and moving on.

    RatingNot Rated
    Howard Nathan

    Leesa, I find it hard to believe that no one is willing to come see you, where are you located, and what type of problem or issue are you having, please let me know, Thank you!

    RatingNot Rated

    Unfortunately I’ve had nothing but problems with Heartland. Ever since I’ve started not only have they charged me the wrong location tax, they have messed up my 401k payments and shorted money in my paychecks on more than one occasion. Their customer service department tosses us around from one person to the next and our rep never solves problems. I just want to get a correct paycheck for the hard work I’m putting in I at least deserve that. If you’re considering Heartland, run …and fast.

    RatingNot Rated

    We switched to HPS several years ago after getting ripped off by the local bank on our merchant services for years. We had three locations, three terminals and three bills that always looked completely different and discount rates that were completely different. At one location we seemed to always be charged mid or non-qualified rates on the transactions. It was frustrating and no explanation was given.

    Our HPS rep was very upfront explaining the rates charged. I still personally believe that the amount charged is excessive, and Congress should have limited the amount any transaction can be charged, but that is another issue. We have been satisfied with our HPS service, but recently have had problems with the terminals not being compatible with our T1 phone service. If any of you have issues with dropped connections, be aware that different terminals are apparently made for businesses using phone service from cable or internet rather than traditional land lines. We will ultimately have to purchase new terminals to prevent occasional problems. Service is generally been very good, although we have had few problems other than the one mentioned.


    Jessica Steves

    I love love love what you are up to. I’ve been working as a Territory Manager at Heartland for 5 years now. I’ve never liked working for a company more than Heartland. I’ll be working here until I’m dead!

    RatingNot Rated
    Barry Morofsky

    Hi Jessica,
    I love your passion. I also worked as a Account Executive for many years in B2B sales and loved the job. Unfortunately, they went out of business due to the current lending enviornment, as it was a mortgage company. Anyway, I have set up an initial phone interview with a manger for a relationship manager position. Any tips you can give me?? Also, is it mostly cold calling to begin with, or do they help you with marketing, and other tools?? I spoke to another card processing company a long while back, and all they talked about was my commission and how much I could make. I am more interested in working for a real company as an employee, that can feel good about himself everyday when I look in the mirror. I just assume the money will be there, as I am a professional.

    RatingNot Rated
    Jessica steves

    It sounds like you’re on the right track. My only suggestion is to be your true authentic self. If you don’t mind me asking, what area do you live in and who is your prescreen interview with?

    RatingNot Rated
    John Williams


    Heartland is absolutely the company to work for if you to want work for an organization that lines up with your own personal values.

    Good luck on your interview and hopefully your new career with us at Heartland.


    RatingNot Rated
    Mike Reid

    Well written, unvarnished, an objective review of our company. Yeah….we’re something pretty special, lol. I’ve been with HPS for about (3.5) years now having been in the industry and with the “competition” for 13.5 years. So, I’ve been around a bit, and I’ve seen a bit – both inside and outside of this company. There is no perfect company in the industry. Every company will have this or that problem…giving merchants something to complain about, but I will say this….we’re about the closest to “perfection” this industry has to offer. Why? Because we try harder, and we actually CARE about our reputation in putting top flight services on the street. Same in the payroll industry since concepts like “provide a fair-deal”, “fully disclosed payment solutions” and “advocacy for business owners” are just as non existent there.

    RatingNot Rated
    Debbie Johnson

    I too am a Heartland Relationship Manager. I think another important note to all of the business owners out there is we, the representatives for Heartland, are all employees of the company. This in comparison to a majority of the ISO’s who represent other merchant service providers and are contractors.

    Why is this important to you and your business? Because before a prospective employee is offered employment with Heartland, we were subject to a thorough background check. This is not the case with the ISO “contractors” for other processors. In a world of identity theft and account fraud, I know that if I am a business owner giving out all of my banking, social security/Fed ID numbers, and other confidential information… I sure would feel better knowing that someone has verified the representative I am working with has had someone check them out.

    Also, we have representatives located in every major city and many small cities and towns of the country, offering personalized services and products based on your businesses needs. Besides credit card processing, we also offer the best Gift/Loyalty marketing program through our Chockstone division (we handle Subway, Dominoes, Fandango, Ticketmaster and thousands of other businesses)… we bring the big company technology and programs to the locally owned businesses AND provide local marketing support by advocating our merchants throughout the community.

    Customer Service is here in the United States and regionalized by teams, meaning that when you call our customer service (available 24/7), your call is answered within 7 seconds and you get to talk to a live person!! Even more important, you will not be transferred around having to explain your situation over and over again.

    I am in Central Texas and my drive and passion is to help as many business owners as I can possibly reach out to – the credit card processing business is currently an unregulated industry. You simply HAVE to know who you are working with, exactly how much you are paying, what you are paying for, and why you are paying it. Go to MerchantBillofRights.com and find out if you are being treated fairly by your current processor.


    I am a Heartland Rep. Heartland does not charge any PCI compliance fees. Where are you located Marty? I will be happy to direct you to a Heartland Representative in your area.

    RatingNot Rated

    Does any one know if Heartland is or will be charging PCI fees?

    RatingNot Rated

    Heartland does not currently charge PCI fees. I don’t think they will be in the future.

    RatingNot Rated
    Steve Thomas

    No direct PCI Compliance fees to the merchant from Heartland at this time. Have not heard if there will be any in the future.

    RatingNot Rated

    Heartland does not charge a PCI fee.

    RatingNot Rated
    Michael Monroe

    Quick update and also a correction to my earlier message as in all the frustration of being told by the Heartland service it was my mistake a batch went missing when I connected, like I’ve always done. It was them guiding me through the process and even after being told the problem was on their end, I overlooked mentioning an email I received about four weeks ago from a Heartland rep named Stephen Thomas that read about my situation here and offered to do what he could to help. I can only hope he is successful in getting to the bottom of this since it seems I am being ignored by everyone else at Heartland except for his contact back twards the end of July. I would have thought that someone from Heartland would have at least contacted me directly by now. but nothing as of today. I’m going to look up the phone number to call at their corporate office and hope that someone there won’t give me the brush off and actually help me rather then now blame me for a mistake on their end.

    RatingNot Rated

    HI Michael,

    I am an employee as well of Heartland Payment Systems. Your scenario is very strange. Were you able to finally get some assistance? If not, maybe I can try and help you get to the right person?

    RatingNot Rated
    Tech Support

    Just FYI that when in BAM (batch authorization mode) you are not connected to any line, which means you are not connected to your credit card processor, which means you are not connected to any issuing banks. All you are doing is taking down data via your terminal. It’s when your terminal is finally connected to a line that your machine will start to dial out to get approvals, which by then the card holders are long gone. This is the risk of BAM, but one that some merchant risk depending on their business. I doubt that the missing funds were due to Heartland and that they offered to pay half. What most likely happened is you had lots of declines, but again the card holders are long gone so that’s the risk you take.

    Hope this helps clear up why you were missing money on BAM. This would be the case with Heartland or any Credit Card Processor.

    RatingNot Rated
    EJ-Heartlander for Life

    Great review. I’m a Relationship Manager with Heartland Payment Systems and i love what i do. Nothing like working for a Full Disclosure company!!! I mean seriously, what other company’s going to sit down with the business owner & tell them what we’re making???? Good luck finding that in this Murky industry. I love educating the business owners as well on what their current “rate” really is and the difference in Tiered vs Interchange Plus. I also get a kick out of the big smile on their face when i enter their place of business. I’m called a Relationship Manager for a reason and am always there whether it be in person, via Cell, Txt, E-Mail etc. 1 other fantastic plus is that i have a way to alleviate the business owners headaches when it comes to sales reps coming in and wasting the business owners valuable time vying for their business. I have in my hand the “truth Serum”.

    A great percentage of sales personnel in the C. Card Industry are uneducated at what they do and go through no background check prior to hire. They simply want a quick sale and to move on…..meaning, you won’t see them again because they made their commission and have no interest in you or your business. I’m a real employee, not some 1099 Independant Sales Consultant. I have a vested interest in you & your business because i want you to succeed.

    We’re such a transparent company that some business owners ask “What’s the catch?” or say “It’s too good to be true!” It’s not!!!! We are who we say we are and you get exactly what i/we say you will. I make it a point to contact all new customers to my book of business not only once a month (minimum) but most importantly as soon as they receive their 1st Statement with us. This is when i prove it! Isn’t it awesome knowing there are good people and good companies still out there? Sadly, they’re few and far between in this industry. Feel free to contact me anytime and i greatly appreciated this article and all your comments. We think highly of each and every business owner out there. Best of luck everyone and kind regards, ejanitz@hotmail.com

    RatingNot Rated
    michael monroe

    Hi John
    I tried to e-mail you back about he Heartland problem I am having but it won’t go through. In answer to you question I was in BAM mode when I was on the road. And I will get the make of my machine. It has been over a month since the money was lost and I still have not had any contact from Heartland. My sales person has washed his hands of it all.
    Thank you for your time.
    Michael Monroe


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    Sergio Torres

    I have an issue right now where HPS has withdrawn money from my account without letting me know; so they claim is AMEX’s fault but I don’t deal with AMEX I am dealing with HPS so come on please! they have to be more responsible about it! And provide more accurate information as to why they did that!!!

    RatingNot Rated

    I work for Heartland Payment Systems in sales. Reviews like this are what keep me going out the door each day with renewed energy. It feels good to know that I work for one of the “Good Guys”!!


    John – How long does it typically take to get merchant accounts set up with HPS? We have two small companies and two websites with some, but minimal, in house retail sales. We mostly sell/provide services.

    RatingNot Rated
    Michael Monroe

    Dear John,
    I have been with Heartland for many years. 10 days ago I did a fair amount of sales at an art show. I batched all my sales out, Then tried to settle it, Something I have done hundreds of times, but for some reason it didn’t work. I contacted Heartland for help. After 10-15 minutes of help Heartland tells me all of the sales were lost somewhere in there system. They admitt it was on there end and now want to pay half of the money I am due. Can you point me to anyone for help.
    Thank you,
    Michael Monroe

    RatingNot Rated


    Were you in Batch Authorization Processing mode at your show? or were you wireless, phone line? What type of terminal?

    RatingNot Rated
    Barbara Segal


    I am a small business and in the processing of changing credit card companies. I have been approached from Heartland and another company called Moneris. I now have Landmark Solutions. Between the 3 of them not sure who to believe. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks, Barbara. lillianfarms@msn.com

    RatingNot Rated

    Hi John- do you still work for Heartland in sales? I am interviewing with them next week in the San Francisco Bay Area- do you have any tips?
    Thanks in advance-

    RatingNot Rated
    Brad Davis

    Heartland also has numerous endorsements (100’s+) from large and regional associations like the National Restaurant Association.

    A top notch company to be sure.

    michael monroe

    Dear Brad,
    I only wish I were one of the large regional associations., I might actually get a return phone call from Heartland about lost money in there system, I think 35 days of missing money and dozens of unanswered phone calls is not what I expected from them. I only hope I am wrong and they really help me with the missing money or at least call me back even though I am not a big company.
    Michael Monroe

    RatingNot Rated

    HI Michael,

    Call into their princeton office, I am sure you will find someone to assist you. They are very dedicated to serving their merchants. I speak from experience as I am one!

    RatingNot Rated
    juli bloxham

    Michael, you probably have a wrong number your calling into. the help desk answers calls with in 5-8 seconds, it doesn’t just ring & ring. Once your on with a help desk person, they address your problem and begin to resolve it. That number is 888-963-3600.

    RatingNot Rated
    Kasie H.

    This is great, and I’m spreading the word!!!

    RatingNot Rated
    C. Fabrizzio

    Our company found better a processing system, with much better benefits for us as a small business, and our new Merchant Services processor has funding in 2 hours after batch closing. Heartland has been 2-3 days for funding. In this economy, we needed better cash flow management, and I found it.

    RatingNot Rated

    Heartland Provides next day funding! It is hard to believe that there is funding within 2 hours after batch closing due to the fed. closes at 5 pm. If this is the case even after the fed is closed im sure you are paying for it in some way, shape, or form

    K. Cleary

    Heartland has since improved it’s funding time and with a brand new bank relationship with Wells Fargo, this will improve further.

    RatingNot Rated

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