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WorldPay (formerly known as RBS WorldPay) is a worldwide payment processor and acquirer with locations all across the globe. They have been in business since 1989, but back then their name was Streamline. They helped pioneer internet-based payments way back in 1994, being one of the first on the market for this service. In 2001 they launched their U.S. headquarters, which is based in Atlanta, Georgia. Today, the company is owned by Advent International and Bain Capital. While WorldPay processes all over the world (as their name suggests), I’m going to be focusing on their US-based services for this review.

Much like Elavon, First Data and Chase Paymentech, WorldPay is a very large processor. I don’t have exact numbers, but I’m sure they have hundreds of thousands of merchants under their wing. Generally when you see those types of numbers you expect to see a ton of complaints, but WorldPay surprised me. Compared to their size, the WorldPay complaint count is actually under the norm. That’s good news for us all.

The one thing that I did notice about WorldPay was that many of their merchants were unhappy about the early termination fee. In the past WorldPay would charge a flat $495 if you were to break your contract before the three-year term was up, but they lowered that amount significantly in 2012. Regardless, the best way to avoid a cancellation fee is to ask your WorldPay rep to waive it for you.

Based on my research, I would have no problems recommending you to go with WorldPay. For now, WorldPay gets a commendable four stars from me. They’ve got some progress to make in their sales and advertising transparency before they can work up to perfect score, though. I’d love to see them providing more educational resources, and maybe even some info on interchange-plus plans.

Check out the full review for more information, and be sure to comment with your thoughts!

Products and Services:

WorldPay has pretty standard offerings in terms of products and services. I like their bookkeeping and POS software integration. (We also review POS and bookkeeping services, so make sure you check out our reviews before making any decisions). Overall, I have no major complaints here. Their products and services include:

  • Terminal leases/sales: WorldPay can offer you a free terminal, but make sure you understand all stipulations surrounding this deal, some of which I cover later in this review. Also check out our article on buying and leasing terminals.
  • Payment gateway/virtual terminal: Gateways come through Authorize.Net.
  • Mobile payments: Most processors offer options for phone/tablet-based processing, as well as wireless terminals. WorldPay Mobile will supply you with an app and one free card readers (additional free readers offered depending on your processing volume). I haven’t had a chance to checkout the app or card reader yet, but it seems functional.
  • Integrated cash register/POS options: To check out your POS integration options with WorldPay, see their list of registered partners here.
  • QuickBooks integration: I always like to see options for integrated accounting software. It can be a huge added convenience for your bookkeeping.
  • Gift/loyalty card programs: Pretty standard services here, although they do offer 100 free cards to start out with. See “Sales and Advertising Transparency” below for more information on this offer.

Other Services:

  • ATM services
  • Cash advances
  • Terminal supplies
  • Check processing

Fees and Rates:

Unfortunately, WorldPay does not disclose any information about rates or fees on their website. They also fail to provide educational content to inform you how rates are decided or what types of fees you might expect with WorldPay or other processors, with the exception of a few FAQ entries that indirectly deal with these topics.

They do offer interchange-plus plans, but don’t advertise this fact. You can also expect to pay the following scheduled fees:

  • PCI compliance fee
  • Statement/administrative fee

…as well as chargeback fees when one occurs.

Overall, you can get sensible pricing options with WorldPay. There are no junk fees and no application fees. If you get an agent pushing an application fee on you from WorldPay or anywhere else, tell them to hit the road.

Contract Length and Early Termination Fee:

At WorldPay, you’ll get the standard contract term of three years, auto-renewing for one-year periods. Their early cancellation fee structure is actually a little better than the industry standard. The following fee disclosure is taken directly from a WorldPay contract:

(a) $295.00 per location if such Early Termination occurs on or prior to the first anniversary of this Agreement,

(b) $195.00 per location if such Early Termination occurs after the first anniversary of this Agreement and before the second anniversary of this Agreement, or

(c) $95.00 per location if such Early Termination occurs on or after the second anniversary of this Agreement and before the third anniversary of this Agreement.

Note: The above mentioned cancellation policy is relatively new. In the past WorldPay would charge a flat $495 early termination fee (ETF). Regardless, there’s a simple solution to all this ETF business. Just ask them to waive the early termination fee when you sign up with them. Make sure that it’s on paper, and that you have a copy of it. That way you won’t have to pay anything to get out of your contract.

Okay, one caveat here. You can get a sign up bonus with WorldPay of $250-750 depending on your first month’s processing volume. If you’d liek to get this cash in pocket, you’ll have to take on the ETF in your contract. But it might be worth the trade off for you.

Sales and Advertising Transparency:

I don’t like sales gimmicks and I don’t like fine print. These two misleading tactics almost always appear together, where they significantly reduce sales transparency. Beware of the asterisk (*), and be especially skeptical when you see an asterisk but can’t seem to find the fine print footnote.

Free Terminal:

Lets start with their free terminal sales gimmick. They claim that if you sign up with them, you’ll get a free terminal or mobile card reader. While some providers actually provide good “free terminal” deals, I don’t like the stipulations involved to claim your (not so) free terminal from World Pay.

First of all, mobile card readers are dirt-cheap anyway. Square literally gives them away, no questions asked. So don’t let WorldPay make you think they’re doing you some big favor by sending you a mobile reader. Not to mention they’ll charge you for shipping. It’s not expensive, but it’s something.

You’ll also have to sign up for their standard three-year contract (and termination fee) if you want to qualify for a free mobile reader or terminal.

Speaking of the terminal, these stipulations also apply:

Limit of one free terminal per physical location, not to exceed five free terminals in total.

A $499 per terminal fee shall apply in the event (a) customer fails to activate a terminal within 60 days of signing the Customer Processing Agreement by processing at least $20 of transactions during such period for the location receiving the terminal or (b) if customer terminates within one year.

This might not make a difference to you, but it’s something to be aware of. I’d recommend you skip the free terminal deal and buy one outright. If you can’t afford it, then consider taking the sign up bonus offer and putting that toward a credit card machine.

Free Gift Cards:

They’ll also claim to give you 100 free standard gift cards (not customized). Well, you’ll have to pay for them actually, but then WorldPay will reimburse you next month as a statement credit. I guess that’s “free” technically.

The cost of the first 100 standard gift cards plus shipping will be reimbursed to the customer as a statement credit. The credit is based on merchant location and will appear on your statement the month following our receipt of payment for the cards

We should also note that WorldPay will charge you a monthly fee for issued gift cards that become dormant for 12 months or more. Depending on your local laws, you may or may not be allowed to charge this fee to the customer. Many businesses are left paying it out of pocket.

Dormancy fees applied monthly for cards that have been inactive for at least 12 months, whether or not service fees are charged against the card balance (except where prohibited by law). WorldPay reserves the right to amend the fees charged for Gift program services upon 30 days written notice to Customer.

Other Transparency Issues:

Beyond these gimmicks, WorldPay doesn’t offer much in terms of transparency in their advertising. You’ll find very little educational material on their website, and absolutely no disclosure of rates or fees. I understand that some of these costs don’t have a standardized value, but they could at least disclose the existence of some annual, monthly, or incidental fees, along with a description of rate pricing structures like tiers (bad) or interchange-plus (good).

On a positive note, I do like that you can find WorldPay on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Public communication is good for transparency!

Customer Service and Technical Support:

WorldPay offers 24/7 customer support. We personally contacted their support team at midnight PST to see if I could reach a real, live human being. Thankfully, we did. They also offer live chat during business hours.

Based on the comments of our readers, many merchants seem to get sub-par customer service from WorldPay, including unresponsive account representatives and unhelpful customer support staff. Many of these complaints are from WorldPay users in the UK, though, so bear that in mind. Only the US-based complaints are relevant to you.

If you’ve had experience with WorldPay’s customer service, please let us know.

Negative Reviews and Complaints:

For a company as large as WorldPay, I was surprised to see that they don’t have many complaints. Don’t get me wrong, they do have complaints, but compared to their size, the number is pretty low. At the BBB, WorldPay has 256 complaints listed (although an A+ rating) in the past three years, with 108 closed in the past 12 months. This means they had almost as many complaints in the past year as they did in the previous two years combined. Not good. Also about one third of their complaints were not resolved to the satisfaction of the customer. Remember to take this with a grain of salt, since tactics differ from sales rep to sales rep.

About 50 complaints come up through Ripoff Reports, none of which the company has responded to. That’s another bad sign in my book.

Here are some common problems that you may want to look out for:

  • Withholding of funds/termination of accounts: This can happen for a number of reasons. Chargebacks and/or suspicious charges can easily raise a red flag that will either get you suspended or shut down. You’re going to want to learn how to avoid holds and minimize chargebacks if you plan on signing up with WorldPay.
  • High cancellation fee: There are a decent amount of complaints regarding WorldPay’s early termination fee. In the past, they would charge $495 if you wanted to break your contract. That number has been lowered recently ($295 within first year, $195 within second year, $95 before completion of third year). If you don’t need any free equipment or a sign up bonus, you can certainly get this fee waived.
  • Non-disclosure of contract terms: This is related to the early termination fee in most cases, or to the auto-renewal clause that triggers the early termination fee even after the initial three-year term is up. In many complaints and company rebuttals I’ve read, this comes back to independent agents who sell WorldPay processing. It’s an incredibly common practice in sales, and can lead to a poorly regulated and poorly trained salesforce.

Positive Reviews and Testimonials:

You’ll find a few video testimonials on the WorldPay YouTube channel, some of which feature merchants who seem like genuinely satisfied customers. Others seem awkwardly scripted. I’m not saying that these are falsified in any way, just a little too tightly controlled for my preference. I’d rather hear from the merchant in his or her own words. Still, it’s nice to see a small collection of video-based reviews.

If you’d like a little more endorsement than that, try to ask your sales rep for references, specifically for businesses that operate in your same industry. They should give you information for merchants who they have personally signed up.

Final Verdict:

Overall, WorldPay definitely has the resources and the knowhow to set you up with good payment processing. I like their products and services, and I liked dealing with them on the phone. Every sales rep is different, though, and when you start dealing with Joe Schmoe the independent reseller, all bets are off. If you need help getting connected with a good agent in this company, let us know. Otherwise, just be careful and remember that you have negotiating power, no matter how small your business it. There are plenty of great options out there, so if WorldPay can’t meet your needs then someone else can. (Is this starting to sound like dating advice?…)

To improve their score, WorldPay needs to increase their advertising transparency at the corporate level. I’d like to see fewer sales gimmicks and more educational information. Information about rates and fees – including interchange-plus plans – would be greatly appreciated. Until then, I can still offer WorldPay a respectable four out of five stars. Check them out!

Melissa Johnson

Melissa Johnson

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    DON’T SIGN WITH WORLDPAY! Our experience with this most devious company has been a nightmare. They lied about their fees, The “free Terminal” as well getting right back to us with a copy of our contract. When we finally did get our copy, after harassing our sales person repeatedly, it was eight months later. The original contract I remember signing had three pages with my signature and initials. The copy we got eight months later had four pages, the last of which stated that we had to have $5000.00 in sales during the first full month of service, had no signature and had never been seen by anyone at our gallery. Needless to say they took $499.00 out of our account about six weeks after we signed up.
    To add additional insult, we had a larger than usual sale a couple of weeks ago and they are holding the money for six months even though the customer contacted his credit card company to verify the sale, and a copy of the invoice was faxed to Worldpay. This same customer is an art collector and has made large purchases in the past. Also the customer has the art in his possession and the artists have no income. But none of this matters to this vile company. I read all of the comments above and see that many of the complaints are similar to ours. If you are a small company do not sign up with Worldpay!

    RatingNot Rated
    Worldpay US, Inc.

    Hi Denise. We recently saw your post and would like to address your concerns. We would be happy to take a look into all of your issues, specifically your addendum for the terminal. If it is not signed then we would owe you a refund. Please provide us with your merchant ID and contact information by emailing and we will reach out to you to discuss further. If you are also able to scan and email the contract copy that you have please feel free to go ahead and do that as well. If not we can provide you with a fax number when we reach out to you.

    RatingNot Rated
    Worlpay US, Inc.

    Hi David. We are currently assisting with this complaint based off what was written on another blog. Someone will be reaching out to you shortly if they have not already done so with the findings of our investigation. Thank you for your patience

    RatingNot Rated
    David Chzaszcz

    My small business (1 person coffee cafe) signed a Merchant Services Processing contract with WorldPay (division of Citizens Bank) in June of 2014. The Sales person showed and documented in the sales material that I would only be occurring fees of ($22.49) along with my small percentage on each Credit or Debit transaction. A the next month I was hit with multiple undisclosed transaction fees of over $80.00, making my monthly fixed fees over $100 per month, with my actual variable individual Merchant Processing transaction fees being about $70, (total monthly fees now at $180.00 per month average) In December of 2014, I was hit with an undisclosed $129.00 annual fee, and now in January 2015, another additional $4.95 a month. Fixed fees are now 66% of total cost, but the sales agent for WorldPay, documented them as approximately less than 20%. Additionally, WorldPay never returned a copy of the contract despite a number of requests. In February a contract was finally returned to me showing only my signature, no signatures from WorldPay, including the sales agent, and all initialed pages were not my initials, forged and not the correct initials.

    Another fact the Sales Agent did not disclose is that there is a fixed $0.22 fee for each swipe in addition to the variable percentage.

    Despite several documented conversations with WorldPay Customer Service, only $50.00 was refunded a few weeks ago, but no World Pay Senior Management resolution calls from WorldPay were ever received despite consistent promises that management would call to help resolve.

    Another point, WorldPay uses my merchant account to pay each 3rd party vendor they employ on the routine processing and each subpartner (31 in my case), so they get the $0.22 for each one each month, plus the percent of the transaction. REAL DOUBLE DIPPING HERE!!!!!!

    Last, WorldPay will not return information on how to terminate the contract early, despite the contract warning if not terminated early properly, additional fees will be levied against my small one person business.

    From doing some competitive analysis, I am finding WorldPay is overcharging my small one person cafe over $1000.00 annually, and they are not providing documentation to help me cut my losses properly.


    Worldpay US, Inc.

    Hi David. We are currently assisting with this complaint based off what was written on another blog. Someone will be reaching out to you shortly if they have not already done so with the findings of our investigation. Thank you for your patience

    RatingNot Rated


    I got a call in January about my enquiry, Im talking to a guy and I said I will get back to him he said they is no harm in getting it started if you give me your details then once you are ready to send your ID in and sign the direct debit mandate form, okay so I give him my details phone calls ends. I get the emails. We can’t procced without you signing the direct debit mandate form, we can’t procced without you sending your ID okay just as he said. I decided I’m don’t want to use them so ignore there emails. About 20emails late the emails stop, then I get a card machine through the door, okay then so I turn it on give it a little test the amount being £0.10 the I turn of and don’t use again, a month later £150 has being taken out my account so I contact the bank first as it says debit transaction (which is using a card) never use my card for that much for a company called s/line then I find out this is Worldpay. So I tell me bank to do a charge back as they have taken the money without my conccent. The bank informs me I have to contact them and they can’t do anything. Wait a minute someone has taken my money from my account without me giving them conccent to do so and your telling me they is nothing you can do why? Because the way s/line take the money. its a debit transaction but no debit card was used to make the transaction so a refund can not be issued (by my bank) WTF so it’s not a debit transaction then it’s a direct debit transaction. They have used my sort code and account number to take the money so refund it that way. They carry on to say the same thing. Unreal (natwest once this is sorted im changing my buissness account and no longer want to use you) I also find out natwest works with Worldpay NO WONDER THEY CAN REFUND MY MONEY
    Long story short. I’ve not signed anything. Not agreed to anything yet they have taken money from me (this is illegal!?) and I call them up and they tell me someone will get back to you in 9 days it’s my money. You can’t take it without me agreeing and signing and I havent. Just because you sent me the card machine that your fault!!

    Jason Livings

    Stay away from this company, its start of well but end in tears.

    Here is my email to them!

    I’m sending this email to complain about your service.

    There are three companies involved Streamline, Cardsave and Worldpay.

    I have been a customer for a few years with Streamline. July last year I noticed money coming out of my business account from Streamline. I knew this wasn’t right as the account hadn’t been used prior as we had addition to the family. I contacted Streamline and was told the company is now Worldpay. I was told these charges were a monthly subscription charge. I was never informed of this and I asked if I could cancel my membership / contract as of immediate effect. Worldpay said I could but it would cost me £180 for an early cancellation fee. I explained I never signed anything, how on earth could you justified this fee. Worldpay said there is another option we could reduce your monthly fee and you could cancel at the end of the contract. I said do I have another choice, Worldpay said no!. Now when I agreed to use Streamline I was under the impression there would be a small fee around 25 pence and a percentage of 3% per transaction. I never would have signed up for a monthly fee of around £25 per month. I just wanted out and agreed to the reduced monthly figure and said I would call again in December.

    Around December the 10th I called Worldpay and spoke with a lady whom kindly cancelled my agreement and confirmed there would be no further fees / charges and thanked me for my business.

    I have recently been charged for annual management fee and non compliance charge and enrolled on annual subscription fee. I contacted Worldpay in January to ask why have I been charged for a service I cancelled back in December. Worldpay said we are only going by instructions from Cardsave. I then contacted Cardsave who said they haven’t requested any money from me and that I wasn’t on their system. They assured me that I have been removed from the system and worldpay would need to do the same.

    I then contacted Worldpay for another time to find out why I’m being charged for a service that I’m not using. I was told I would be refunded the last amount charged for the account. This has been put back into my account and the direct debit cancelled.

    I have now received another letter asking for more money and an email from RSC_Debt Management Collections & Recoveries both stating different amounts.

    I have been stressed over this matter and spent too much time complaining over the phone, I would like someone to please put an end to this nightmare and return all of my money.

    I would like to know what you intend to do about this complaint.


    My experience with WorldPay has been unfavorable–to say the least. The told me that my contract had a missing page, when I have page 1 of 3, 2 of 3, 3 of 3. They said the information on annual fee and termination fee were on the back side of one of the pages which in their minds did not constitute a separate page! Then they claim any of the fees they want to charge they are entitled to under the “terms and conditions” as a broad umbrella. I would never recommend these folks to a small business. Additionally, they would not review the recorded call from their sales person when I repeated asked her, “no additional fees.” Awful.

    RatingNot Rated
    Worldpay US, Inc.

    Hi Jeanine. We recently saw your post about your rates and fees and contract and would like to address your concerns. Please provide us with your merchant ID and contact information by emailing and we will reach out to you to discuss further.

    RatingNot Rated
    Varese Ferrao

    I am a small start up business and am also involved in a trust that renovates properties and rents to people who for one reason or another cannot rent elsewhere. My business got an order from the trust, but as I am in charge for buying from the trust, I used my credit cards to pay for the items, to be refunded by the trust when the work is done. Worldpay after 2 weeks still haven’t credited the money to my business saying that I cannot buy from my own business? Are they suggesting I buy from a competitor-or defraud the tax man by not putting sales through the business? My credit card companies have debited me and I ma liable for the accounts and said there is no problem on their side. My business has to start the work this weekend or the orders will be cancelled, but without my business having funds I cannot buy the balance of the materials needed…………..Gary from the UK transaction team says it’s the credit card banks…they all deny this…..

    RatingNot Rated
    Worldpay US, Inc.

    Hi Varese. We recently saw your post and would like to address your concerns. Please provide us with your merchant ID and contact information by emailing and we will reach out to you to discuss further. We apologize for any inconvenience.

    RatingNot Rated
    Michelle Rhoades

    I overlooked the fact that I was getting charged the $14.95 and was satisfied with World Pay. I am very upset with there merchant support. I am dealing with a charge back dispute and World Pay is not helping me resolve this issue. I am very disappointed how this has been handled. If I cannot get a response I will find another processing company. I am sure I will find another since I get 10 phone calls a day from other companies wanting to make an appointment.

    Worldpay US, Inc.

    Hi Michelle. We recently saw your post and would like to address your concerns. Please provide us with your merchant ID and contact information by emailing and we will reach out to you to discuss further. We apologize for any inconvenience.

    RatingNot Rated

    Overcharging crooks! Always bringing in new charges for new reasons that don’t make sense. Say you have to verify your credit card machine or pay a monthly fee. They send you a link that doesn’t work to verify. Even when you do get through the right link, they say you didn’t fill it out right. They will nickel and dime you to death! They love to keep charging you after your account is closed. I don’t reccomend them to anyone!!

    RatingNot Rated
    Worldpay US, Inc.

    Hi Nathan. We recently saw your post and would like to address your concerns. Please provide us with your merchant ID and contact information by emailing and we will reach out to you to discuss further. We apologize for any inconvenience.

    RatingNot Rated
    Trish Stumpf

    I had issues within 2 months after switching over to WorldPay. I’ve experienced everything that you’ve each stated. I was never told about a contract, nor early termination fees. They give you the whole “you’re paying too much with your current merchant services, we can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars” I was promised better rates, w/ little fees. I was looking over my paperwork prior to signing on WorldPay, there was a few monthly charges, and one called WorldPay Advantage $14.95, when I asked what it was, I was told it was for my supplies, WELL… I disclosed ALL the perks with my current Co., WorldPay came back w/ we will give you all that AND better rates. One of those perks, was I’d receive free rolls of terminal paper, which at the time, I’d currently been receiving from my other Co. I was told it would be removed. 2 months go by and I was unable to access my account after countless attempts, I end up calling and customer service had to log me in. Enter the first problem, They had been charging me for that WorldPay Advantage…. I think OK, FINE it’s for unlimited products and although I don’t require that many paper rolls a month, it might benefit me. Then in due time, I call to order paper rolls, and I was given an ridiculous amount I had to pay PLUS shipping?!!! Oh hell no, I demanded to speak to a supervisor, she infact removed the WorldPay Advantage. (I could buy my paper rolls cheaper at my local supply house) That issue seemed to be resolved, then my next statement, I noticed after removing the WPA, they added another monthly charge for $7, AND a $60 AND $49.99 for a failing of Compliance and some so called Yearly fee for the handling of my account. I’m really starting to feel like a victim at this point. I called again to address these inquiries, I was told the $7 monthly fee couldn’t be removed BECAUSE since I wasn’t paying for the WPA program, they had to charge me something. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? And of course, I was stuck paying the $49.99 regardless.
    I’m furious, but thought ok, they reversed the $60 because they clearly didn’t inform me about updating my account yearly, the one thing that confused me about all that was, I’d only been with them for about 5 months and there was no need to update anything because NOTHING changes. I rode it out for another year, through all the fee increases and them not negotiating those increased fees on top of all those little added monthly charges and what not. Then that $49.99 went to $99.99, I went through the roof. I called to terminate my account at which point I’m told, that my contract isn’t up until July 2014, WAIT WHAT, CONTRACT? Well apparently I’m stuck til then, and still desire to assist me, or encouraging me to even want to stay.
    Here we are now in November because in all honesty, it’s a pain have to switch things over and then you fear you’re going to endure the same horrific battles all over again with another Co. It again comes down to that uncertainty of that monthly statement, and never knowing what additional costs you’re going to be paying. That WorldPay Advantage reared its ugly head AGAIN! I was charged that $14.95 in addition to 3 other charges. I called for an explanation, got NOTHING. I said, fine, I’m done, CLOSE MY ACCOUNT NOW.
    I get transferred to another customer service agent and they had the nerve to ask me why? I listed them one by one, and then I was asked if I’d tried negotiating with the Co, I said yes and they weren’t interested. I proceeded to tell her, I was paying nearly triple than what I was paying with my prior Co. I was financially unable to continue paying these amounts. She then says, well, I’m sorry to hear that but now you’ll have to pay a termination fee. I replied, Uh NO, that is not true, she closes with, you’re in contract until June 2015. I’m livid, because as I stated earlier, it was to be June 2014 and even that was news to me. That conversation left a bad taste in my mouth, so I thought I’d shoot the sales manager that signed me an email. I sent him copies of statements, showing him what they have been doing. He said he’d look into it immediately, and one issue I addressed regarding the WPA program, he said the Co. told him that WorldPay took it upon themselves to sign up ALL their customers, customers were supposed to get emails altering them and if they chose to cancel, they would have to follow the guidelines to do so. First off, I never got any email, Second, you already knew I never had any use for this program because we’ve already went round and round about it, Third, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, what you just did is highly illegal, especially in my State of Wa. You CANNOT, sign anyone up for anything without their knowledge, authorization or signature. Because of the lack of respect and consideration that I’ve received and due to the unethical bad business that I’ve endured, I have had no choice but to turn it all over to my attorney. I am truly sorry to each of you that have had such horrific experience and
    I’m suggesting we set in motion a Class Action Lawsuit

    RatingNot Rated
    Worldpay US, Inc.

    Hi Trish. We recently saw your post and would like to address your concerns. Please provide us with your merchant ID and contact information by emailing and we will reach out to you to discuss further.

    RatingNot Rated
    charles cook

    This company is the worst! This year they slipped in a discount club membership that you paid for and notified us by email. The opt out link did not work – it took many phone calls and lots for time to opt out of something I never signed up for.The customer service is a crap shoot – most have a terrible attitude and speak to you horribly. I never get my questions fully answered -you just go around and around. I have been nicked and dimed and dread looking at my statement. You will never get a answer if you question. They said I had an outstanding charge floating for 9 days – there was no way – we batch out every night. I suggest you run away.

    Worldpay US, Inc.

    Hi Charles. We recently saw your post and would like to address your concerns. Please provide us with your merchant ID and contact information by emailing and we will reach out to you to discuss further. We apologize for any inconvenience.

    RatingNot Rated
    Roger Hall

    THIS COMPANY ARE A BUNCH OF THIEVES! They will continue charging you for a year or MORE AS THEY HAVE DONE TO ME!!!!! Avoid this company at all costs!!!!!!!!!!

    RatingNot Rated
    Worldpay US, Inc.

    Hi Roger. We recently saw your post and would like to address your concerns. Please provide us with your merchant ID and contact information by emailing and we will reach out to you to discuss further. We apologize for any inconvenience.

    RatingNot Rated
    Worldpay US, Inc.

    Hi David. We recently saw your post and would like to address your concerns. Please provide us with your merchant ID and contact information by emailing and we will reach out to you to discuss further.

    RatingNot Rated
    David Saylor

    I am a retired Veterinarian who used WorldPay as a credit card processor. I retired in April,2014 and called to cancel my WorldPay account . I was told the cancellation fee was $195.00 . The women I spoke with said to call back in 1 month and the cancellation fee would be $95.00. Since I turned 72 years of age I forgot and noted the fact WorldPay continued to charge me monthly on my bank account .WorldPay has clipped my bank account for more than $500.00 since I closed the Veterinary Clinic. This has been a NIGHTMARE TO STRAIGHTEN OUT AND AVOID DIANE IN BUSINESS REVIEW BY ALL MEANS. Dr. David Saylor

    Worldpay US, Inc.

    Hi Christine. We recently saw your post and would like to address your concerns. Please provide us with your merchant ID and contact information by emailing and we will reach out to you to discuss further.

    RatingNot Rated

    My story is very similar to many of the above negative reviews…I recently changed POS systems from Retail Pro to ShopKeep. I had been with RBS Lynk before it was acquired by WorldPay for the first 7 years of my business. I never was given any details about my contract obligations when I was registered as a merchant with them by a Retail Pro agent back in 2007. WorldPay had been charging me a lot more during the past 3 years of my business so when I changed to the new POS I went with Payment Revolution (a partner of First Data), who charges a lot less for processing payments. There is no contract with them and no early termination fee. There are no PCI Compliance hoops to jump through or fees to pay with Payment Revolution. Their customer service is excellent and professional.

    I digress… When I called WorldPay to deactivate my account back in January 2014, I was given the run around by the customer service rep who told me I would have to pay a $495 early termination fee. I told her I would absolutely not pay them that when I had been paying them $90 in admin fees and PCI Compliance fees every month before any actual processing fees. I told her that these fees were excessive and unnecessary. She continued to give me scripted and impersonal responses, having no sympathy whatsoever. I told her that I would not deactivate until the renewal period in order to avoid the fee. The next month I called back and spoke to yet another rep and got the same run around. At that point I went to my bank and deauthorized Worldpay’s ACH rights to my business accounts. My annual renewal period, I was told, was in July. So, prior to making the call to deactivate as planned I got a ACH notice that they had tried to charge my account for the early termination fee. When I called into Worldpay the rep told me that my account had been deactivated prior to the renewal period. How convenient for them! She then told me that I would receive a collection bill in the mail soon. I will deal with them and settle the amount for much less than the full charges for sure.

    To conclude my story, here’s my perspective… This company rips off merchants and they don’t even have to. They think they can get away with over charging merchants who don’t know any better and don’t have an honest merchant services rep who can protect them from this kind of extortion. Yes, this is extortion at its worst. They literally have a whole list of different fees that they add to merchant invoices that they will not take off when you call in to complain about them and ask for their purpose. I think that other X-WorldPay merchants need to file a class action law suit against them to let them know that this is just down right wrong. I own a small business and every penny is important. I think no matter how large a business gets, the payment processing costs should stay as low as possible. Beware of WorldPay, they are way overcharging companies. Don’t be one of their victims!

    Worldpay US, Inc.

    Hi Stuart. We recently saw your post and would like to address your concerns. Please provide us with your merchant ID and contact information by emailing and we will reach out to you to discuss further.

    RatingNot Rated
    Stuart Gold

    So many things wrong with this company. Their website and reporting functions are out of the dark ages. They keep a reserve of cash against chargebacks and when you terminate the service they won’t give it back without a fight. Their customer service is awful, unresponsive and dismissive to the point of being rude.

    There are so many better alternatives – you should not use this service!

    Worldpay US, Inc.

    Hi Ron. We recently saw your post and would like to address your concerns. Please provide us with your merchant ID and contact information by emailing and we will reach out to you to discuss further.

    RatingNot Rated
    Ron Headlee

    Ripoff!!!! No other words for them. Had a 3 year agreement where as rates were to remain the same. Even have a letter from their employee stating if anything changes as per conversation, contract or letters, we may cancel without any charges. They sent me a 2 page contract with my initials at bottom of contract pages. After i started complaining about raising and adding rates they informed they could do this as per contract….(pages 3-10) Bull… I never received this contract as they state and I initialed all pages of contract I received. Now they have a collection company harassing me, who also cant read or understand plain english. Original charges was $410 and offered $240 to clear. So stay away from these guys…. Ripoff!!!!!

    Kenny McGee

    Does nobody else think that companies like Streamline, Worlpay etc, should have some sort of duty of care to the retailers? We were hit with £22+ in charge backs in one month which seem to be entirely our responsibility. In our case there were a number of companies approaching us via our website who all placed orders and paid with CC. Our administrator thought nothing of it as it was much like normal business. If a card was declined the customer had a logical reason and offered another card. Again this in itself was not unusual as we often deal with small companies that need to juggle money. When the charge backs came in it totalled over £22K and Streamline refused any responsibility. Upon investigation it was apparent that CVC’s, names and addresses did not match. I think it was careless of Streamline to allow transactions like this to go through as they were obviously bogus. Admittedly our administrator should also have been more vigilant but come on Streamline get a grip of this. Just because you have covered your ass, please have a thought for your Customer!

    RatingNot Rated

    I regret the day I signed up with this F-rated company. They promised the world and their published rates were lower than Merchant Warehouse. The cell phone reader was not compatible with an Iphone 5 at first, then they decided to triple the monthly minimum charges which violated the entire promise. I cancelled them and they wanted a huge termination fee. I hollered to no avail. Worse, I keep a low balance so I ended up with two OD charges with Citizens. They did go back to the original terms, but now I have to count the days until I am outta there. They are a horrifically bad reflection on Citizen’s Bank – a shame, since my banker there is as good as they get.

    RatingNot Rated
    WorldPay US, Inc.

    We recently saw your post and would like to address your concerns. Please provide us with your merchant ID and contact information by emailing and we will reach out to you to discuss further

    RatingNot Rated
    Jeremy M

    We have been WorldPay customers since our company’s inception in 2008. I signed a three year agreement initially and bought my credit card processing machine through them. They raised my percentage rate without informing me (to extremely high rates). I neglected to notice this for some time. I called to complain this October, and they “lowered my rates to the lowest possible”. I then compared rates with other options, with theirs still being incredibly high. I opted to change companies. I made a call to cancel my service and was informed that I would have to pay $495 to “cancel my service”. They offered to lower my rates again. I said that they said that they were as low as possible per their customer service. They said that they could in fact go lower. Shame on me for not keeping track of them earlier. I lost a lot more than $495 through those rates. They made an ACH withdrawal of the $495 without my permission and after I specifically said that I do not authorize them to take the funds.

    I asked to speak with a manager. She called me on a secondary number I asked not to be used and then was not available for two weeks. I called over five times trying to reach her. She finally told me that the contract was automatically renewing every year after the initial three year contract and that there was nothing she could do. I noted that this was never explained to me and that I had not signed any extension agreement. I do not have any records of notification through mail or e-mail that this was occurring. This experience has been one of the worst that I can remember in customer care and business dealings. I would advise anyone to stay clear of WorldPay and all of its services.

    Leon Scholtz

    What a useless, incompetent and all round moronic company. They have done nothing but decieve and mess me around for 2 months costing me not tens, but hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of business. I have lost clients and suppliers because of the un profesional manner of which this company do day to day business. Phoning the UK customer service is absolutely pointless, after having to wait for someone from their tea$ to phone you back with a simple querry… You eventually have to phone back and keep leaving messages 5 to 6 times a day and when you finally get through to some sorry excuse of a supposed “manager”, yuou find out that the person who is supposed to be dealing with your account has not just lied and descieved you just for you to sign a contract, but has also gone on holiday for 2 weeks.

    RatingNot Rated

    I sold my business recently and called to cancel my service. They cancelled the service and charged my bank account $495. Upon inquiry, they said that I have signed a contract that says that I will be charged termination fee of $495 if I cancel within 3 years.

    I don’t remember signing any contract and was never made aware of this termination fee when I signed up for service. I asked for a proof of contract and they emailed me a copy. It had my name and signature which I never signed. The signature wasn’t mine and the writing wasn’t mine either. They said I should contact an attorney if I have an issue with this.

    I can’t believe that companies like this continue to exist in USA.

    Please be aware that they also charged me hefty monthly fee + PCI compliance Fee + Annual Fee + Transaction Fee + Settlement Fee + other fees.

    RatingNot Rated

    Reading these reviews makes me a little more relived that my parents are not the only ones having problems with WorldPay. My mother called to end services with them, they said there was a $195 termination fee. When she called to get additional information she was told she need to send a letter 90 days in advance saying she was ending her services. Not only that, but the representative she was talking to would not forward the call to anyone else.
    She also told me the representative failed to mention any of this!

    RatingNot Rated

    I disagree. I am a former employee of WorldPay and the termination fees and conditions are plainly stated in the terms and conditions. 295 first yr 195 second yr and 95 third year which is very friendly terms. Also I never witnessed any accounts i wrote being severely raised. most complaints are from people that dont understand how the industry works. Just like other products increase in price so does a processors costs as well.

    RatingNot Rated
    Tom DeSimone

    Hi James,
    I happen to agree that WorldPay’s termination fee schedule is better than the industry standard. I also agree that these numbers do appear in the terms and conditions, and that merchants should absolutely read these terms before signing. But at the same time, salespeople need to take some responsibility for the verbal disclosure of terms that merchants commonly complain about, namely auto-renewals and termination fees, but also things like reserve accounts, incidental fees, and rate increases. At the end of the day the sales rep doesn’t have any legal responsibility to make sure that merchants are aware of terms aside from providing the terms and conditions and getting it signed, true, but to say that “most complaints are from people that don’t understand how the industry works” really misses the point. If this is the case, then sales reps can easily avoid complaints by explaining “how the industry works” to clients, as well as the finer points of their merchant agreement. You know as well as I do that some salespeople will sweep unattractive info under the rug as best they can. (Not an assessment of WorldPay, but just the industry in general. The rep I spoke with at WorldPay was actually quite helpful.)

    RatingNot Rated
    John Ward

    Call you cell phone company and ask to cancel their contract – guess what you get – an early termination fee.

    RatingNot Rated
    Amad Ebrahimi

    John, just because the major cell carriers tag people with early termination fees, doesn’t make it ok for a processor to do the same…in our opinion. There are plenty of processors (and cell phone carriers) out there that don’t charge an early termination fee, and those are the companies most customers are flocking to.

    RatingNot Rated

    That may be true, but if you knowingly sign an agreement with a term fee then why are you shocked when they bill you for it when you cancel early?There are not any cell phone carriers that don’t charge an etf unless it’s prepaid or you pay full price for the phone which can be as high as $650.00 I worked in cellular for 12 years. Also, if there is an issue don’t let it linger. Talk to your rep, customer service, or ask for a supervisor. Most companies will work with you instead of just losing you as a customer.

    RatingNot Rated
    Janice Kuhlman

    I have been with WorldPay for a little over a year now. They recently jacked my rates up to almost double what they were. I called them to ask about reducing the rates and was told they couldn’t do any better. So I went back to the company I had before them. Sent them a cancellation notice and then opened a new checking account. They sent me a bill for my last months fees and I paid it. I was told they could not go into my new account as they didn’t have authorization to do this. So I used my new account to pay my final fees. I was being honest when I paid them their last months fee. They sent me a past due bill for the final fees so I called them. They said they never received my cancellation notice so we canceled it over the phone. Now they charged my new account with an early termination fee even though they do not have permission to go into this account. This is fraud! I am in the process of fighting this but they put the transaction through as a corporate withdraw so my bank is having issues with this. I was also promised $150 to $400 back after signing up varying by my first months volume. I never received this either. After my first months bill I was also charged $14.99 a month for PCI compliance when I was told there would be no charge for this if I did the online compliance checks. WATCH OUT FOR THESE PEOPLE!!! They are bad to deal with!!! I should have stiffed them for my final months fees and then I wouldn’t be in this predicament.

    Patty M

    Sure, they don’t charge a fee for deactivation if, like me, you’ve been with them for over 6 years,but what they do is tell you that your conversation (recorded) to deactivate was not intelligible because the volume was too high, even though they never said they couldn’t understand us on the phone. Today I was charged $125, for a supposedly closed account and they’re saying it’s because they couldn’nt reach me by phone to reauthorize the deactivation, even though they have my phone number, email, address and bank phone number. Can’t rob you anymore one way, just grope to a lower level. You’re welcome RBS Worldpay for the $60,000 you made on me in transaction fees.

    RatingNot Rated
    Erin Alexander

    I was not very happy with the customer service at all. The representatives were quite rude and there were lengthy hold times on the phone. Also, when I explained that I did not need their services anymore because the services were duplicated and better with PayPal, they charged my bank $195.00. I would not recommend doing business with WorldPay.

    John Ward

    call your cell phone and ask to cancel their service – guess what you get – an early termination fee…

    RatingNot Rated
    Nick M

    I arrived on this page because I was investigating changing over from WorldPay in the UK to WorldPay US.

    My nightmare began the day I started using WP. First it took a year to get up and running. I stuck with it only because of one very good individual within the company. We are in the education market providing a subscription service to teachers and schools. What has finished it for me after a process or repeated billing of charges and a whole bunch of other issues, was finding that subscribers in the US were having their cards rejected after they had been accepted on several prior monthly occasions. This is continuing after 2 months and I am loosing customers faster than I get them. I have brought this to their attention, and after having them agree that this is highly unusual, they have still not found a solution.

    AS I mentioned they are some great individuals within the company, but they cannot change the absolutely antiquated system they provide. For me Paypal used to be the bottom of the barrel, but no more. Now we offer Paypal as a payment option and what they provide makes WP look like something out of the stone age.

    I suspect that WP has become this way because they are owned by a bunch of Private Equity investors that have little or no idea – or really care – as to the desparately poor operation they are running.

    One last issue. If you want to use WP, then be prepared for regular Auditing of their monthly Invoices they provide. It is essential.

    From what I have read here it seems that changing over to WP US is not a reliable option. I wish I could say better, but the best advice I can offer anyone is STAY AWAY unless you have a fetish for pulling your hair out


    Thief, liars, looting the innocent are some of the first things that comes to my mind when i think about RBS-worldpay.
    they did not accept my credit card because they knew i could chargeback.
    they charged me $500 from my bank as application fees and then did not approve my application.
    when i wrote about the refund, they did not reply for 15 days.
    then i called them up and raised a ticket, then i received a mail asking for my bank details that they already had…
    then i sent a dozen mails in the next 2 weeks but no response… and then finally they replied that “worldpay has made the transfer to my account”.
    i haven’t recieved the funds yet, so i asked them for a proof of transfer and that was 10 days ago, the reply was “we are investigating the issue”.
    I am still waiting.
    I am amazed how easily these banks are committing fraud with customers and there is no one to monitor this or stop this.
    I am pissed off with the system.
    So here is a $500 tip – Boycott RBS-worldpay

    N Harmon

    WORLD PAY (RBS WORLD PAY) They make you rent a terminal for credit card processing at $30+ per month. The terminal could be bought for under $150.00
    I tried to cancel service and they said I had to wait until November. I could buy out the lease for $275.00 I called in November and they said I needed to give a 90 day notice and it was too late for that because the termination window would expire.
    They then said since I called in June that they would count that and close the account. After 3 months they are charging me still. I called and they denied that I cancelled and now they want $495.00 to cancel. They have already charged my over $933.00 and I have not used them for any processing.

    Please there are many merchant services vendors.. avoid this one….

    RatingNot Rated
    Karen Ford

    We have used this company for a while now and they have been great. The Sales rep was very helpful. He went over all the fees with use when we signed up and they have been just like he said they would be. He came and installed our equipment and trained us how to use it. We have sent him other business and we have been paid for referring them to him. I have actually had months where I processed for free with Worldpay. The only time we have had any questions we call customer support and they were answered promptly. I highly recommend Worldpay and would not do business with anybody else.

    Patty M

    I felt the same way too, after making them over $60,000 in transaction fees. Wait til you try to cancel, your bank account will suffer and they’ll give you one lame excuse after another as to why they have to keep charging you. Your welcome Worldpay, it was great, for awhile!

    RatingNot Rated
    Jeff Licks

    Patty, sorry, you didn’t make WorldPay over $60K. The Card Issuer (Bank) probably made $45K, Associations $10K and WorldPay $5K. They make only a sliver of the transaction fee

    RatingNot Rated


    I own a couple of coffee houses. We switched to Worldpay because we had a lot of left over gift cards from a previous location. We have had nothing but headaches from the very beginning. First off, it took them over a month to get the gift cards sorted out. We had to talk to multiple representatives who all gave us a different answer. That is a minor issue compared to most though. Second, if you want your funds available the next day, don’t EVER expect that to be the case. It will always be the day after. You also won’t receive deposits on Saturdays or Tuesdays. If there is a holiday (Thanksgiving in particular), you won’t see your funds until the following Monday. They have cost me hundreds of dollars in overdraft charges because of these practices. Third, be VERY aware of their hidden fees. They will quote you .10 processing fee plus interchange. After looking at our bill, we found many instances where we were charged .22/transaction, plus a dial fee. If you are using gift cards, you better make sure your patrons are using those gift cards. Worldpay charges a gift card dormancy fee. Last month alone, that fee was $19.
    On to their customer service. If you feel like talking to Worldpay, and happen to run across [edited: name removed], turn around and run the other way! He may sound like he knows a lot of info, but his favorite phrase is, “Let me pass this on to my manager, and have him call you.” I have heard this multiple times, and have never heard from a manager. He has also put me on hold, come back to tell me that he has another call, and needs to go. He told me he would call me back later that day. I called back that day, then two weeks later after not hearing anything.
    Think you are going to talk this company into cancelling their early termination fees because of bad practices? Think again. Upon calling to discuss this, they looked at my account and proceeded to tell me that, “it looks like all of your phone calls have been resolved.” FAR FROM IT! The manager then told me that they were doing nothing wrong. When I asked her about the quoted .10/transaction, and being charged more than that, she told me that she wasn’t able to tell me anything about my quote.
    Please please please reconsider using this company. They aren’t what they were when they were RBSLynk. This company is snowballing. Don’t get on board!

    Patty M

    Well written complaint and I hope people read this before believing everything Worldpay’s smooth talking, easy going sales reps say. I notice there’s no cheesy rep responding to you.

    RatingNot Rated
    Jeff Licks

    Hey Josh, very few processors can offer next day funding. In fact the day after that you said is actually pretty good. If your processor is part of a bank (BofA) than yes. If you process with ChasePaymentech and your bank is Bank of Idaho, aint gonna hapen next day (unless you pay a wire fee).

    RatingNot Rated

    Worldpay has next day funding for any bank if you settle by 7:30 PM. Friday’s Saturday’s and Sunday’s sales are deposited on Monday between 10:30 AM and 3:00 PM. If you bank with either Citizens Bank on the East Coast or Charter One in the OHIO area (I think) you can settle up to 3 AM and get the same 10 AM – 3 PM deposits. I found out that “next days”, in the processing and banking world, are “business days”. Banks and the Federal Reserve don’t function on weekends and national holidays. In a processor’s defence, once they release funds it’s up to the FED and the banks to reconcile deposits.

    RatingNot Rated
    William Lorca

    I was trying to get the early termination fee waived but it was a no go. Maybe since they lowered it to a tiered ETF system, they are reluctant to drop it altogether.

    RatingNot Rated

    Hi, I am looking into getting set up with an merchant account for my online store. do you think that Worldpay is a good match. Also would I need to get another company as well, I know some other compaines you have to get something like or so. thanks for the help

    Amad E.


    It would all depend on what kind of business you are, and what type of processing you’re looking for. You can contact me directly if you like. I’ll be happy to help you out.

    RatingNot Rated

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