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First Data Global Leasing (FDGL) Review


First Data Global Leasing (FDGL) Review

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Atlanta, Georgia
Frank Kehl

Frank Kehl

Frank Kehl has been writing about merchant services, payment gateways, and international money transfer services since 2015. He has a Bachelor of Science degree from Penn State and a Juris Doctorate from the Ventura College of Law. After a long and enjoyable career of traveling around the world as an Air Force navigator, he’s comfortably settled down in the wine country town of Paso Robles in California’s scenic Central Coast region. He enjoys reading, photography, hiking, and numerous other outdoor pursuits.
Frank Kehl

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    Matthew Cruz

    Id leave a zero if I could. I’ve been transferred 4 times and hung up on while i’m trying to cancel this awful lease i was scammed into. As a new business owner I had no clue and now i’m in shock of how bad of a scam this business is!! DO NOT USE!!!

      Rachael Solem

      Organization Name: Irving House Corporation

      In May of 2017 I was sold a five year contract for merchant services. The salesman was actually on my property, knowing full well it is a lodging property, and we discussed the difference between lodging and retail with regard to credit card machines. I signed the contract, committing our company to monthly payments for the lease of the machine. I could cancel the service, but not the lease! When the machine arrived, I could see it was not the right machine, and in fact, I could not get a lodging program in it. I canceled the contract, but the lease remains in force, so this $100.93 is taken from my account every month. There is NO customer service, and apparently no way out of this, except to pay a lump sum for the remaining 18 months (as of September 2019) which amounts to $128.50 per month!!! How does that math work out? It’s a rip off pure and simple. Do NOT use this company for ANYTHING!!!

      • Organization Name: Irving House Corporation

      Organization Name: Rangel Enterprises Management

      Hello! I wish I had seen all this review about First Data before my Boss signed a 4 year lease.
      She kept insisting that she did not signed a contract and that she returned the crappy equipment. I never saw the contract but just looking at all the reviews and “horror stories” I see why she can not make them stop charging the bank account. It is sad too because that Restaurant is not doing well Financially. When the Restaurant closes will she still have to pay the monthly “lease?”

      • Organization Name: Rangel Enterprises Management
      Dakota Fillet

      Hi Ana,

      I’d encourage her to request a copy of the signed contract to better understand what she may (or may not!) be obligated to pay.

        randy colter

        Organization Name: 3 Brothers Auto Clinic

        Can we give them a zero!!!!! I returned my machine last year in May….they said I had to pay the entire amount and the last payment would come out in Mar this year… Well guess what the payment came out in April. I called the company and the representative said the return departure does not coordinate with the billing department (What!!!!) Is it the same company? If you rent these machines from them you might as well throw your money in the toilet. That is where I think of their customer service.Very dissatisfied customer.

        • Organization Name: 3 Brothers Auto Clinic
        Andrew Messiana

        Organization Name: tobacco galore

        this is the worst company to deal with do not do a lease don’t wast your time getting a clover pos worthless its a total scam and the rates are over priced!!! they gave me a rate in writing and when i got my bill it was twice as much as i was paying before, the pos has no real pos functions its just a electronic cash register easiest way to explain it.

        • Organization Name: tobacco galore
        Dustan A Jones

        Organization Name: dba Sunburg Sportsman's Cafe

        I am being charged on my account for a machine lease and fees. I don’t have a machine and I don’t use your company for processing. Please remove my name from your billing.

        • Organization Name: dba Sunburg Sportsman's Cafe
        Jessica Dinsmore

        Hi Dustan,

        You’ll definitely want to contact First Data Directly, and also contact your bank immediately. Merchant Maverick has no ability to cancel any erroneous payments being deducted from your account by First Data. I wish we could! Good luck to you!

          David Colligan

          Organization Name: Sierra Mechanical

          I got signed into a contract with these parasites for merchant services touting what a great low rate and how much money I was going to save was told they were going to give me the terminal for free and then come to find out that I’m signed up to a lease for $45 a month also my contract said no termination fees and when I went to cancel it I was told that I’m not getting charged a termination fee but I’m being charged an early cancellation fee which happened to be basically the payments for the term of the four-year contract that I supposedly could cancel anytime I now use Heartland payment systems and I’m thoroughly happy and wish I would have started with them in the beginning

          • Organization Name: Sierra Mechanical
          Stephen Chung

          Organization Name: Best Beauty

          THE Worst company EVER!!!!! I dealt with many company and FDGL is the worst ever! (probably worst in the history of mankind) First, Eliteglobal tricked me into signing 4 years of terminal lease contract instead of 2 years (which I was told that it will be two years) and they paired me with FDGL to pay them $151 every month for the lease terminal. That’s like $7200 for a crappy terminal!! Two years of that payment wasn’t bad with low rate. But after about an year the rate increased and increased to the point where I couldn’t take it anymore. I quickly switched the merchant service but I had to keep on paying the $151. I returned the terminal equipment to them and waited until the lease was over. However, now they are telling me that they never received the terminal and I ended up paying extra $700. If you are a small business owner and have to choose merchant service or terminal leasing company, NEVER, I mean NEVER, go through with First Data or First Data Global Leasing. They will trick you and rip you OFF. They are like parasites!! At the end, I basically paid $8000 to get this nasty parasite of from my business.

          • Organization Name: Best Beauty
          Michelle Angulo-Pacheco

          Organization Name: Image Dance Company

          This company has committed fraud on me and has not made no effort to correct anything. I signed a contract in 2011 for X services — (when I first started accepting credit cards for my small business) and I found out a year later, I was being charged for a leasing of equipment. I called in and was irate with the salesman that fraudulently signed my name on extra pages which I did not sign. I have proof of the paperwork. Customer Service said they would assist me and stop all fees. At that point, I stopped receiving paper forms but fees were not stopped completely. I could go into much detail, but the fact is, they do not make attempts to end leases, make amends for bad and dishonest employees nor make corrections.

          • Organization Name: Image Dance Company
          Yvonne Caroon

          Organization Name: Bobb's Burgers

          I just opened my restaurant and the lease was explained to me, but the up front cost was not. I just got hit with a $280 bill for upfront sales tax. This is very damaging to a small business like mine. I’m not happy and will be reporting this to the BBB.

          • Organization Name: Bobb's Burgers
          Blair Nagel

          Organization Name: Catonsville Dog Co

          This is the WORST company I have ever dealt with. I have been double billed FOR 4 YEARS. You call and get transferred and then cut off. NO ONE knows what they are doing. A man came to my shop and replaced our machine and told me he could give me a better deal and would cancel the original lease and that started me being billed for both. At one point I spoke to someone there who said they could see the problem and they would refund me $200 a month for 4 months. I received one refund and that was it. When I called them AGAIN they said he no longer works there. The lease has expired and they just deducted two more annual fees from my account. I have placed a complaint and contacted an attorney. DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY

          • Organization Name: Catonsville Dog Co

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