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Payroc Review (Formerly Integrity Payment Systems)

    Frank Kehl

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Frank Kehl

Frank Kehl

Expert Analyst & Reviewer at Merchant Maverick
Frank Kehl has been researching and analyzing merchant services, payment gateways, and international money transfer services since 2015. He has a Bachelor of Science degree from Penn State and a Juris Doctorate from the Ventura College of Law.
Frank Kehl
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We've done in-depth research on each and confidently recommend them.


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    Mario A Gonzalez

    Organization Name: St Charles Avenue Athletic Club, LLC

    PAYROC placed a fraudulent collection and is practicing UNFAIR TRADE PRACTICES. They placed a collection in my personal credit bureau in the amount of $3,401.00 and they do not have the proof /breakdown on how they arrived to $3,401.00. PAYROC statement issued was June 2020 which does not disclose collection amount and no other statement was generated for the rest of 2020. PAYROC placed account for collections on November 9th, 2020 with ATG Credit. PAYROC did not send me statements for July, August, September, October or a collection letter to disclose balance and their intentions to place account with a collection agency. ATG Credit place collection with out having evidence /documentation to support collection of $3,401.00. The MERCHANT PROCESSING AGREEMENT from PAYROC/Integrity was ALTERED. I moved my merchant account to PAYROC/Integrity because when they solicited my business they told me that “NO PERSONAL GUARANTY” would be required and there would be NO EARLY TERMINATION FEE and NO CHARGE BACKS WOULD BE PAID AFTER ACCOUNT TERMINATION. That was the reason I moved merchant account to PAYROC/Integrity. The agreement was altered:-Last Name is incorrect -Name of legal name does not exist. -No copy of Term and Conditions were attached or mail.-I did not DocuSigned “PERSONAL GUARANTY”-Missing ISC Verification.PayRoc did not send an email requesting equipment to be returned. I contacted PayRoc yesterday May 3rd, 2021 and they send me prepaid UPS label to sent equipment. PAYROC/Integrity did not have proper documentation to support placing collection on my personal file. I will file a complaint for UNFAIR TRADE PRACTICES with FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION and CONSUMER FINANCIAL PROTECTION BUREAU. Also I will file a complaint with the credit bureau using the FAIR CREDIT PROTECTION ACT section 609.PAYROC/Integrity needs to remove unfair collection on my personal credit file.

    • Organization Name: St Charles Avenue Athletic Club, LLC

    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

    Imre Kun

    Organization Name: Aragosta Inc.

    We had a signed contract, 80 % of the time the fund is late, communication is terrible,Worst, I ever had!

    • Organization Name: Aragosta Inc.

    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


    Organization Name: Rineyville Family Med

    This is an absolutely terrible company. I cancelled one month, then they charge me the next, then pretend I never cancelled, they just want to steal your money. Avoid this incorrectly named company at all costs, unless you enjoy wasting your time and money, and enjoy being treated like a moron by people who barely speak English.

    • Organization Name: Rineyville Family Med

    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


    Organization Name: Mali LLC

    This company is horrible. Don’t do business with them. 1st your going have to wait 20 -30 minutes to get a live representative and God forbid you ask for another higher up that may take another 30-40 minutes. Once you get them, no one in the the organization or affiliates can find the MID number that Integrity registered in the point of sales system that they shipped to me. The reason for the call was I processed a credit card sale over the weekend that was declined. I didn’t find about about the decline because my internet was down until Monday. The Internet company came out and repaired the Internet; Once back up the clover mini ran the sales which one of them was declined. I spoke with 2 different managers and they said they couldn’t provide me with the customer’s credit card number because of some type of regulation. I might would have believed that but I had 2 declined credit card transactions with one of their competitors on a similar system and they gave me the credit card number. I processed the transactions, every thing was fine. NO ISSUES!!! I told Integrity they can re-run the transaction on their end I just want the money for the sale but they wouldn’t even do that………………….. What bother’s the hell out of me is I talk to someone in the company yesterday and they told me to call back once the transaction post, now the transaction has posted its another excuse. S.M.H.

    • Organization Name: Mali LLC

    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

    Michael H.

    Organization Name: Iron Clinch

    What a ridiculous time I had trying to deal with these jokers. They sold me on the idea of smaller shop and more attention and great attention to partners. Super responsive during the sales process and then after signed up, terrible response times and most people seemed somewhat clueless about their own internal processes. I was literally on board for one week and ran three transactions of current costumers that are solid and used them as my first transactions to get started processing since I knew there wouldn’t be a problem with solid, confirmed customer transactions. Wrong! I was told by the doofus who was helping me to get setup that he added “Money Express” to my account meaning I would see deposits the same day. So when I ran my first transactions and my deposits didn’t show up by close if business, he didn’t bother to check into it, he just said oh it’s because your close of business in it set to midnight. Well doofus unfortunately thinks everyone must be wrong since they aren’t as experienced as him. Unfortunately, doofus is grossly uninformed.Then he said by default they are all set to midnight. Actually, this is completely false and by default sets accounts close of business at 4pm, PST. Now I’m beginning to think ether doofus delicately attempts to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes or he is literally operating at a lower level of brain function. We are talking pre-amphibian here. Stunned by his lacking the actual facts, I went along with it and based on his promises, would check my deposits the next day (Friday). Doofus also said he would follow up with me the next day to ensure I’m taken care of and that things are running smoothly. Nothing from the guy the next day, so I call customer service to find out what’s going on with my deposits. I find out that the risk management department has held my funds because the maximum ticket amounts on my account were set at $200. Ok fine, I understand if thresholds are set and right out of the gate those are exceeded. So I attempted to call doofus to let him know what was happening to my account. He said “Yes, now this is where I can really help. (Oh that’s just great I’m thinking) I’ve know the manager in risk manager for 10 years and this happens all the time.” (Ok so they are so out of touch with new customers and a solid on-boarding process that this happens all the time. Great! ). Doofus continues “We will absolutely get this taken care of Monday and your funds will get deposited. I’ll make it happen. I know exactly what the guy in risk management needs TJ hear. I will call you at 11am Monday to confirm we are all good. pushed through and your deposits on Monday.” Monday rolls around and I spent about an hour putting together a very detailed email with supporting documentation for the transactions because I do understand exceeding maximum ticket amounts and that was on me to clarify. Even so, they were definitely legitimate transactions and only three, so this could have been resolved pretty easily. Doofus never calls, so I call him and I also had copied him on the email in the morning. No response. Doofus has gone dark on me and I’m a new business with paying customers and I’m ready to roll. Yet, I’m completely halted because doofus and company can’t even return a phone call. So I get on the horn again with the woman who is handling my “case” and ironically every time I call her (which is three times now) she was just about to dial my number. Yeah, likely story. So anyway, I ask her if she was able to go through my email and if it was sufficient enough support to release funds. Then suddenly she doesn’t know who I am and has to verify me. But wait, I thought we were buddies and you were about to call me. Anyway, she tells me she hasn’t received the email so I remind her she has a junk folder and to check it. She digs up my email from her junk folder and begins to review. Ok she says, I’ll go over it in the next day or two with “underwriting.” OH no! Not the bemoaned underwriting department! So I ask her what happened to the big promises doofus made on Friday. From there it was just robotic and scripted replies. Still no call back from doofus! Well I decided to cancel my account. I guess doofus is off pretending he’s something he’s not. If you’re a merchant and you want to be handled with professionalism and confidence and not just a bunch of upfront glad handing and then your account dropped into the complete abyss, then I would absolutely go elsewhere. I’m very familiar with merchant processing and I understand there are processes and protocols in place for a reason, i.e. the regretted chargeback. Come on though this was literally 3 transactions and not very large and my first transactions with this company. A little better management of my expectations could have gone a long way. Heck even an email reply or returned phone call from doofus probably would have saved the account. Better luck next time!

    • Organization Name: Iron Clinch

    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

    Lily Hathaway

    Organization Name: ALL ABOUT THE PUP LLC

    Horrible company to work with. I was lied to and conned into purchasing a clover devise from a sales rep for Integrity, later learned it did not do what I was promised. I have spent 2 months trying to close my account and no one is competent. I am out the $424 cost of the clover machine that I cannot even sell because its only allowed to be programmed once. This was the worse business transaction of my career.

    • Organization Name: ALL ABOUT THE PUP LLC

    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

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