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Elavon doesn’t have a stellar reputation, but I actually like them. Or I should say I’ve come to like them. 2013 was a year of redeeming qualities for this processing giant. That year, Elavon managed to maintain a decent small business marketing approach, which included doing away with their early termination fee and advertising fixed-rate options for increased transparency and consistency. Since then they’ve kept this trend going, designing an attractive website and launching a campaign called “3 Big Things” in order to demonstrate to merchants the real cost of processing cards. Now, in 2015, they are still performing well. In fact, one of our favorite providers, Helcim, uses Elavon to set up accounts. If you are thinking about signing on with Elavon, I would highly recommend you do so through Helcim. They do an amazing job over there, giving you all the resources that Elavon has to offer in the most cost-effective and predictable package.

While their marketing is still not perfect – no mention of interchange-plus pricing, for instance – they really are working to gain trust and build a good online reputation as a processor for small businesses and large corporations alike. Not many of the really big processors can say that. And when I say really big, let me be clear. Elavon serves about 1.3 million merchants. That is really substantial!

Elavon (formerly known as NOVA Information Systems) is part of U.S. Bank‘s (U.S. Bancorp‘s) Payment Services division, operating out of Atlanta, Georgia. They’ve been in business since 1991, but only under the Elavon name since 2008. They are a real end-to-end processor, taking care of all things related to merchant accounts under one roof. For big companies especially, this is a real benefit.

With that said, there are hundreds – if not thousands – of agents and organizations that resell Elavon’s services. Some of them I’ve reviewed, but definitely not all. They go by different brand names, but at the end of the day, your account is probably being underwritten and boarded under the Elavon platform. Costco Wholesale is a big reseller of Elavon’s services.

Your experience with Elavon, or any big acquirer for that matter, will rely mostly on the sales rep/reseller that sets you up with that account. Even if you go direct, there are still some reps that are more educated and/or ethical than others. The goal is to find a rep within Elavon that you feel comfortable with. By doing that, you can ensure you’ll get a five-star experience every time. And, because you’re reading this site, you probably know more than most other business owners already, so you know what to look for and what to ask. If you feel comfortable, do it yourself. If not, let us know.

For a company as large as Elavon, I’m not surprised that their BBB complaint count is high. It’s to be expected from such a big processor. Adjusted for size of business, they really have a pretty low complaint volume. As of 2015, they’ve even begun to promote credit card machine sales instead of leases, which should help to reduce complaint volume, since leases generally suck. I’m impressed by Elavon’s efforts and I have no reason to have you avoid dealing with them at the corporate level. They get four stars for now, and I hope they continue moving in the right direction. If you want a five-star experience and an account setup with Elavon, I really do recommend that you check out Helcim. They have some of the most fair and honest advertising in the industry, and highly competitive rates as well for businesses of all sizes.

Don’t forget to read through the rest of this review for more info on Elavon, or jump to our comparison chart for more info on our best-rated providers!

Products and Services:

  • Tablet-based mobile POS system – Elavon joined forces with Verizon in January 2015 to offer merchant business customers an integrated POS system that operates using mPOS software on Verizon’s LTE 4GE network.
  • Terminal sales and leases - Always compare prices before you buy, and never lease!
  • Industry-specific services - Specialties include airlines, hospitality, travel/entertainment, public sector/education, and retail. Check out what they have to say about it here.
  • Gateway/virtual terminal - Elavon takes care of these services in-house with its proprietary offerings. If you’d like to use a different gateway (like Authorize.Net), they can help you integrate that. I like their gateway.
  • Mobile processing - Offered through their proprietary app VirtualMerchant Mobile.
  • Online reporting - This proprietary service is called Merchant Connect, and seems to be pretty high quality compared to other online reporting tools I’ve seen. You can get a demo of it here.
  • Gift/loyalty card programs

Rates and Fees:

These days, Elavon offers a couple of flat-rate plans for small businesses, including:

Terminal Offer

  • 2.65% and $0.19 – Card swiped
  • 3.5% and $0.19 – Keyed entry
  • $10 – Monthly fee
  • $499.00 – For an Ingenico iCT250 terminal

Mobile Offer

  • 2.65% and $0.19 – Card swiped
  • 3.5% and $0.19 – Keyed entry
  • $10 – Monthly fee
  • $24.99 – For a Magtek aDynamo mobile card reader

Both of these fixed-rate offers come with:

  • No cancellation fees
  • No “hidden” fees

You can see their Terms of Service, where you will find no mention of an early termination fee. Then again, if you look at another version of their terms, you’ll find a liquidated damages fee for early termination. So be careful, and make sure your contract has the provisions your sales rep described to you.

You can also get an interchange-plus pricing model through Elavon, but you might have a monthly minimum and early termination fee. But remember – these things are always negotiable. And if Elavon can’t set you up with what you want, someone else probably can!

Contract Length and Early Termination Fee:

Elavon offers contracts with no early termination fees, making them month-to-month agreements for all ostensible purposes. You will, of course, still sign a merchant agreement that last for three years and will auto-renew for one or two year periods afterwards. You’ll still have to take the appropriate steps to cancel your account (returning equipment if needed, providing written notice of cancellation, etc.), or else you’ll continue to be billed.

Some merchants will be set up with a termination fee that may include liquidated damages, however, so make sure you carefully review the “Termination” part of your merchant agreement.

Overall, I think Elavon has made a good move here. All processors should at least have the option for an account with no termination fees.

Sales and Advertising Transparency:

The processing industry is, overall, moving toward a greater level of standardization when it comes to setting up small businesses with merchant accounts. Many have replaced tiered pricing models with fixed-rate or interchange-plus models. While the fixed-rate pricing isn’t always a great deal, it’s certainly more transparent than tiers.

Elavon doesn’t use any sales gimmicks at the corporate level, and they do disclose some standardized fees and rates (as mentioned earlier in this review).

I really seeing things like this informational website that Elavon put out (with corresponding infographic). It’s a pretty good effort to promote transparency and explain the costs behind processing cards. They also offer a really nice resources section there. I’m really impressed by their efforts here.

I would have liked to see some disclosure about cost-plus pricing, but aside from that Elavon is on the right track.

Customer Service and Technical Support:

You’ll find 24/7/365 US-based customer support (assuming you’re a US-based merchant, that is) offered by Elavon. Altogether, they have support in 13 countries. I had a brief interaction with a support rep who seemed intelligent and well-trained, but I can’t speak for their ability to handle complex, long-term or sensitive issues. You should also be aware that if you sign up under a reseller, you might get customer support through that ISO and not through Elavon directly.

Many reviewers in our comments section seem dissatisfied with customer support, but most of these reviews seem to come through resellers like Costco.

Negative Reviews and Complaints:

When you serve 1.3 million merchants, some complaints are bound to come up. Still, considering their volume, Elavon has a pretty good presence at the BBB. They’ve had 201 complaints in the past three years, but have responded to each and every one and closed 48 of those in the last 12 months alone, which is part of why they have an A+ rating. Still, these are the most common complaints you’ll see against Elavon:

  • Expensive terminal lease contracts through Ladco Leasing - Some merchants have complained about not being aware that they were signing into a 4-year terminal lease that would essentially cost about four-figures to get out of. The whole “not being aware” part can be chalked up to the merchant not fully understanding their contract, but I personally think terminal leasing is unnecessary to begin with. If you’re a small merchant, and you only need a few terminals, then why not just buy them? They don’t cost much these days. Leases make sense for bigger organizations that need many terminals and don’t have the upfront capital to invest in buying them. But since mid-2014, Elavon seems to be promoting credit card machine sales instead of leases lately, which I’m thrilled to see! They even disclose pricing of machines.
  • PCI compliance fee - Many of Elavon’s merchants are having an issue with the annual PCI compliance fee of $175 that Elavon is dinging them with, with non-compliance surcharges added on top of that. Although PCI DSS compliance is necessary for anyone that plans on accepting credit cards for their business, Elavon is not required to charge their merchants any type of fee for that compliance. So, contrary to what you may have heard, processors are not required to pass that charge on to you (but they usually will).
  • Withholding of funds/termination of accounts - I can’t really blame Elavon here. They accept a certain amount of risk for taking on a merchant. If that merchant starts conducting business outside of the agreed upon terms, then Elavon has a right to investigate. There are a few main reasons that will get you red flagged by Elavon, learn how to avoid them here.

Unfortunately, a search on RipoffReport.com yielded 45 complaints against Elavon, for the most part comprised of complaints in the same categories listed above on the BBB site for this company. Most customers have posted on Ripoff Report warning other consumers against being “taken” by Elavon for fees on defective or unused equipment, for terminal lease contract-related misunderstandings or lack of transparency with Elavon and/or Ladco, or for non-compliance.

Positive Reviews and Testimonials:

Unfortunately, I couldn’t locate any testimonials for Elavon, corporate-endorsed or otherwise. If you know of any, please share them in the comments section of this post.

My personal favorite aspects of Elavon’s service include:

  • Good website and online sales copy - If a company can’t be bothered to maintain a good web presence, that’s not a good sign. Elavon does a great job in this respect, providing useful information in an attractive package.
  • Disclosure of some fees and rates - While I don’t think flat-rate services make sense in most cases, I like seeing this sort of service offered. A company as big as Elavon doesn’t have to cater to small businesses. That fact that they do sets them apart.
  • No early termination fee - You’ve gotta love it when a company provides month-to-month contracts!

Final Verdict:

While I’m not thrilled with Elavon’s reputation, I really have no problem recommending them as a viable payment processor – at the corporate level, at least. When you start dealing with independent resellers, all bets are off. Like essentially all big providers, Elavon suffers from a lack of consistency across the many ISOs using its name. This makes it very difficult to provide you with an overarching rating. If you want to get the best deal possible through Elavon, make sure you contact corporate sales directly and feel out your agent.

Better yet, I always recommend that anyone interested in Elavon should sign up with Helcim. This will provide you with all of the benefits of using a big processor like Elavon without any of the pitfalls. They use interchange-plus, have low monthly fees, fair equipment prices, and NEVER any early termination fees. Check them out.

Overall, I’m going to bump Elavon up a half a star to four stars. I’m doing this because they’ve shown a real effort to increase transparency, they’ve begun offering month-to-month contracts, and overall they’re moving in the right direction. If they could just start advertising an interchange-plus plan, I’d be really impressed. Hopefully by my next update they will!

Want to see what it takes to get five stars here at Merchant Maverick? Take a look at our handy comparison chart.

Tom DeSimone

Tom DeSimone

Tom loves asking tough questions and getting straight answers, so he has a lot of fun calling payment processors for Merchant Maverick to cut through their smoke and mirrors and find the real deals. He has run a full-time editorial business from his home in New York’s Hudson Valley since 2010 and could not imagine a better job. When not busy writing and keeping credit processors honest, Tom enjoys backpacking in the mountains.
Tom DeSimone
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    Faye Spearing

    Beware of the false promises Elavon makes when you sign up. I was switching from First Data last October and doing some research trying to find a new payment processing company. Basically they all have you by the …..
    I was searching for a company that would take one payment and provide me with an effective rate which would incorporate all of their fees. This fee would also include the card association fees…which they told me was no problem because Elavon works directly with mastercard and Visa and they could control those rates. Monex Group told me that this was impossible that Elavon could absolutely not do this. Bringing this to the attention of my Elavon salesman [Name Removed] he again assured me that they could control these fees. I have a copy of the email. I also did some hypothetical examples of U.S. Cards being used and got him to verify that the fee I calculated. He assured me that this was correct.. When I got my very first statement..I was shocked when I was charged card processing fees which increased my fee by 16% Well now I have spent the time setting this up paid my set up fee and paid for a new machine ….[the sales rep] is telling me that he never told me that and that they cannot control these fees. So [the sales rep] is portraying me now to be a client that couldn’t possibly have understood the actual concept of all of these fees we discussed initially. Well guess what ..I did. And I have copies of the emails. These people know it is painful and an interruption of business for merchants to switch companies. Plus they know that most companies don’t have time to actually verify their statements and figure out their effective rates once they have them signed up. A note to business owners…look at your statements and do the math..your bookkeeper probably hasn’t or can’t figure out all of these charges. Plus their rates will keep going up. So…[the sales rep] took one day to process my application when I decided to go with Elavon but now since I have complained it is going to take two weeks to bring this to the attention of management. if I have to change companies it will cost me my set up fee and the cost of my machine which is not right! Do NOT believe these people. Once they get you in the door…you will find undisclosed minimum charges added to your bill. A business friend and aqua instance who also deals with Elavon…did a spreadsheet incorporating all of the fees Elavon charges…the result she paid $86.50 per month just to process if she had NO TRANSACTIONS BECAUSE OF ALL OF HER FEES. She pays a PCI compliance fee, a service contract fee, minimum monthly billing fee for debit transactions, terminal maintainance fee, card association fees , monthly statement fees.
    Can you believe this people? Well believe it …check your statements and do the math.

    RatingNot Rated
    Phil Colby

    1. This company (Elavon Merchant Services) will charge you 7.78% (unqualified rate as of March 2015) processing fees. Practically anything will bump you to unqualified. All in All, for the year 2014, our business paid to Elavon in processing fees, PCI compliance fees, transaction fees, non-use fees (when I finally got rid of them late last year I had a couple of months of low activity where they would charge me $35/month for under usage) and 4 other fees for over 10% in total processing fees to Elavon. Next year they’ll probably be at 11-12%! That’s Outrageous. A few years ago after many phone discussions; they lead me to believe I was just paying 2.75-3.75% and no more, they said never any more than that.
    2. I was told in 2011 on the phone by customer service that my rate was 3.75% (unqualified) when actually it was 6.75 (maybe they’re trained to lie!). Currently they are at 7.78% + per transaction fees. Most of my transactions for last year were unqualified for on reason and one reason only according to their supervisor; because of the type of credit card my customer was using! (i.e. Business to business, international, Corporate, World, Visa Signature Preferred etc. are all unqualified). And on top of that the Elavon supervisors blamed the high rates on VISA and MC when SQUARE INC can somehow do it for 3.5% (see below).
    3. Customer care supervisors seem shady and WILL NOT answer many questions.
    4. I cancelled Elavon (I’ve been duped long enough) and currently I am with SQUARE INC. and am paying no more than 3.5% unqualified for manually keyed (verified; 2.75% qualified w/card swiped) with no per transaction fees. No additional fees for i.e. Business to business cards, international, Corporate cards, World, Visa Signature Preferred cards etc. These rates were verified by an easy phone call to Square and easy to read daily statements in my email. This is thousands of $ per year in savings! GO FOR SQUARE!
    1. Elavon requires you to request rate reviews to keep your rates down. And who wants to be constantly requesting rate reviews in order to not be ripped off! (In other words: Everyone has a different rate). They are not going to tell you that you should request a rate review, you will find out after you’ve been ripped off.
    2. The company is (probably purposely) confusing, and a total rip-off.
    3. Final complaint: All the different stories I got from each different supervisor just added to the confusion.

    I’m tired of getting ripped off and decided to start fighting back with on-line reviews. I was delaying a couple weeks in submitting this review because the Elavon Supervisor said that they would look into everything and get back to me. Of course they didn’t.

    Best regards,
    Philip C. (a Very Unhappy Customer)
    My Chauffeur Transportation Co.
    Portland Oregon


    With a small, net-based business, I don’t use a terminal, but telephone the card info daily. Until a couple of months ago, I would have given Elavon 4 or 5 stars. However, they recently raised their monthly fee by $6 to provide “better service.” As of a few days ago, the “better service” consisted of outsourcing their customer service from Knoxville to South Asia (probably India), where poorly trained reps with phony American names have me jumping through hoops to complete the processing of overseas charges.

    It looks like arbitrarily raising fees and throwing Americans out of work is their idea of “better service.” I guess the executive bonuses weren’t high enough.

    I’m now actively looking for another processor.


    I have to give them five stars. I have been with them since 1989 and haven’t had any of these problems mentioned in this discussion. Although I will say that I refused the offer or suggestion to upgrade my dinosaur of a terminal that only cost me 250.00 in 1989. I just switched to using their internet processing, there is a fee of 150.00 (one time). I Won’t know for sure until it posts in Feb.

    I did terminate with them in Sept to switch to TransFirst which turned into a nightmare very quickly, undisclosed tier pricing, triple the fees, undisclosed 500.00 termination fee, promises, promises, promises. Now a threat from their CService department of legal action if I don’t verbally agree to a reduced 200.00 cancellation fee. No accountability for the unfullfilled promise of low rates.

    Scott McQuade

    I terminated early and was hounded by a subsidiary of theirs claiming that I owed them thousands of dollars for the equipment that was leased, even though I returned it to Elavon. I must have been called at least 25 times by various collection agents making threats against my companies credit history etc, all of which of course never did happen.

    Now, two years later I am called every second day by cash advance companies that claim to have been given my info from Elavon. These telemarketers know my name, daily gross sales, position in the company and more. This all leads me to think Elavon is a disgusting company that will squeeze as much as they can out of you.

    Michael Chadwick

    They DO charge an early termination fee. That is false. They suckered me in with a promise of lower fees, then proceeded NOT to save me any money. When I switched, they continued to debit my account and refused to stop doing so unless I paid a $195 early termination fee. Unscrupulous and corrupt. DO NOT use Elavaon.


    worse merchant processor ever they owe me money and i am not going to get to collect.
    salesperson from us bank won’t return my phone calls, didn’t fully disclose or totally mislead all details regarding fees. don’t ever consider using. they don’t even rate a 1 star

    RatingNot Rated
    Malcom McManus

    Elavon is a scam – they skim credit card transactions made abroad, by defaulting option to pay in “home” currency and charging 3.5% for that. Credit card company provides this service for free already, so this is just stealing money.

    Jacob Montgomery

    so now there taking money right out of my account I don’t even have the terminal these scam artist are horrible do not use there services im having such a hard time dealing with these crooks

    Jacob Montgomery

    they signed me up took over 2 months to get me my machine. so I told them I no longer need the service and there trying to tell me I owe them 1400 no matter what and its my fault. complete scam.

    David Frieder

    After inquiring with my Elavon rep today about upgrading my terminal, she responded with a $650 price for a verifone VX520. They are on sale online for $159-$250. Can you buy one of these and have Elavon program it? $650 seems ridiculous.

    Tom DeSimone

    Hi David,

    Elavon is capable of reprograming and absolutely should do this for you free of charge. Terminal reprograming is common. That said, I would confirm with your rep that they agree to this before you purchase. I have heard reports of processors refusing to reprogram in the past, and while I believe that the protocol at Elavon is currently to do free reprograming – it’s definitely worth confirming with your rep for the most up to date info.

    Good luck, and let us know how it goes. It’s insane how much of a markup processors put on hardware…

    RatingNot Rated

    I run a consulting company and sell subscriptions to a newsletter and do an annual conference: everything processed on our web site. I have a quote from Elavon that includes a “$499 One Time fee to rights for Gateway”. Do they think I just fell off the pumpkin truck or is this a legit fee?

    RatingNot Rated
    Tom DeSimone

    Hi Tom,

    Gateway setup fees are common, but $500 is awfully steep in my experience. Usually gateway setup fees range from $99-150 for an Authorize.Net gateway. In many cases, payments providers will be able to waive this fee if you negotiate. In fact a lot of providers will automatically waive this fee. I’m having a hard time imagining why Elavon would be charging you $500 for gateway setup. If you want to use Elavon, I’d suggest that you tell them you’ve talked to other companies who are willing to waive your gateway setup fee. Or – better yet – I’d suggest you get quotes from other companies so you can bring these official quotes to the bargaining table. Any of our higher rated providers would make good starting points.

    Let me know how this turns out!

    Good luck,
    Tom DeSimone

    RatingNot Rated
    Kent Yoder

    This company Screwed me out of nearly $12000.00. Put my money in a unclaimed funds Account. Then told me it was My bank. My bank went to bat for me, and found that elavon was the screw up. I have nsf checks all over and elavon said they aint paying the fees. They said my funds should be released but would take 7-10 days to get them. What B.S. This is there screw up and I should have my money Now.


    You may want to read up on how much more expensive “flat rate pricing” is before you support it. You do want to remain reputable, correct? Do a little reading and you’ll see where flat rate is terrible unless you process roughly $25,000 or less, annually. Just like in banking where a business owner should bank with a banker, not a bank, merchants need to find a merchant rep they can trust and do business with him or her, not the processor. Otherwise, they will see rate hikes over the years with Visa/MC Spring and Fall releases and additional ancillary fees.

    RatingNot Rated
    Tom DeSimone

    Hi Clay,

    We encourage most of our readers to seek out interchange-plus pricing instead of flat rate or tiered pricing. This review should not be taken as an all-encompassing endorsement for this pricing model.

    As the card networks increase interchange rates and network fees, merchants will see increases in their rates regardless of the pricing model used. If they do not see an increase in what they pay as cost of service increases, this means that they were paying too much to begin with.

    If you read the review, you’d have seen this line in the introduction:

    Your experience with Elavon, or any big acquirer for that matter, will rely mostly on the sales rep/reseller that sets you up with that account. Even if you go direct, there are still some reps that are more educated and/or ethical than others. The goal is to find a rep within Elavon that you feel comfortable with.

    So I absolutely agree with you that the importance of working with a great account rep cannot be overstated.


    RatingNot Rated
    Yann Mergui

    I can only say that Elavon is the worst company to process credit/debit cards transactions. They never paid the money they took from my customers on their credit/debit cards and they “lost” 1 transaction. So just in 1 hour i lost 212$.

    Trying to solve the problems it s impossible people are so rude there.

    If you want to be ripped off/scammed just sign with them. I think only people having no problems until now are happy but if things goes bad…..good luck!

    Leslie Bester

    Elavon’s contract indicates that the contract auto-terminates after 90-180 days of no transactions.
    LES.NET signed up to use Elavon years ago, but never implemented their services because we have an alternate provider.
    The contract did not auto-cancel itself.
    Elavon has charged us nearly $1000/year for a service we don’t use.
    We have been trying for 3 months to cancel the account, have numerous tracking and confirmation numbers that the account is cancelled, but we are still being charged for the account.


    RatingNot Rated

    Hi Leslie, I am having the same problem have you had any resolve?? I would love to chat with you.

    RatingNot Rated
    Andrew vawser

    Wish i had never signed up to Elavon lost count of the number of times we have phoned terminal helpdesk only been using the mobile device since august feel they should pay me for the wasted time,nearly every time i drive to another location i have to restart the device i feel like a second rate seller and apologise before i try and take payment in case it doesnt work first time will cancel contract when it expires got any idea as to a more reliable merchant service for august this year?

    Tom DeSimone

    Hi Andrew,

    That sounds really frustrating. It’s disappointing that Elavon wouldn’t just set you up with a different wireless terminal, since the problem you describe seems to stem from the device more so than the actual payment processor. You can avoid wireless fees by using a smartphone card reader. Both CDGcommerce and Dharma Merchant Services would gladly set you up with a very reliable merchant account and a low-cost or free reader for your phone. If you’d prefer to use a wireless terminal, both of these providers can also set you up with that service, although it will cost more.

    Make sure to cancel your contract in writing with enough advanced notice (60+ days), in accordance with your contract terms. Otherwise, it will auto-renew and you’ll be stuck paying the early termination fee. Check your merchant agreement for your unique terms.

    Good luck!

    RatingNot Rated

    Elavon is a horrible company. I have been with them for about three years now and have continually seen rate increases and misc charges for crap I don’t want or even care about. They add charges to your bill and do not tell you what they are for. I just received a bill that contained a $12.99 charge under the heading of RSPACKAGE. When I called to find out what that was, the rep said it was a NEW monthly charge to help pay for customer service costs. I don’t need their customer service unless THEY screw something up. Time to find a new provider.

    RatingNot Rated

    One of the least trustworthy companies I ever had privilege of working with. I’m not sure where the term “transparency” comes from, but this business does not know the definition of it. Nickel and dime fees left and right, along with variable rates based on cards accepted. This is not what I signed up for when I went into my bank and requested credit card processing service for my business. The $195 service cancellation fee was a nice gesture on their part as well. I have not been this upset with a company’s business ethics. I

    chris english

    Hello, stay away from Elavon, they wont release me from a expired cosigned contrant and I havent worked fo UberRoofing in 6 months and they are blaming me for [edited: name removed] debt of 8000$. I have done everything to say cancel and repeated harrassment. I just dont know what to do! no one wants to help. stay away.

    RatingNot Rated
    tetchy spandrel

    Elavon, in collusion with McDevitt Car Sales of Mill Road in Dungaloe, Co. Donegal, Ireland, attempted to extort a 3.5% commission from me on a tank of petrol. The service station converted my purchase into US Dollars without my consent, charging the fee on top of the purchase.
    When I complained, saying I was paying in Euros and did not need their high-priced currency exchange (thank you very much), they refused to refund my money. Fortunately, I had not yet endorsed the “consent by signing” sales receipt.
    My complaint to my U.S. card issuer triggered an immediate refund.
    I feel it was dishonest not to offer me a choice of paying in Euros, and reprehensible to refuse to _voluntarily_ refund my money. I expect they earn a fortune scamming inattentive, gullible tourists.


    This company just steals for small businesses just charge me %5.95 of large transaction, $5000.00 charges, when I called them and told them my rate is %1.67 and why do you charge me %5.95.They never told me they can charge this much, this is Highway robbery. I am going to take them to small claim court.

    The rating for this company should be F–

    RatingNot Rated
    june Robinson

    We switched to Elavon because of the low rates and we were getting raped by our chartered bank merchant services. We had no idea what was coming our way. At least the bank just charged really high fees. They took their fees and went on their way and built skyscrapers in Toronto.

    Elavon is a whole different animal. I returned a damage deposit through the phone system for $600. Elavon took $1200 out of our account. I was sick and called them to fix the problem. They said I ran it through twice. Um – no I didn’t. The first time it was declined. The second time it went through. They do not provide confirmation numbers so you have no reference number. I was told I could call the bank in China if I wanted to. So I stopped accepting credit cards in my business and Elavon charged me for the change in volume – back dipping into my account for providing no service. I put a stop payment on them but they are forever scanning my account.

    Last week I received a notice from them saying I was seriously delinquent in my account for $23. How could this be? I had never received a bill from them? You can’t pay a bill you don’t know you have. They continue to scan my acoount and the bank debits my account a $10 stop payment fee every time. So I went to the bank and said STOP! This week I received another letter from Elavon saying they would ruin by ability to ever accept credit cards again if I didn’t pay $23. Is that not extortion? I have sent them a letter advising them I will happily pay my account with an invoice for a legitimate service. I offered that they can email it for faster turnaround. It will be interesting to see if there is a legitimate reason for the amount. DO NOT get involved with this company! The dipping into your bank account for unexplained reasons will never stop. They work by theft and extortion. It is worse than having a loan shark.

    RatingNot Rated

    I have worked with various credit card companies. An elevon representative made all sorts of promises and offered all of these great rates if I signed a 3 year contract. After 2 months or so, the changed the rates. They then added about 300$ in extra fees throughout the year. When I complained, they told me that It was in the fine print that I would have to pay any extra fees. Yet they couldn’t explain what exactly the fees were for. After 2 years, I decided to cancel early. It is a 14$ a month charge not counting any fees, and I could use intuit or square for free. I called the company and asked to be removed. They agreed. Then 3 months later I noticed they were still taking out fees. I called again but they couldnt find my account and suggested I call the bank because they werent the ones taking out the fees. I call my bank, it’s elevon. It takes me a couple months to find the time to call them and sit on the phone and hold for over an hour. I try and cancel again. This time, they finally find my account, then tell me I had to fill out paperwork and fax it to them. I ask why I wasnt told this before? They treat me like I’m lying. I ask if I can have the fees removed, they say no. I fill out the paperwork and fax it. They receive it, send me an accepted fax…. YET! I am STILL having money taken out of my account. Worst company ever. Thieves and liars.


    We had to go to the bank and stop payment to get them to stop sucking over-charges from our account every 5-10 days. For 3 years I called, asking for details of the charges. I was constantly told someone would call me back. Nobody ever did. And they haven’t given us a statement in 3 years either..
    When they updated our machine, they cut our old one off first without telling us, causing us a very stressful week of waiting for a new one. The new one didn’t work and it took a few more days to “configure”
    We had purchased ours so I asked if there was a charge to upgrade. They said of course not.
    Then as soon as the new machine was installed, $200 sucked from our account again. When I called, I was told it was for the upgrade.
    I had enough, put a stop payment on my account and then quess what. Those people who wouldn’t call for 3 years, started calling EVERY DAY.
    One sided-classless, horrible, stressful, unfair, illegal operation this is. You will regret it for all time.

    Rik Rafuse

    Elavon continued to bill me for 4 months after I called in and closed the account & sent in the POS machines. It was only after repeated calls & sending in an “account closure form” that they stopped monthly billing of my credit card. Poor service!!


    SAME problem with me. Only Ive sent in the forms and they are STILL billing me. I have fought with them on the phone various times and theyre rude. ITs been 6 months of billing me!!

    RatingNot Rated
    Marilyn Germann

    My experience with Elavon is a nightmare. They sent me a terminal that did not work. After several hours on the phone, trying to get it fixed, the representative declared that the equipment must be broken. He offered to send another. However, I told him not to, because I needed it for that three day weekend. I lost sales because I did not have a credit card reader. The following week, Ireceived a second machine (even though I said not to send one because it would not arrive on time). I called and spoke with [edited: name removed].. She said to return both machines. Later, I saw that Elavon took money out of my account for these two machines. I asked the bank to fix that problem. The bank is still trying to resolve that. The next month, they took another withdrawal from my account. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY. The issue still has not been resolved. The bank said I will have to close my account to stop the company from taking more money out of my account. This is fraud. They did not have my permission to take money out of my account for nothing. They did have my permission to take money out for the service and equipment — the they never provided the service and equipment. This is blatant Fraud. Three people in the company knew that the equipment did not work. I am rating them a one star only because they don’t have the option for no star (without being assumed that no star means no rating. This is a nighmare! And it still is not resolved.

    Stephen McCrea

    My experience with Elavon (via Costco) is turning into a nightmare. They sent me a terminal that did not have an ethernet connector like it was supposed to have. We were able to hook it up to the only phone jack after unplugging our wireless phone base at the back of the store then we discovered that debit was not configured. Two service calls later after about 30 to 60 minutes wait each we had a new terminal on order and the debit issue resolved but we still had to swap phone/terminal at each transaction and walk to the back of the store. Four days later the new terminal arrives (after the weekend) and it works fine except for debit. After a couple of hours on the phone it was not resolved and we were informed that only the day shift had the resources to fix the problem. A total cluster fail. If it weren’t for the low rates I would dump them in a heartbeat.

    RatingNot Rated
    gwen stover

    I too have become a victim of this companies unsportsmanlike tactics.
    We tried to leave our present credit card processor but would not let us out of the contract so we tried to contact Elavon to cancel, not happening. The first month they took out 147.00 from my account and did not do one thing give me any equipment or provide any service except for releaving me of my money, but that does cost.
    Right now [edited: name removed] is working on the problem and may get some resolution. They will cancel me for 200.00, lets figure this out they have taken the first 147 and now want 200.
    However it may be a deal since I do not want to ever see this name again.

    RatingNot Rated

    As of September 2012, Elavon no longer has an Early Termination Fee. The philosophy is to maintain clients with outstanding service and competitive pricing and not a prisoner due to penalty for early termination. As an Elavon Account Executive, this speaks volumes to Elavons’ reputation.

    RatingNot Rated

    That’s not true. I just spoke to them on the phone and they said that my termination fee is $250. then they didnt cancel it and kept charging me a monthly fee. That speaks volumes about this company.

    Paul Thomas

    It’s true for new customers as of that point. It’s based on the contract that you signed. If the application you signed had a contract with a cancellation penalty for a certain duration then it remains in effect. If you sign a contract after the date when they quit doing such penalties then you don’t have penalties. I would think that would make sense. Some people have other expectations I guess.

    RatingNot Rated
    Daniel Peterson

    Don’t use Elavon I had them for many years when then they started to raise my rate. When I called about it they told me I was considered high risk and they couldn’t lower my rates. I have NEVER had a charge back. I am a small company and when they first raised my rates I started to encourage my clients to pay with check or cash. When my volume dropped off they raised it again. I called again and was told they couldn’t lower my rate.

    Then I found a new Merchant account with a much lower rate, and a much lower monthly fee. After trying the new company out for a while and being satisfied I called to cancel my account. I was told they would send me the cancellation form to fill out and send back. It never arrived. I looked on their website and couldn’t see it. I called back and they said they would send it again. IT NEVER ARRIVED. I received another statement though. Finally I found the form another customer had posted online. I filled it out and sent it back. The account is still open and they say they haven’t recieved the form to close the account.

    This time it is going out certified mail.



    I have tried to send mine in twice so far and have spoken on the phone with them various times. I guess the deal with them is that they refuse to cancel accounts and just keep stealing from us forever. WORST COMPANY!


    NEVER lease a terminal from LADCO!!! 4 year auto-renewing lease, during the first term of which you will pay easily 10 times the cost of purchasing your own equipment! Just buy a new, up-to-date POS outright (Make certain that it is a model of equipment supported by them or whatever processor you choose before you buy). Elavon is as good as any large processor I know, but the sales channel/rep you choose or happen to get can make or break the whole deal. COSTCO offers a lot of value for a low price. Most bank reps gouge their merchants on pricing and offer little to no added value or support for the extra $. If the Elavon customer service rep you get is not knowledgeable or helpful, you can ask for their supervisor to get more qualified assistance with more authority to make things happen … Last reported Elavon direct PCI fees were annual $55 for dial-up POS & $175 for anything processing via internet or IP phone lines; noncompliance will run you $25-$30/month, so make sure to stay compliant! That’s my input from several yrs in the processing biz with some internal & external exposure to Elavon …

    RatingNot Rated
    Lori Berra

    I’ve had nothing but a nightmare experience with Elevon & Ladco! Still living on a hope and a prayer that they don’t destroy my small business.

    To start with, Elevon couldn’t get my account number right in their system and had my company name wrong in their database. They had two weeks to get this straightened out – not enough time? This is my wallet we’re talking about.

    This was enough to creep my out and search for another merchant service provider.

    That’s when Ladco proudly stepped in with their unethical practices and thievery. They’ve obviously got my account number right as they greedily helped themselves to charges and ficticious fees from my account. (Keep in mind that their equipment has been sitting in its original packaging next to my desk waiting to be picked up for over a month. Never, not once, plugged in.)

    I’ve never signed a contract with either company (although I’ve endured Ladco’s unique customer service tactics of screaming that I did when I called).

    I was hooked up with these two companies by USBancorp’s Private Client Group Division. Nothing has been achieved as yet but a lot of a lot of shoulder shrugging and passing the buck at my begging and pleading to please make these parasites go away.

    I can’t stop them. I can’t get out from under them. I can’t make them go away. I owe them nothing. They’re like a nasty rash that no medicine will cure.

    If you’re in dealings with them, best of luck to you and please pray for me as well.

    The worse part is what they do is “Legal”!

    RatingNot Rated
    Jason Sparks

    Costco Elavon is the best!! I’ve had great experiences. Honest, in my opinion!! Don’t understand why your having this problem, but I love my rep. They don’t bill you an arm and leg for early termination anyways. And if your saving money who cares about the 2 year agreement anyways. $95 is ninety-five!! Bottom line its a savings!!

    RatingNot Rated
    Howard Antes - Product Manager, Xtreme Hobbies

    we were running new wires under our desk when we unplugged the terminal we did our thing and we plugged the terminel back in and a tampering screen came on now we had black out s and we had to reset no problems thier but why did the system read tampering for down time was 1/2 hr tops of corce it was on a weekend the guy after asking 4 times ,told us we need a new terminal i say , no no no just from unplugging it ,159.00 for unplugging an plugging it back in excuse was it happens sometimes 300.00 new unit 159.00 refurbished for unplugging only in america i tell ya we now do cash only if thats how they want it its there product that failed an we own it , not to happy here in florida

    RatingNot Rated

    Rate reviews are easy to get. Just call your customer service number and ask for one. You can probably get your rates lowered just by asking.

    RatingNot Rated
    Anthony Quatroni

    You’re kidding me, right? Eleavon has an A+ business rating but they are the owners of Ladco Leasin, which is a predatory, villainous “company” that preys on the trust rlationship between merchants and their own banks. I personally wanted to take credit cards in my business and Key Bank here in Pawling, NY sent me a merchant services rep who slick-talked me into signing a contract that I thought was legit. A week later I get the terminal and a letter from Ladco Leasing that I am in a 4-year lease for a credit-card terminal that’s worth 1/10th the cost of the lease. There’s no breakdown of the lease at all, no interest rate or anything that shows me the details of this so-called lease. Doing a search for “Ladco Leasing” brought up hundreds of complaints against this ratbag company for exactly the same thing: Merchants trust their bank, so they sign the contract usually without question. Ladco needs for this exact scenario to happen so they can then attack the merchant’s bank account with ACH withdrawals. Trying to cancel the “lease”, even within the first 30 days, is fruitless, as they now have your routing and account numbers and can withdraw at will. I am still in the process of trying to get away from these clowns, and simply because I signed a piece of papaer that my bank rep told me was ok, I am going crazy trying to get away from these predators. The only reason the BBB hasn’t done anything to them is because they fly under the wing of Elavon which has a good rating and somehow it extends to them. There are literally thousands of complaints against Ladco but no one seems to want to do anything to them for this travesty. However, I have heard that there is a large class-action lawsuit being drawn up for fraudulent business practices and misleading conduct on the part of the bank reps. I have the feeling their ship is about to take a cannonball to the stern very soon and I certainly hope so.

    RatingNot Rated
    Les Derstein / Wind Heaven Inc.

    A local Bank of the West employee here in Wichita Kansas approached me with a sales pitch that would save me money when compared to my current cc processing company. The person came across as their merchant services and further led me to believe that the services would be through the Bank of the West. After talking more about the services with a Bank of the West employee in Nebraska via phone , I signed a contract. Someone later was supposed to call me and give me an orientation and get me set up. This never happened. I continued on with the company I was doing business with at the time. As time went on, I called the individual a number of times in Nebraska, who never returned my calls. I later noticed several times money being withdrawn under the name of Merchant Services, I associated that name with the company I had been doing business with and never thought twice about it. I became suspicious of the debits in late 2012 and learned that it was coming from Elavon, after having my bank and First Data (our current processing company) do an inquiry of the numbers attached to my bank statement debits. When I called Elavon they gave me a run around answer and said that I had signed a contract. They skirted the issue that they had never processed one credit card since my signing of the contract. During this period of 1 1/2 years, my current cc processing company that I have had for at least 3 years had processed every cc sale the company had while Elavon was debiting the company’s bank account. Bank of the West is blaming Elavon and saying they cannot do anything because the Bank does not process cc’s . The Regional Manager of the Bank stated to me on March 20th 2012 that the Bank of the West has a partnership with Elavon. Hmmmmm, can the Bank have it both ways when they acknowledge a partnership and use deceptive practices to sell a merchant account to businesses? I have retained an attorney and will go after the Bank of the West and Elavon as much as legally possible. I would like to know more about the pending class action suit and be able to contribute what I can. This company along with the local Bank branch should be held accountable for misleading information and stealing from local small business’.
    Only in numbers can we stop this. Please contact me at les@windheaven.com and let me know your situation with a local seller of Elavon and your

    Paul Thomas

    Here’s the cold hard truth. I’m one of those guys who actually sets these accounts up, so I know exactly what the paperwork looks like. HOWEVER, I was also a branch manager for a bank that referred customers to reps that set my customers up with accounts and I had customers feel the same way you do – that they weren’t aware of what they had gotten stuck with. Now, as I sign customers up, I make sure they are aware of exactly what they’re signing. BUT, here are the facts. Elavon gives the option for people to have their existing terminal reprogrammed, a new one purchased, a lease done for a new one, or a bundle set up which includes other products and/or services packaged together and considered a lease in that package. Ultimately the best deal for many businesses would be to reprogram their machine or buy a new one but there are times that it’s not the best option. The question is what makes the most sense for the customer. There are cases for each option being the best for different customers. The sad thing is that all too often the wrong option is sold to the wrong business for the wrong reason. This IS NOT just an Elavon thing. As a sales rep I see this a lot more often with customers whose business I am trying to get away from competitors than when I am reviewing the accounts of actual Elavon customers. Elavon does strongly push for ethical sales tactics. Elavon’s applications at least today include a place where customers have to initial acknowledging that they are aware that they are accepting a NON-CANCELABLE lease for “X” months at “X” price per month. If that same clause is on an application that anyone is disputing or complaining about then I’d be a bit concerned about what other things they may have signed throughout their lives. I’m sorry you had this horrible experience, I really am. Keep in mind that in an industry that seems like it’s full of used car salesmen types, Elavon does try to stay above that level but I’m not naive enough to think that there are not those among us that do indeed do things they should not. We try to get rid of those as soon as we find the issues. I’d say your experience is more of a bad salesperson experience and now being held accountable for what you signed than it is a bad experience with the company. That’s my cold hard fact opinion that’s hard to accept probably but it’s probably true.

    RatingNot Rated

    […] Payment Processor(s): First Data, Global Payments, Chase Paymentech, TD (Toronto-Dominion), TSYS (Vital) or Elavon (NOVA). […]

    RatingNot Rated
    Tracie Hannick

    I will never do business with them again as soon as I can get switched! They have pulled unauthorized charges out of my account for 3 months in a row. All related to the PCI fee. They are “having system problems” that are to blame and yet no one can seem to fix it. If I can ever get the account straight I am going to switch. Terrible accounting on their part and terrible customer service in keeping it straight.

    RatingNot Rated
    Gunther Keil

    Elavon charges me 5.32 % for processing the unqualified credit card charges. I think that is very high and I am looking for a different company to process my charges.

    RatingNot Rated
    Helpful Tip

    Request a rate review. You can have one every six months but you have to ask for it. If you have an offer from a competitor you can submit this with your request to see if it can be met or beat.

    RatingNot Rated
    Jason Grunstra

    It seems like it’s just part of their “co-branded merchant program” as outlined here:


    As opposed to their “white label merchant program” which many other ISO’s use. One easy way to find the while label ISO’s is to just do a Google search for “Accepted by Elavon, Inc” (include the quotes) to find any website that has a link to a merchant application with Elavon as the acquirer. Since Google even searches within PDF’s and Word Doc’s, you’ll actually get decent number of results.

    RatingNot Rated

    Nice review.

    As an FYI, Elavon’s Costco program doesn’t currently have a fee for PCI compliance.

    Not sure how long that will last, but it looks like Costco is helping out their members on that for a while.


    RatingNot Rated

    I’m not really sure why the link to Elavon was deleted since this review is ABOUT Elavon.

    But if you are a Costco Member, they have a great program for us. Just Google Costco and Elavon and the site will come up.

    I wasn’t spamming with a competitive site. I was actually saying, I agree that Elavon is a very good company and has an additional program that could be of benefit.

    This may be edited too, but whatever, it’s your site.

    RatingNot Rated
    Merchant Maverick Admin


    I re-added your link for now, but keep an eye out for an explanation of why I removed it in the first place.

    I appreciate your understanding.

    RatingNot Rated
    Merchant Maverick Admin


    Generally reseller’s of merchant services would be considered separate entities especially if they have their own sales/customer service departments. It seems that Costco’s relationship with Elavon isn’t setup that way. So long as Costco doesn’t handle any of the sales and customer service aspects of the business, then yes, Costco’s merchants services can be considered synonymous with Elavon’s. I’m going to look into this a bit more, and see it that’s the case.

    I’ll be in touch.

    RatingNot Rated

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