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  • Updating constantly
  • Great inventory features
  • Advanced purchase order options
  • Online ordering


  • Reporting weak compared to competitors
  • Poor offline functionality


Having personally interacted with more POS systems than I care to keep track of anymore, I have arrived at the point where I can basically guess at the quality of a system based on a cursory glance at the vendor’s website. I’m not sure whether it’s my experience with POS, my “we’re best at everything all the time” B.S. radar, or my woman’s intuition, but I seem to have developed a pretty accurate sixth sense for these things. I have to admit, though, that I underestimated this California-based company and their POS system, talech (yes, with a lowercase t).

In my defense, the website does make the system out to be a fairly standard POS, touting all of the “state-of-the-art” features that have become industry standards: cloud technology, simple and intuitive design, a decent reporting suite, and a passable list of integrations. What I didn’t realize, though, is that talech is evolving so quickly even the web designers can’t keep up. Releasing a new version of the software with bug fixes, general improvements, and new features every two to three months (sometimes more often), this modest little system has swelled into a franchise-ready POS currently running on over 12,000 devices.

Built with advanced inventory features, in-house marketing capabilities, and the ability to integrate with virtually any payment processor, talech takes your standard POS to the next level. Though not without its faults, this software is still on par with its top-ranking competitors, establishing talech as a formidable contender in the POS market.

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talech has some pretty competitive pricing, especially considering the level of functionality that comes with the software. You can schedule a 30-minute demo before choosing between two pricing plans:

  • Standard, $69/mo ($62/mo billed annually in one full payment) – The Standard feature set is designed for simple establishments that don’t need more advanced functionality, though it is still capable of handling multiple outlets. Each additional device is $39/mo ($35/mo billed annually).
  • Premium, $99/mo ($89/mo billed annually in one full payment) – The Premium plan comes with features full-service restaurant and retail businesses will need: more advanced inventory management, purchase order generation, a table layout, automatic discounts, and gratuity, etc. The $69 (or $62) monthly charge includes one register. Each additional device is $49/mo ($44/mo billed annually).

talech also offers specialized pricing for franchise-level businesses under the heading ‘Enterprise.’ For a custom price quote, you must call or email talech directly. 

You can also add on talech’s new online ordering integration for an additional $49/mo.

Cloud-Based or Locally-Installed:

talech is entirely cloud-based, which means none of your data is housed locally on your devices, but rather stored on external servers. These servers communicate with your device via the cloud and require an internet connection to do so. This, unfortunately, means that in the event of an outage, you’ll only be able to accept cash transactions. You also won’t be able to access your back office. Of course, you can set up backup options in case this happens by purchasing a specialized router or iPads with data plans.

Specific Size of Business:

talech is completely scalable. The pricing and functionality of both plans make it accessible to small single-location businesses, but it is also designed to suit businesses with over 25,000 SKUs and upwards of 25 locations. talech currently serves merchants who are bringing in anywhere from $200,000 to $10 million a year.

Specific Kind of Business:

The plan in which you decide to invest is largely going to be determined by the type of business you have. The Standard version of the software is best for cafes, quick service restaurants, food trucks, clothing and bookstores, and thrift and gift shops. The Premium version is best for full-service restaurants and bars, and more complex retail businesses.

Ease of Use:

Staying true to the DIY model of the 21st Century, this POS is designed to be easy to setup and use. talech has recently undertaken several updates to make their system to be more intuitive and “Apple” like. Honestly, your average merchant should be able to get essential functions up and running with little or no help from the how-to articles or technical support. You can watch support videos to get an idea of how the different parts of the system operate, but the trend is that the basic functions (register layout, hot key and product creation, employee and customer profile creation, etc.) are pretty easily configured, while advanced functions may require more assistance. This is to be expected when you’re creating product bundles, generating and tracking email campaigns, and customizing automatic discounts, but all that considered, it’s still pretty easy to use.

Hardware and Operating System Requirements:

talech operates on most iPad models: iPad 3 and 4, iPad Air and Air 2, iPad Pro, iPad Mini 2, 3, and 4. As for your network requirements, you want to have a download speed greater than 3 Mbps and an upload speed of at least 1.5 Mbps.

In an effort to make peripheral shopping as simple as possible, talech sells most of its hardware options in bundles geared toward certain business types. For example, the Mobile & Outdoor Events bundle comes with a headphone jack magstripe swipe and a Bluetooth printer. Conversely, the Grocery/Yogurt Shop bundle comes with an iPad stand, chip reader, receipt printer, cash drawer, and weight scale.

talech POS review

Though you don’t have to source your hardware directly from talech, you will need to make sure that whatever equipment you end up purchasing integrates with the software. You’ll want to take a look at talech’s hardware page to make sure you’re getting the correct model numbers.


The feature list found on talech’s website is one of the things which originally led me to believe that the software was less impressive it actually is. It isn’t that the list is short (it’s actually rather long), it’s that the list doesn’t accurately capture talech’s depth of functionality. I’ll try to remedy that by explaining what sets talech apart.

  • Register – Aside from basic functions, talech allows you to issue cash back on overpayments, split or make partial payments, capture customer signatures, and designate tips on your device. You can also create percentage and dollar amount discounts and assign them as hotkeys for easy access. Additionally, you have the ability to customize automatic discounts, stack discounts, and offer loyalty-based discounts to customer groups.

talech POS

  • Cash Management – You can open your cash drawer with a starting till count and track voids, payouts, cash drops, and pay-ins throughout the rest of the day. When you make a payout, you can designate whether it’s for tips, inventory, or some other expense with the option to add a note at the bottom. Of course, all actions are tracked by time and employee.

talech POS

  • Customer Management – It’s possible to import your customer list if you’re moving to talech from another system, though you’ll have to send your list to them so they can import it on their end. With these records, you can monitor past orders, view customer metrics (days since last visit, # of visits, total and average spent), and track store credit by customer. Even more impressive is the ability to generate email campaigns that can be sent to your entire database or specific customer groups. What’s more, the system tracks how many customers have taken advantage of the offers in your emails so you know how effective they are.
  • Inventory Management – Inventory is certainly one of talech’s greatest strengths, with the ability to create multi-level variations, batch-edit products, set fixed or variable prices, and generate product barcodes on a PDF that can be printed from any device (meaning you don’t need to invest in an expensive barcode printer). You can also track product history and performance with the inventory log and configure applied, inclusive, and flat rate taxes on a per-item or per-category basis. talech gives users the ability to create complex products like bundles. This makes it possible to group certain items and sell them as one unit, while still tracking the raw materials that make up the set. talech recently added the ability to sync products, categories, and even discounts across multiple locations. 

talech POS

  • Purchase Orders – Not every system has the ability to generate purchase orders, let alone offer advanced features to make the process simple. After you’ve created your supplier list and designated which products are from each supplier, it’s easy to pull up a list of products from a particular vendor for a comprehensive list of what needs to be added to your PO. You can set a low count alert, and even set up purchase orders to be auto-generated when stock quantities hit a certain level.
  • Employee Management – Aside from the time clock, employee roles, and customizable access controls, you can track employee sales and actions, and even transfer orders between employees for accurate sales data. talech recently added unique employee ID numbers so that you can track your employee’s actions and sales. Another great feature, just released, is the option to adapt manager swipe cards to your POS system. These cards will allow card holding managers alone the ability to void orders and complete other administrative actions.

talech POS Review

  • Online Ordering – talech just rolled out an exciting feature for restaurant owners—the ability to integrate an online ordering system. You can create your own branded website, integrate with your current payment processor to allow for online payments, manage your online orders in your current POS system to avoid confusion, keep your customers up to date on the status of their order by enabling email notifications to be sent out, and keep track of customer’s online ordering data (for reporting purposes). Also, if your business is getting particularly swamped during a big lunch or dinner rush, simply pause online ordering directly from your talech register. This feature costs an additional $49 per month.
  • Reports – Though not the most extensive reporting suite I’ve ever seen, talech offers a decent selection. Among other things, you can track all your top performing products and employees, view the inventory log that breaks down your product information, and view customer data that displays when someone was last in your store, how often they visit, and how much they tend to spend.

talech POS

  • Advanced Restaurant Features – Note that these only come with the Premium version of the software: table layout, split, and merge orders, assign table positions to items, coursing (assign dishes to be made and served in courses), automatic gratuity, ability to split check by table position (seat). You can pre-authorize credit cards as well, which is helpful when setting up a tab.

talech POS

Integrations and Add-Ons:

At first glance, it might appear from talech’s partner page that they don’t integrate with many third-party business applications. This isn’t entirely accurate, though, since the company works with OneSaas, which acts as a go-between for talech and over thirty different programs. This list includes:

talech has also opened their API to certain developers. In the effort to ensure a quality integration and partnership, they’re not offering API access to just anyone, but if you’d like to build an integration you are invited to contact talech about it.

Compatible Credit Card Processors:

talech has partnered with several banks and payment processors to make it possible for you to choose virtually any merchant services provider you would like to work with. They specifically list Elavon and Global Payments as EMV-compliant processors that integrate well with the system, but the actual list is much longer.

Customer Service and Technical Support:

talech boasts some pretty impressive numbers when it comes to technical support. The company reports an average customer satisfaction rating of 85% or higher, with over 90% of calls answered within 30 seconds and over 75% of problems resolved within the first phone call. And all that 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Phone – Available 24/7 with practically no wait time.
  • Email – Although this service is also available 24/7, you could be looking at a 12-24 hour response time. I sent an email in around 6 pm and it was answered within two hours, but if you’ve got a more pressing issue, I would recommend calling in.
  • Knowledgebase – If you don’t feel like contacting support, you can always do some troubleshooting yourself with the searchable database of help articles. There are also some training videos covering the basic functions.
  • Installation Assistance – If you’re looking for extra help getting started you can hire BoomTown’s professional on-site services for an extra fee.

Negative Reviews and Complaints:

While the internet is not overflowing with negative talech reviews, no product is perfect and there are still some areas where talech could use some development:

  • Reporting – This area is certainly not as robust as it could be, especially for larger and more complex businesses. You might even need a third-party reporting program to supplement the system, depending on your business needs.
  • Hardware Limitations – I don’t mean to say that talech doesn’t offer a decent array of hardware capabilities (the ability to integrate a weight scale, for example), but the fact that the register runs exclusively on the iPad is a turnoff for some people. The next step in hardware integration is the ability to run your POS on virtually any platform, and talech isn’t quite there yet.
  • Limited Offline Functionality – This is to be expected of any cloud-based software, but many of the top-performing POS vendors have found ways to work around internet outages and keep their systems running almost seamlessly in the midst of them. talech isn’t quite at that level yet, and I’d like to see the company take the next step into cloud-based technology.
  • Customer Service – Several customers have complained about long wait times or poor customer service experiences.  

Positive Reviews and Testimonials:

Like I stated previously, there are not a ton of comments online about talech, but of the ones I found, many were positive:

  • Ease of Use – Lots of talech customers are impressed with how easy the system is to navigate and use.
  • Customer Service – Of the comments referring to customer service, there were many more customers with positive reports.
  • Pricing – For the number of features you have access to, talech’s monthly subscription cost is difficult to match; many customers cite this as a major reason behind their decision to go with talech.  

Some additional positive points about talech:

  • Integration Options – You aren’t locked into a contract with a “preferred” credit card processor with this software. Nor are you limited to one or two integrations with third-party accounting, eCommerce, or email marketing programs. Your options abound.
  • Food Service and Retail – It’s difficult to offer an all-in-one POS that has the built-in functionality to suit both retail and foodservice establishments, but talech somehow manages to pull it off in a way that not even ShopKeep can compete with.

You can also find videos from talech users on the company’s testimonial page to get an idea of what people tend to like about it. You’ll hear a lot about its ease of use, accessibility, reporting, and general wealth of functionality and data.

Final Verdict

What isn’t to like about talech? Sure, the reporting suite could use a little beefing up and the offline functionality isn’t much to brag about (at least not compared to other 5-star rated software we’ve reviewed), but that’s all I’ve got to complain about. This system already offers an impressive array of features at an exceedingly affordable price, yet talech continues to take it to the next level. Bolstered by the new release of an integrated online ordering system for restaurant users this January (and the recent addition of the ability to create bundled items), talech seems determined to keep striving for a greater level of functionality and usability.

Though this POS may not be right for everyone, it’s definitely worth a shot for anyone in the retail or food service business. I recommend taking talech out for a spin.

Elizabeth Cranston

Elizabeth Cranston

Writer and Reviewer of Point of Sale Software at Merchant Maverick
Elizabeth Cranston is a writer and native Oregonian who lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. She enjoys researching and getting to the bottom of questions relating to the Point of Sale industry.When not writing about and researching Point of Sale software, she can usually be found overindulging in Dutch Bro's coffee, making others laugh, or listening to music.
Elizabeth Cranston
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    judy shatkin

    Talech is not ready for prime-time for a busy fine-dining restaurant/bar.I wish talech was what was advertised because we are many months into it and the software is just not up to snuff to take care of, especially, a high-volume bar.I think their main issue is lack of sufficient development staff. Another issue for us is them claiming during their online sales pitch call that their system was appropriate for our fast-past fine-dining restaurant bar. Lack of sufficient development staff: We have found many bugs and inefficiencies in the short time we’ve been able to use talech. It says online “customized for your needs”, but right now in spite of spending over $10k in consultation fees with our local salesman/information technologist we can’t even fully transition to talech because they weren’t really ready for our type of business and they aren’t responding to our issues.The system is NOT good-to-go for a busy bar. There is no ability to key in an order and open a cash drawer without going through multiple selection screens. In addition, in order to start a tab, at least with our chip reader/swipers, you can’t simply swipe a credit card and get the process going. Starting a tab requires typing in either a table/bar seat number, customer name, or searching for a customer name, as opposed to being able to simply touch and select. Even finding a regular customer name is multiple steps and keystrokes. As a result, we are currently using talech for our restaurant/tables and 2touch (our old system) for the bar. In a slow business these elements might not be a problem, but when you’re dealing with hundreds of customers waiting for service every keystroke counts–especially the ones that you know simply should have been programmed better.Reports: Touted as one of the most appealing parts of the system, the reports don’t do basic restaurant report functions. We want to see what percent was sold food/wine/beer/liquor/parties and this is not available. We would like to have details on the daily report on comps and this is not available. Their is now house credit for comps, but after issuing hundreds of dollars of comps last night (due to a broken kitchen printer cable–not talech’s fault) I am seeing a zero balance in house credit summary. We would like to email reports end of day to our management and this is not available. Bugs: Even the split function which is being promoted to sell the product on their main home page has problems, in that when you are splitting between positions the keyboard keeps popping up and you have to keep force-hiding it. A new issue popped up last night: servers are entering orders and they are not getting printed. This is a HUGE problem, of course. We are not sure why this is happening. I watched a server enter a Blue Moon and hit send and then hit save and nothing came up on the printer. The next time he did that it did print. We are simply unsure why this happened, but it is incompatible with running a restaurant. If we don’t figure this out we will have to abandon talech.IMPLEMENTATION ISSUES: We actually planned to launch January 2017 but could not do so until April 2017. We thought they were going to assist with the transition from 2touch, but really it was on us, so that took a good chunk of time. We then suffered from their lack of preparedness to utilize chip-readers and a huge delay in syncing up with our merchant services. (It’s a plus that we can choose our merchant services, but we did not expect 6-8 weeks of implementation delay because of it.)The BoomTown training we received was a waste of time, as the trainer knew nothing past the easiest functions, so multiple times during our short online non-video! session with 10 managers present had to call for help from her own management while we sat and waited, and some questions she couldn’t answer at all.SUMMARY:I’m not abandoning talech, as we’ve invested too much time and money to start looking for an alternative. Additionally, there are great benefits to the hand-held system as far as speed of order delivery. However, we as a business feel like guinea pigs paving the way for possible success for future businesses using talech, while we suffer through and report all the problems and wait who knows how long for them to address our problems. After all, we are not retailers, and we are frequently reminded that this system was initially developed for retail.

      Melissa Skelton

      Thank you for the review, I am very interested in this system for the business I am getting ready to purchase. You did not mention anything about a layaway program in the system. We still have customers who do this every year. Does the talech system have that

        This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

        Chloe Bahal

        Hi Melissa,

        Yes, talech does have layaway functionality. Here is more information. I hope this helps and if you have further questions please don’t hesitate to let me know.

          This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


          Completely unsatisfied, and would never recommend this system to anyone. We have had issues since day 1. Customer service is alright sometimes, but not worth the troubles we have experienced. We have to reset the machine at least twice a day, sometimes it wont take credit cards, and we have to give away food at our restaurant for free, just to keep our customers happy. Not set up good for restaurants at all. Keyboard is not responsive enough. Seems like you have to push every button twice or more. Whole system freezes, etc. Looking for a better sytem at the moment, and we will have to start from scratch. Very disappointing.


            This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


            Hi,I thought I would share my (limited) experience with the talech system.Preface: My name is Brendin, and I do not own a restaurant, but I did grow up in one. My family has operated a medium sized restaurant for about 20 years. The entire time they were using all hand written tickets. They were recently approached by a rep from US Bank about Talech and they decided to give it a shot. Neither of my parents are very tech savvy, me on the other hand, I am a young graphic designer and web developer. Not an expert in my fields by any means, but defiantly know more than the average joe. But please keep in mind POS is not my main focus.Set Up: Setting up the talech hardware was pretty simple. Mostly plug and play. After running the dedicated network cable for the printers, the iPads were set up in about an hour. One thing we have noticed over time, download the app via talech’s website, NOT the app store. Apparently the app store version is not up to date (This may have changed since the last time I checked). Menu Set Up: We were first offered to have our menu set up by a talech member. But I asked if I could take the reins to see how I liked the system. Having worked with systems like shopify before, the paradigm of menus and variants makes sense to me. But as I explained how to create and manage the variants/menus, my parents were a bit lost. For those who and not tech savvy, you may want to enlist the help of someone who is.Updates: One thing that I did not expect from the beginning is the amount of updates to the system. And I don’t mean updates like “oh we fixed bug 92002”. I mean like every couple of month they have added a new feature. The blog goes over the updates. And with the release of iOS10 the front-end has seemed to get an entire overhaul! It seems promising to me for the system to improve like that. Future: Im not sure if talech ever reads reviews… but if they do, I hope they read this. I like the system but I think they could benefit heavily by opening up to more developers. I understand wanting to keep the quality high, but I think there is sooooo much to gain! I am a huge fan of shopify (e-commerce not POS) because how well they treat their developers and how they make the data accessible, light weight, and easy to develop. If talech and shopify teamed up, I think we could see the winning combo of restaurant e-commerce/POS integration. It only seems a few steps away for that to be a reality. I see that it is currently possible to integrate the two with OneSAAS. But opening the API like shopify has done, could boost talech’s growth even more!Negative: The one downside we have had for sure has been working with Elavon. This is a little outside of my field, but we have had a couple of issues with refunds AFTER 15 days. Some of our customers are a little older and only check their bank statements once a month in the mail. If they catch an error it becomes a hassle to issue a refund, simple because its past the 15 days. I know this is an issue with Elevon, but I had to mention it since talech seems to push it so much.I hope someone find this info useful!


              This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

              Mary Kelley

              Thank you Elizabeth for all your reviews – you have saved me from endless hours of research. I’m in agreement with the above commenter (Steve Cote). I will be contacting talech today! This is the POS system I have been looking for!

                This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

                Elizabeth Cranston

                Hello Mary! So glad that we could help you make the best decision for your business! I hope that talech is working out for you! Let us know if we can help you with anything else!

                  This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

                  Steve Cote

                  Hi Elizabeth. Man, am I happy I found your review. I love the fact it is un-biased and complete. I don’t feel like I need to read even one more review about the talech solution. THANK YOU for saving me time and for giving me peace of mind.Steve


                    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

                    Elizabeth Cranston

                    Thanks so much for your positive feedback Steve! We really try to provide our customers with clear, honest, and unbiased reviews so that you can make the best decision for your business! Please let us know if we can help you with anything else!

                      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

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