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New York, NY
Matt Sherman

Matt Sherman

Point of sale writer at Merchant Maverick
Matt Sherman has been immersed in point of sale systems for over a year now. Previously, he spent 14 years in the newspaper industry, the majority of which was as the sports editor for a pair of weekly newspapers in suburban Portland, Oregon. He is a graduate of the University of Oregon where he majored in English because he knows where the money is. Matt is the father to a pair of energetic boys and can easily be distracted by Netflix, Amazon and HBO Go.

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    Organization Name: VitaMoose

    Very happy with this and have recommended to multiple friends and family. Great product with great support

    • Organization Name: VitaMoose
    Brianna Demers

    Organization Name: Just Beecause Chocolates

    ShopKeep is very user friendly and the perfect fit for any small business! I can easily add new items into the system within seconds! I would highly recommend ShopKeep for anyone looking for a POS.

    • Organization Name: Just Beecause Chocolates
    Noor Alexandra Shikari

    Organization Name: Citrico

    I love shop keep. It makes keeping track of my expenses and revenue so much easier than the system I was using before. My favorite thing is they’re always adding new features and making upgrades that make thing even easier. And they take feedback into consideration when making upgrades and adding new features.

    • Organization Name: Citrico
    Carl Moore

    Organization Name: Treasure Trade Plus, LLC

    We are relatively new to the retail market. When we purchased our store it was run by the Shopkeep POS system. It was easy to learn and navigate in. It has been the best experience we have had with our business. Managing sales, inventory, and sales tax is so easy. Everything in one place.

    • Organization Name: Treasure Trade Plus, LLC
    Tina Paradiso

    Organization Name: Imprintable Solutions Ink

    I researched and got this system to work events for us. The ease and intuitiveness of the reporting is awesome! It has made our lives MUCH easier for taking payments and reporting results. I would recommend to anyone!

    • Organization Name: Imprintable Solutions Ink
    Joshua Johnson

    Organization Name: Ninja Fuel

    Different problem every week… thought it was great at first until there were time zone issues with reporting because the calls are taken in the UK… so I couldn’t narrow down what day the inventory went off and then had to wait until Monday for the engineers to address it… So my inventory went way off during the weekend and employees became aware of issues… I have issues here and there and can be overlooked but when my end of shift report is different than my summary report how am I supposed to know that my register is correct at the end of the day? I don’t know which number to use and the amount in the register if off from both numbers… I call in and they say let it sit overnight to complete the update? The register says 0 items pending in the qeue so it’s all been accounted for in the back office… now my employees know the inventory system doesn’t work right and is being consistently shorted 20 to 60 dollars and the inventory is off by big numbers… so I cancelled the service and am completely screwed because I have to use an excel spreadsheet and count everything by hand every night until I can find a new system that doesn’t have problems and I can trust… on top of all that I call in frustrated and these people on the phone take it personal like I am upset at them… obviously I am frustrated because now I get to spend even less time with my family because I have to figure out what I’m going to… do yourself a favor and use a different system…

    • Organization Name: Ninja Fuel
    Catherine Forino

    Organization Name: ShopKeep

    Hi Joshua,
    Thank you for providing feedback on your experience with ShopKeep. We are sorry to hear that the system was not a good fit for your business. We don’t take feedback like this lightly and have already circulated your information to the appropriate teams for further review.
    Thank you,
    The ShopKeep Team

    • Organization Name: ShopKeep
    Adrienne Anila

    Organization Name: Mama Fig Yarn and Art Collective

    Shopkeep has been lovely for a small store. It’s easy, it’s effective, it syncs with my webstore and mail chimp. The support is great. When I’ve made suggestions, they get implemented quickly.

    • Organization Name: Mama Fig Yarn and Art Collective

    Organization Name: Nirvana Culture & Vapor Shop

    If you’re searching for the “right” POS system for your business, you found it with Shopkeep! Shopkeep delivers everything I need to my desktop AND my phone. Having the option to check my sales on the fly is a huge bonus. The features and functionality built into this POS system are not only useful but easy to use. There’s not a huge learning curve like some of the other programs out there. You can get up and running in no time flat! The reporting feature is fantastic. It allows me to track sales and inventory and keep up with daily reports. The Dashboard keeps all my sales info in an easy to read organized fashion that displays right when you open the program. On top of a well-built and affordable POS system, customer service is top-notch . After trying three other systems, I finally found the best POS system for my business! Thanks Shopkeep!

    • Organization Name: Nirvana Culture & Vapor Shop
    Debbie Moore

    Organization Name: Farmhouse Spits and Spoons

    ShopKeep is great for retail business owners, especially new ones like myself. I have no retail background, and I needed a system that handled everything for me – inventory, tax reporting, sales, returns, gift cards, etc. I have found ShopKeep to be so easy to use. They provide training which is helpful in getting started. I love their phone number because I can call any time and ask a question or get guidance. Their website is great too for learning how to do anything! I’ve learned how to set up layaways on my own. I also have the clover for my credit cards; this is also a great system. I love how it all works together with my Quickbooks. I highly recommend this system and the great team that helps me be a success!

    • Organization Name: Farmhouse Spits and Spoons
    Jenny Hamilton

    Organization Name: Red Fox Frozen Yogurt

    Shopkeep is incredibly user friendly and intuitive. It makes it easy to train employees on the system, and is very straightforward and aesthetically well designed.

    • Organization Name: Red Fox Frozen Yogurt

    Organization Name: Indiana Vapes, llc

    I purchased an existing vape shop who was already using Shopkeep as their point of sale and inventory management solution. I decided to keep using Shopkeep and set up an account. I am very happy with Shopkeep! Their system is perfect for my shop. I am happy with the performance, the available tools, and the support I receive when I need a little help.I highly recommend Shopkeep.

    • Organization Name: Indiana Vapes, llc

    Organization Name: The Ione Public House

    This has been the best possible solution to our business needs at POS. We have tried a few others but none worked as seamlessly as Shopkeep. We run a Coffee House/ Full Restaurant Pub so we put the system through the ringer everyday and it holds up.

    • Organization Name: The Ione Public House
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