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ShopKeep By Lightspeed Review

ShopKeep was acquired by Lightspeed and is no longer accepting new customers, and we will no longer be regularly updating this review.

    Matt Sherman

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Matt Sherman

Matt Sherman

Expert Analyst & Reviewer at Merchant Maverick
A former sports editor and journalist, Matt Sherman has been writing about and researching small business software since 2015, with a special emphasis on retail and restaurant sales. Matt's expert opinions are cited in various industry publications, including Fox Business. He is a graduate of the University of Oregon.
Matt Sherman
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The Merchant Maverick Seal of Approval 🏆

ShopKeep POS

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After hours of in-depth research and evaluation, we can confidently recommend this brand to our readers. Get started today and see ShopKeep POS for yourself.

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    Organization Name: The Wandering Caravan

    The worst customer service I have ever experienced. I have argued with tech support on going about the credit card system not working, failing in the middle of transaction after transaction. I have accused of tampering with the hardware . I have been told that the mini clover is no longer being made. I paid $70 for over night shipping for new card reader for it not to arrive. I am still waiting. I spent hours on the phone with tech support to tell me the pos system is broken with nothing but I am sorry. and thank you! No solution. I have lost 100’s of dollars on faulty equipment that they are not willing to honor the factory warranty. I lost my entire back office inventory on a Saturday …imagine trying to sell inventory that is not even in the system. Apparently it was a glitch and still no compensation.

    • Organization Name: The Wandering Caravan
    M&M Market

    Organization Name: MMMarket

    If I could give negative stars …This is the worst system I have ever used in over 20 years of experience in the service and food industry.The hardware breaks down EVERY SINGLE DAY.We have the fastest level of internet speed, we upgraded because we thought it was our internet but alas, its Shopkeep hardware. There are only 2 choices for credit card processing, we are charged every time we have to manually punch cc numbers in and this happens SEVERAL TIMES a day.We are too busy to call customer service every time it happens. There have been times we have called, problem was fixed and then within the hour, it failed again: on and on and on and on… THE WORST SYSTEM. Has cost us time and money. Terrible.

    • Organization Name: MMMarket
    Cathy Berden

    Organization Name: Harbor Outlet LLC

    I am so angry with shopkeep. I literally spent 13 hours trying to get labels to print today. After three techs walked me through deleting and installing over and over and over again they left me dead in the water! I basically no longer have a store. My Grand reopening is Friday and I have no labels for my stock. Price keep going up and service is going down. I no longer can recommend shopkeep. Three days before my Grand reopening, I have to go shop for a new system.

    • Organization Name: Harbor Outlet LLC
    Willy Wang

    Organization Name: Taiwan Bento

    PLEASE DON’T MAKE THE MISTAKE OF USING SHOPKEEP. It used to be good, but is now TERRIBLE. Our small business has been with Shopkeep for years, and this will be the last year we use their service. They used to be based in SF but since being acquired by Lightspeed, the software and customer service has gone from bad to worse. Support used to be US based and would only go offshore during off hours, but now it ALWAYS goes to someone in the Philippines. STAY AWAY unless you like random software bugs that take weeks to fix and directly affect the customer and you want useless customer service that will make you want to pull your hair out.

    • Organization Name: Taiwan Bento
    Roxane Ward

    Organization Name: Buoy 56

    I just came across these reviews as I’m shopping for another POS. We have been with Shopkeep since we opened our doors just over 3 years ago and I have lost thousands of dollars due to the system crashes and equipment failures. From day one we have had nothing but issues with the Clover Mini All-in-One card reader/receipt printer that came with our system. They refused to send us another card reader and printer, then after the warranty period they told us there had been issues with that specific unit and we would have to purchase a new one. We were stuck with this unit that continuously fails to operate. It is a thermal receipt printer that never printed clearly and now you can hardly read it all when it’s working. The customer service tells you the same thing over and over (when you can reach them) regardless of what problem you are having. I was being told time and time again that it was my internet. I hired an IT professional to come in check everything out, no problems were found. I even moved across the street to another location where the internet was stronger and at the best speed possible, nothing changed because it was not the internet it was Shopkeep. Several fellow business friends from other locations were experiencing the same issues with Shopkeep and have since changed. A few of Shopkeeps representatives told me to just hold out until Lightspeed takes over, well, Lightspeed took over and there is no change. I do like most of the features of Shopkeep; however, there is definitely room for improvement as there are limitations. My biggest and most costly issues are with the glitches and equipment. This has not only been costly for me but we support a disabled children charity through my business and it hurts my heart that this trickles down to them. I’m not a fan of negative comments but we are in hard times and if I can prevent someone from having to go through what we have experienced, I will. So, right now I am actively shopping for a new POS system. Anyone with suggestions on tried and true POS for a growing brick and mortar (e-commerce coming soon) apparel, accessory, gift and home decor store, feel free to share!

    • Organization Name: Buoy 56
    Lucas Barry

    Organization Name: The Wine Shop at Serenbe

    If you enjoy wasting your time with a technical support team that just tells you to wait until they can address your issue during busy business hours, this is the company! Multiple calls over 2 days on the phone with no resolution to my issue. My issue: a brand new clover mini ordered off the Shopkeep site that apparently is not compatible with my ipad and needs technical service they cannot provide. I bought the mini, because the Ingenico readers I originally purchased are trash! Two readers burned out just over their one year warranty; this is the definition of planned obsolescence. I DO NOT recommend the equipment they provide and their customer support after merging with lightspeed is grade A Sh*#

    • Organization Name: The Wine Shop at Serenbe
    William Pidde

    Organization Name: Mettaxxas Tavern

    Have tried for over a month to retrieve my sales records . They make it impossible to obtain them . Even with 100% conclusive proof of ownership . Stay away , worst company ever!They deserve a zero star rating .

    • Organization Name: Mettaxxas Tavern

    Organization Name: The Garden Barn

    Besides having constant connectivity and software issues with Shopkeep over the last 6 years, we have recently discovered that they have double-loaded several gift cards over the last 3 years. It’s similar to a double charge of a customer, but in this case, they refuse to refund us almost $1000 they have stolen from us over time. If anyone is interested, I can show you how to check if you have been scammed too. I have warned them of a possible class action lawsuit and they don’t seem to claim any responsibility for the theft. DO NOT USE SHOPKEEP! They are crooks!! Email me at [email protected] if you want to see my process to find double-loaded gift cards.

    • Organization Name: The Garden Barn

    Organization Name: World Sports Nutrition LLC

    This company would not release my february and march 2020 pos reports because I had past due balance for months they billed me for, even though I told them that my business was temporarily closed due to covid-19. I paid my subscription fees for the months that I am asking for. This company is absolutely disgusting. I have given them thousands and thousands of dollars over the years. There is no compassion, no understanding, no partnership, and has no consideration for loyalty or in doing what is right. I wish I never would have given them a dime. Do yourself a favor and go with someone else, even if you have to pay a bit more for it. YOU WILL PAY IT ONE WAY OR ANOTHER – AT LEAST YOU WILL BE VALUED AND TAKEN CARE OF.

    • Organization Name: World Sports Nutrition LLC
    BRAT Vapor

    Organization Name: BRAT VAPOR

    Been charging me every month for a location that has been closed for more than a year and called me a liar saying I haven’t when my statements show ShopKeeps name on them where they are. Way overpriced also.

    • Organization Name: BRAT VAPOR

    Organization Name: The Wine Gallery

    The worst customer service. The app crashes constantly. Always has to be updated for bugs. Back-office is down at least once a month. They truly live up to the acronym POS.

    • Organization Name: The Wine Gallery
    Thomas Williams

    Organization Name: Snitchingladydistillery

    Worst company to deal with don’t deal with them they will play with you and not help you as a business

    • Organization Name: Snitchingladydistillery

    Hey Justin! Where is the Wine Gallery Located?? There’s one in my hometown and was curious if its the same one!

      Helene J Caviness

      Organization Name: Peace Place, Inc.


      • Organization Name: Peace Place, Inc.

      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

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