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It seems like no matter who we are or where we come from, we all end up taking a job in food service at one point or another. I can still remember my days of waiting tables through college; dealing with difficult customers, writing food tickets by hand, and adding up checks with a calculator (believe it or not, this was in the 2000s; the restaurant I worked at was just very technologically behind). These experiences were nothing special or out of the ordinary, unfortunately. Most people have similar unpleasant memories to draw from, including the team of former managers, bartenders, and servers who got together in the early part of this decade to design Breadcrumb, a cloud-based POS system intended to alleviate some of the major headaches of the restaurant/hospitality industry.

Breadcrumb, an easy-to-use, low-cost POS solution, was founded by Seth Harris, a former restaurant and nightclub manager with over 12 years of hospitality experience. Tired of costly POS systems that were outdated, slow, and unreliable, Harris decided to create a new kind of software that would not only made the jobs of restaurant crews easier, but also make establishments themselves more efficient and lucrative. Co-conceived with Harris’ friend and Two Bulls founder Noah Harlan, Breadcrumb allows hospitality businesses to focus on increasing business, rather than simply getting business done.

With features for specialty ordering, table management, and customer management, this POS has everything you’ll need to run a bar, restaurant, nightclub, or café. Best of all, the system works exclusively with the Apple iPad, making it a mobile POS solution. Servers can take and send orders directly at the table, as well as provide digital checks and collect payment.

Although it’s only been around for four years, Breadcrumb has already grabbed the attention of a couple high-profile New York restaurants: Donna, a Brooklyn favorite, and nu-Mexican hot-spot Empellon Cocina. In fact, this POS system has had such great success that Groupon recently bought the entire company for roughly $10-$15 million. Harris and his team were kept on board for their knowledge of the industry, expertise in the POS, connection to current customers, and extensive list of new leads. The Vice President of Groupon’s mobile division, Mihir Shah, describes Harris as “uniquely empathetic to the tight budgets and unique needs of business owners in the food and beverage industry, who often struggle to find technology products that will work perfectly for them.”


All plans include unlimited users and free upgrades for the life of the subscription. Keep in mind that the Breadcrumb app can be downloaded for free on as many iPads as you want, but only run simultaneously on as many as your plan allows. Though Breadcrumb does not offer any kind of free trial, it does have a 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee which allows you to return any hardware you ordered through the company and receive a refund for the subscription fee. As with any guarantee, this one is subject to terms and conditions.

There are four paid plans available:

  • Solo – $99 per month, up to 1 device.
  • Café – $199 per month, up to 2 devices.
  • Mid-Size – $299 per month, up to 5 devices.
  • Flagship – $399 per month, up to 10 devices.

Any more than 10 devices will require contacting the Breadcrumb sales department.

Web-Based or Locally-Installed:

Breadcrumb is web-based and exclusively mobile—the system will not work on traditional desktop computers, and is only suited for iPad use. Like other cloud systems, it may be accessed via a web browser, so to run the system you must have a wireless network and a broadband Internet connection. Fortunately, Breadcrumb has an Offline Mode, which allows you to keep operating during Internet outages.

Specific Industry:

Breadcrumb is built for quick service restaurants, full-service restaurants, cafes, bars, lounges, and nightclubs. The POS supports all sorts of ordering: table (eating in), to-go (eating out), delivery, and bar tabs. Basically, Breadcrumb is intended for any business that requires a menu.

Specific Size of Business:

Breadcrumb claims to accommodate all menu sizes, whether your dining selections are as extensive and intimidating as those at the Cheesecake Factory, or as small and specialized as In-N-Out Burger (though, smaller businesses seem to have better luck–see the “Negative Reviews and Complaints” section). Breadcrumb allows you to manage and compare data from multiple restaurant locations.

Ease of Use:

Breadcrumb features the kind of design, customization, and mobility that allows business owners to focus on earning revenue without the distraction of a complicated POS.

  • Design – The Breadcrumb interface is elegant and orderly. Navigating the system is extremely easy, making training new employees a simple task that can be done in less than a day. Since the system only runs on the iPad, swift and simple taps and sweeps of the finger operate the entire terminal.
  • Customization – Breadcrumb is highly customizable, allowing you to create as many menu items as you want and organize them to your liking into groups (e.g. appetizers, salads, entrees, drinks, etc.) that appear as tabs on the right side of the screen for easy access.
  • Mobility – The mobility of the iPad makes tableside ordering a breeze without the need for scratch pads or hand tickets. With a few taps, you can edit an item from the check by deleting or modifying items, indicating seat position, specifying quantity, and making notes (e.g. VIP guests, allergic to shellfish). You can even change the prices of certain items right at the order screen.

Hardware and Software Requirements:

Breadcrumb only operates on the Apple iPad, though Breadcrumb Live is accessible from any Apple and some Android devices (see “Product Features” for more info). Parameters for the iPad are very relaxed and the 16GB model has more than enough room for the app. Breadcrumb will not work on a PC or Mac (the software is built to run only on Apple’s mobile operating system iOS 8 or later).

In regards to peripheral hardware, Shopify hosts Breadcrumb’s POS Marketplace, where merchants can purchase supported hardware and warranties.

  • iPad, $399 to $499 – Though not necessary to do so, you do have the option of purchasing iPads through Breadcrumb’s online platform. They offer the iPad Air 16BG, iPad Air 2 16GB, and iPad Mini 3 16GB.
  • Wi-Fi Router, $99 to $379 – Breadcrumb supports the Apple Airport Express (which is the cheapest at $99) along with the Meraki MX64W and Meraki Z1. Both Meraki routers are sold exclusively for use with Breadcrumb software.
  • Receipt Printer, $320 to $370 – The Citizen Wired Receipt Printer is the less expensive of the two, but for $50 more you can get the Wireless Citizen Printer, which communicates with the Breadcrumb software through a 5GHz Wi-Fi signal.
  • Kitchen Printer, $292 – This is a wired mPOS Epson Impact printer with two-color order printing to highlight modification in red.
  • iPad Stand, $99 to $199 – Breadcrumb features the Slice 2 Stand for iPad Air 2 on its main website, though other options include the more basic Windfall and Simplicity stands. The Slice and Simplicity can both swivel for on-screen signatures, but not without paying an additional $50 for the rotation base.
  • Credit Card Swiper, $105 – The only swiper that will work with Breadcrumb is the Magtek iDynamo reader, which comes with either a 30-pin port or a lightning port.

Breadcrumb also offers several hardware and software packages on its site and advertises customizable packages available upon request.

Product Features:

Breadcrumb performs all necessary functions from the moment a guest is seated to the moment they leave: table management, seat positions, order-taking, adding modifiers, firing orders, printing checks, and accepting payment. What follows is a list of features that go beyond your basic POS software.

  • Customization – All of the terminal functions can be customized to your specifications at any time. Breadcrumb representatives can program the preferences to your liking when you purchase the system and then train you to make any future changes yourself.
  • Remote Printing – Customizable remote printing means that you can send orders and receipts to as many printers as you’d like (e.g. kitchen printer, bar printer, receipt printer). Terminals can even be set up to communicate only with certain printers or with all of them. It’s up to you.
  • Breadcrumb Live – Probably the most convenient of all of Breadcrumb’s management features is the ability to access all of the reporting functions through the Breadcrumb Live app for the iPhone and some Android phones. You can check on sales and real-time data from anywhere.
  • Breadcrumb HQ – This is sort of like the back office, where reports are generated; settings can be toyed with; and menus, items, and employees can be created from any device with an Internet connection. Access can be customized per employee responsibilities so not all employees can or should have access to Breadcrumb HQ.
  • Offline Mode – Since web-based systems require access to the Internet, Wi-Fi outages can cripple businesses, bringing transactions to a halt. Fortunately, Breadcrumb safeguards against this with Offline Mode, which encrypts and stores credit card data within the iPad until a wireless signal is restored and the transactions can be processed.
  • Order Functions – Breadcrumb comes with two modes: Quickserve and Server. Quickserve is designed for to-go ordering with menu items arranged as buttons on tabbed pages. Server mode, on the other hand, arranges the menu in a list on tabbed pages and includes a search function for item names.
  • Table Management – Number and organize tables by tapping and dragging them across your virtual floor plan. Divide tables in your restaurant into different zones for simpler server assignments and restaurant management. Color-coding allows you to keep tabs on occupied seats and the meal progression graphic shows which course a table of guests is on.
  • Course/Menu Management – Create as many menu items as you want and organize them to your liking. Store item descriptions within the menu so your servers can provide your guests with accurate descriptions of meal ingredients and preparation. You can cancel a menu item as soon as it runs out so servers and bartenders know it’s not available.
  • Reporting – Get reports on sales, payments, product mix, labor, check details, voids, comps, and pay in/pay out. The dashboard feature displays report summaries of your most important figures.
  • Employee Management – Track employee hours with the built-in time clock and keep your staff informed with the in-app bulletin board. Track cash and credit tips, customize employee access parameters, and assign roles.
  • Payment Options – Merge, transfer, or split checks, and process as many credit card payments as you want to pay off a check. Void, comp, or discount individual items or entire checks, set automatic gratuities (like for large parties), and provide either printed or emailed receipts.
  • Cash Management – Run checkout reports at end of shifts to balance your till. Set times at the end of day when the system will automatically reconcile batches with your credit card machine.
  • Security – Breadcrumb is PCI DSS compliant.

In compliance with the shift to EMV and chip card technology in October, Breadcrumb is also in the process of integrating EMV readers with its POS software. Breadcrumb’s blog states that they plan on having the modifications up and running by September.

Integrations and Add-Ons:

QuickBooks – Not surprisingly, Breadcrumb integrates with the popular accounting software QuickBooks. This function is performed through Breadcrumb HQ, where the system exports a journal file of your sales data that you can then upload to Quickbooks.

Groupon – One of Breadcrumb’s more popular selling points is its seamless integration with Groupon, making it easy for merchants to accept Groupon codes and measure the effectiveness of certain promotions. This integration also enables BPay, Breadcrumb’s payment processing service through Groupon.

Compatible Credit Card Processors:

Breadcrumb works with 6 different processors for its integrated credit card processing, 5 of which are highly ranked by Merchant Maverick: TSYS, First Data, Chase Paymentech, Heartland Payment Systems, and Global Payments. The sixth is BPay, Breadcrumb’s own payment processing system, which is it most customers end up using. Rates and fees vary from provider to provider. If you need help negotiating rates with any of these processors, let us know.

Even if you’d like to stick to your current provider but they are not one of the ones listed, Breadcrumb states:

“If your payment processor is not listed above, please send an e-mail to and we will look into the possibility of integrating with your processor.”

Customer Service and Technical Support:

Breadcrumb does not charge additionally for any sort of support plans, but that’s because most of Breadcrumb’s support is available online in training videos, a searchable support knowledgebase, a community forum, and also via email ( Individualized phone support from a Breadcrumb representative is available through a technical support line.

Although Breadcrumb has a blog and Facebook page, these social media outlets offer little in terms of system support information, focusing more on new Breadcrumb users and Breadcrumb events. However, the company has two Twitter feeds: one for news and the other for service updates and technical support questions.

Of the positive reviews I’ve read, very few have mentioned Breadcrumb’s technical support, leading me to believe there haven’t been many particularly positive experiences. The lack of positive reviews could simple indicate that merchants don’t have feelings one way or the other about the tech support. However, there have been enough negative responses to Breadcrumb’s customer service to know there must be a problem. Some Breadcrumb users have said that the representatives are nice, yet poorly trained and unhelpful. More than half of the negative reviews from various sites voice much stronger opinions though, calling Breadcrumb’s customer service “atrocious” and “non-existent.” My own experience with the sales department was not completely negative, but quite a few of my questions went unanswered.

Negative Reviews and Complaints:

No eCommerce Integrations – In an age when technology is becoming more and more cohesive and helping to streamline our daily functions, the fact that the system currently offers no integrations with any sort of eCommerce applications is a big let down. I mean how much cooler would it be if the system also allowed for people to place orders online with the option of delivery or take-out? It’s a whole new outlet for generating business that is being passed over. One Breadcrumb user claims a sales representative told her this capability would be available in 2013 (she purchased the system in 2011), but that has yet to become a reality and at least one customer is not happy about it.

Limited Inventory Tracking – Now you might ask why is inventory such a big deal for a hospitality business? Well, knowing your costs and the quantities of ingredients on hand is an integral factor in determining menu pricing and profit margins. Other POS systems I’ve reviewed with hospitality capabilities (namely PC America) have the power to track how much of an ingredient should be used for an item, a function especially helpful at the bar for identifying overpours, unjustified comps, and theft. Ingredient tracking could also help in maintaining appropriate stock levels so extra food is not purchased only to be thrown out later from spoiling.

Poor Customer Service – As mentioned above, customer service has been a common complaint in the comment sections of most review sites. A Brooklyn merchant writes that Breadcrumb’s “customer service is quite poor” and that “people have been outright rude more than a handful of times, and different people give conflicting information about certain troubleshooting issues.” This sentiment is repeated multiple times by various users. Even Breadcrumb employees are taking note of the issue with a Product Support Specialist in Chicago writing, “upper management is so out of touch with what the merchants deal with problems take for ever to get solved.”

Breadcrumb Payments – Aside from complaints about customer service, the most negative reactions to Breadcrumb software concern Breadcrumb Payments (BPay), Breadcrumb’s own payment processing service. This platform requires you to provide a bank account into which Breadcrumb will deposit your revenue after taking a processing fee from each credit card transaction. However, Breadcrumb reserves the right to suspend your account or hold your revenue at any time. This is a security measure designed to protect against fraud, but it has been the cause of a major outcry from merchants. First off, Breadcrumb does not send any notifications when an account is suspended or revenue is withheld. Also, the process of validating larger transactions is arduous and requires the disclosure of personal documents and company details to Breadcrumb. One merchant even claims that Breadcrumb simply canceled his account without warning. When he asked why his account was canceled, he was told that they did not have to give him a reason. If you’d like to read more, please follow this link.

Of course, these reviews are isolated experiences and don’t exactly establish a pattern, but they should serve as a caution to potential clients nonetheless.

Positive Reviews and Testimonials:

Though out-numbered by negative reviews, there are some positive sentiments floating around the Internet about Breadcrumb POS. The Breadcrumb site has some testimonials from different New York businesses:

“Breadcrumb easily beat out its competition because of its functionality, easiness to program, and most importantly the customer service that was apparent from the very beginning.” –Leif Huckman, Donna, Brooklyn

“My favorite part about Breadcrumb is the reliability and the number of features that are available to help run your business. I own a bar, coffee shop, and restaurant and it allows me to run multiple types of hospitality businesses off one system.” –Ben Sadler, The Queen’s Kickshaw, New York

“I love that I can log into Breadcrumb from anywhere. I can jump on the iPad from home and be in the system with staff in the restaurant. I think Breadcrumb is hands down the best POS system on the market today.” –Adam Elzer, Empellón Cocina, New York

Most of the positive reviews to be found are mainly concerned with how easy the software is to use. Some have mentioned “good customer service” and “low rates,” but the majority of people who rate Breadcrumb highly do so because of the simple and intuitive design and how easy it is to train staff to use it. One pattern I have noticed is that small business owners relate almost all of the positive experiences, while negative reviews predominantly come from large to mid-size businesses. Perhaps this means that a small-time coffee shop will have better luck with Breadcrumb than a larger dine-in restaurant.

Final Verdict:

Designed by former waitstaff and restaurant owners, Breadcrumb has several features that make it an up and coming success. With a highly customizable interface and intuitive design, creating a menu, arranging a floor plan, taking orders, and keeping staff informed has never been easier. Breadcrumb HQ and Breadcrumb Live make it easy to manage the back office, monitor sales, and view reports from any place with an Internet connection. Of course, though, like any POS software, there are some downsides to Breadcrumb.

The lack of an eCommerce platform means a potential for lost business without a way for clients to make online orders and purchases. For a Groupon-owned company, this surprises me, but also indicates that the feature may become available soon. Based on user complaints, limited inventory tracking, and the relatively light reporting functions, I’d also caution large business owners against this system. It seems to run well for smaller business, but may not yet be able to accommodate anything larger than a bakery or a coffee shop (though the testimonials on Breadcrumb’s site would beg to differ). Lastly, I would avoid Breadcrumb Payments all together. You have five other payment processing options that have been vetted and highly ranked by Merchant Maverick reviewers. It’s best to just avoid the risk.

Bottom line, if you’re opening a new restaurant, I’d advise you to roll the dice with customer service and allow a sales representative to walk you through a demo version of the software. If you like what you see, be sure to keep in mind the risks of using this system and remember to do your homework before making a decision. If you need help with the decision-making process, let us know and we’ll be more than happy to lend you our expertise.

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Jordan Nelson

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      Nick Deleguino

      Breadcrumbs support is HORRIBLE!!!! Any issue that we call with they always blame our credit card processor even when I know as the business owner these issues are out of the processors control. After weeks of calling and complaining to them an email was sent back with the wrong processing parameters and I have no clue who’s account they have actually been trouble shooting. I would strongly recommend a PC based system over this “novelty” POS system.

      RatingNot Rated

      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

      Roberto Taylor

      Breadcrumb is damaging my business. Somebody please recommend another POS.


      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

      Amad Ebrahimi


      We recently created a tool (see here) that may help you find the right POS for your business. If it doesn’t help you send us an email and I’ll help you out.


      RatingNot Rated

      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

      Dave Eliason

      service is CRAP
      the system crashes and the credit cards transactions dissapear CRAP
      we ask for help, get an automated email CRAP
      Im throwing my system in the river and moving to NCR
      good luck Breadcrumb your gonna need it
      COST ME THOUSANDS in lost transactions


      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

      Jeff Jones

      I have tried to stick by Breadcrumb for over a year…..they keep trying but good intentions only get you so far….sooner or later, you have to deliver and they just cant seem to get the damn thing to work. After much hoopla, they created this offline mode that was supposed to save us from the internet or cloud going down. But tonight we got our first real test, as all of Breadcrumbs system went down. So we assumed the new offline mode would save the day….ooops…..Can you say Sh!tshow!!!! Dont even think about getting this POS system, no matter how much they tell you the problems are in the past, etc…..they just don’t seem to have people that know what they are doing. What a nitemare experience it has been….

      RatingNot Rated

      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

      Vic S

      Stay Away From Breadbrumb POS & Breadcrumb Pro.
      The system is the worst. No support, reports don’t work, no one ever calls you back. Seriously, the company is a joke.
      I regret spending any money on a system with that company.

      You wonder why the stock is going down the drain.


      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

      Ed Braden

      Do yourself a favor and dont invest in Breadcrumb. We have been using it at our restaurant for almost 2 years and I am so ready to move on… They recently rolled out a V2 release which has some nice features but the implementation was horrible.

      All of our users that were used to logging in to look at reports, daily business etc. had difficulty logging in because they required you to create a new Groupon account before you could log in and this was never made clear. When I called tech support about this, they claimed that they sent all users an email with instructions about this… none of our users got this email. Why couldn’t they just create these accounts themselves to make things more seamless for the users.

      Also be prepared at any time (even during busy hours) to be forced to enter an admin PIN to perform an upgrade… really? what are those people thinking. When this first happened I called tech support and they said they could turn off these auto-updates which I asked him to do.

      Just tonight I get a call from our shift manager stating that they needed the admin PIN because the system was requiring an update. I called tech support again and asked why this happened and was told that they can only mark a setting to disable a push for one upgrade at a time and there was no way for them to set my account to never be pushed updates… really? in the middle is a busy shift… do yourself a favor and pass on BreadcrumbPro.


      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


      I did a lot of research before starting up with Breadcrumb and just wanted to post a more positive view, after about 9 months of use. The system has obvious shortcomings, some of which are by design. Our general feeling is that is serves us well. It has gone down a couple of times during peak hours which is totally unacceptable, but I’m going to say we have about 98% uptime, maybe 99. The product is being improved with new software releases. Basically for $99 a month after about a grand in initial expense, I have a POS that works for me and I can track sales, inventory, etc. from any computer anywhere. It definitely lacks some features but we are saving enough in processing costs to pay for its monthly fee. So it’s essentially free for us. We are a relatively low volume, but full service, restaurant, and it gets us by. If I were doing 200 covers a night I would invest in an industry leader. For us (about 35-40 covers a night) it’s fine.


      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

      bill davis

      Several years ago we setup our bistro and wine tasting room and were really pleased with Breadcrumb. As time went on, we realized the limitations of Breadcrumb. For simple businesses it’s probably okay but as of late pathetic. Always crashing and customer service is awful. We are going to give NRC Silver a try.

      Thank you,


      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


      Only left one star, because it won’t work if you don’t leave at least one.
      Worst company, worst service. DO NOT use breadcrumbs. It is the biggest waste of money. You will regret it. They never answer the phone. Service goes down all the time. We have lost hundreds of dollars not being able to accept credit cards.
      Horrible, horrible.


      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


      Worst service we have ever had. Can’t ever get help. They lie to you when you finally get a call back weeks later. Run, don’t walk away from breadcrumbs. We wish that we never spent the time and money. Absolutely the most unprofessional, worthless company ever created.


      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


      I’d say no stars, but that might look like I forgot to rate it. I second every single one of the negative comments above, after 6 months of use and -no exaggeration- weekly shut downs of the system. Plus:

      No ability to print reports or end of day Z
      No gift card ability (oh, but we can upgrade…)
      No plans to integrate w Apple Pay
      At least one guy in tech support is rude, condescending and not particularly helpful
      Sales person was hard to track down, evasive, made promises Breadcrumb didn’t keep and wasn’t well versed in the specifics of the software- just the taking of our money.
      Not enough flexibility in payroll options despite initial indications to contrary by sales person (oh, but we can upgrade…)
      No ability for guests to sign without paper or to flip the screen so they can finger-sign a tip and e-mail themselves a receipt (email capture would have been nice for customer database)
      No live support; to second the comment above you’d better be a DIY kind of business owner and have HOURS and hours to devote to phone conversations.
      System shuts down constantly, bringing us to a halt. We have 3 IP’s and still are told by Breadcrumb “we don’t have enough bandwidth”. One customer streaming music is enough to shut us down – and we’re a coffeehouse.
      In six months we’ve had to replace their equipment 3 times: they charge you for it, then don’t refund $ til they receive the non-functioning equip. back, when the malfunction is their problem. This can be hard on cash flow.

      If we weren’t already in for so much on hard- and soft-ware we’d have ditched this already. Don’t buy this headache. You’ll have enough already, just trying to get started. Wish there had been reviews like this avail when we were looking!


      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


      This is by far the worst and most horrible POS system I have ever encountered. It is so awful and lacking in so many areas that I want to scream from the top of the tallest building so that no one else is suckered into purchasing this system. I don’t even know where to begin.

      BASIC functionality. This system does just that…the basics. As a whole concept, the Breadcrumb system appears to be great. It’s very user friendly and easy to understand, so your service staff should have no problem adapting to it. BUT, on the back end, it can’t do simple basic accounting functions! I can’t process a negative cash transaction…ever! So that means if I have a customer who purchased something and paid cash yesterday and today they come in for a refund for whatever reason, there’s literally no way to give that customer a refund without completely messing up my accounting reports. The only way to process the refund is to do a “pay-out” which means that the refund will reflects on your cash drop for the day, but doesn’t reflect in your total sales. So if you have to process a cash refund, your sales will report will be completely inaccurate.

      Then, on top of that, Groupon purchased Breadcrumb and Groupon literally invented the internet coupon craze. Yet their system can’t process taxes on discounts! So that means if I have someone who comes in with a coupon for a buy one, get one free entree, they’re supposed to pay taxes on the pre-discounted price. But Breadcrumb doesn’t allow you to do that. But of course the items are all accounted for in your daily sales, so YOU as the merchant may end up paying the taxes even though you gave that item away for FREE!

      And God forbid you try to do a discount on something. Their discounts feature is so limited that it actually gives money BACK to the customer if your discount isn’t set up properly. Most systems have a max value limitation, but not Breadcrumb. So, in our case, we have a bakery, so we have day old items that are buy one, get one free. Our old system would allow us to ring in both items, and then select the lower priced item and discount it. The system would automatically deduct the price of that item from the subtotal. But Breadcrumb forces you to put an actual price on the discount, so if your muffin only cost $2 but your discount was set to $5, you would actually give the customer back $3 to purchase your muffin. There should be a limit on value so that the discount never exceeds the actual cost…wouldn’t that make more sense?

      Does your server ever go on lunch and still have a few open tables that just won’t leave? Well your server can’t clock out until all their tables are closed. So, that means you end up having to go back at the end of the day to fix everyone’s times clocks.

      If you have your system set to auto close and you happen to have run late that particular day past your auto close time, auto run CLOSES EVERYTHING regardless if there’s still open checks. So that means if you have an open check that hasn’t had payment collected, Breadcrumb still accounts for it in your sales report, but then automatically puts the payments into a category called “no payment”. WTH is no payment?? Is that even an accounting concept?? That doesn’t even make sense! Your sales should always balance your payments….it would make sense if you could go back in and maybe modify the check to reflect the accurate payment method, but No, thats impossible with Breadcrumb. If you want to take a credit card payment for a check that was automatically closed, you have to reinput the entire check and make a whole new sale. So that means your sales report once again is messed up because that sale was billed twice.

      So, other than that the fact that their entire system is flawed in the way that it’s designed, it crashes ALL THE TIME! I’ve had the system for two weeks, and I have spent at least 40 hours on the phone with tech support. The trading days are constantly messed up, so my sales reports are always inaccurate. Kitchen tickets mysteriously disappear and then print two days later! I can’t tell you how many upset customers and much wasted food I’ve seen in these last two weeks because of Breadcrumb. My cash drop is constantly “off” and I have no idea why. I had 99% accuracy with cash drops before Breadcrumb and somehow now, I’m down to 60%.

      Oh, and there’s no offline mode, so if you internet goes down, so does your ability to operate. And my favorite screen is the “reloading” screen because I see it so often. My servers gather around and get all their ipad minis together so that they can see who’s ipad gets up and running first. Its a COMPLETE NIGHTMARE! I’ve wasted so much money on this system and I can’t warn you enough to STAY AWAY from Breadcrumb at all costs. It will cost you lost money in labor, your own time, and lost tickets.


      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

      Jacob Poozhikala

      I was excited to implement this system in March 2013. Now it’s August 2014 and I stuck by the product. They have made huge strive to correct major bugs but it’s still not working well. The thing is they don’t have a solution to fix the problems. I have a huge system 10 ipad minis and 4 Ipad server stations. My servers literally refuse to use the Ipad mini (which one of the biggest selling points) Because at the table it will continue to say reloading. slowing down the ordering process. So my my ten ipad mini’s sit in my office. I don’t think they understood the problems with routers and when a 100 customers are in your restaurant pinging the router causes the “bottleneck effect” and the router just crash. Three times in the past 16 months the entire network nationwide simply crashed at peak dinner hours! This is unbelievable nightmare. No orders can be taken . No receipts can be printed.

      Positive: Can’t just trash things right? The interfaces are real easy to use. Training is a easy. Reports are also simple to use and understand.

      I stuck by them so far because I believe that they are working hard to correct these issues. And I am a sucker for the concept. Besides, I have already invested way too much..


      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

      gary fiter


      I tried using breadcrumb pro for my small business. They are a NIGHTMARE to deal with!

      Yes they are less expensive than others such as sq. but they are not set up to service a merchant. IMO they operate like a gift card company vs. a payment processing company.

      HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE. AVOID AT ALL COSTS! Just trying to save someone a bottle of excedrine extra strength.



      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

      Just a Little Guy

      Six very frustrating months. The iPads never charged with the start-up components on unboxing. We’ve been through about a dozen peripheral switch outs involving cables, credit swipers and get shady half-answers from service. They generally do answer their phones so I’ll give them credit for that. Before you call for service, remember to restart everything, starting with the bc app, then iPads, the router and modem. Was told to wait for the next update to fix some problems, then new problems arise, then told to wait again for the next update. I think this is still in development for Breadcrumb, a beta program of sorts. Some reports and screens are only visible from remote login and not from the iPads. Security is sketchy, and impossible to secure the cash drawers, in-house. Seems, some basic CC security issues are overlooked, such as: naming the wireless network “POS User”, and leaving blue tooth activated when not needed. Overall, it is not the product they sold me on but a sorting-it-out version of it.


      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

      Warren Bell

      We have had Breadcrumbpos since April 2014 and we have found it to be easy to implement and use. There are some features which they have told us will be available in Version 2, but they cannot tell us when Version 2 will be available. However the most business disruptive issue we have is the Bar terminals (iPad Air) going into a “Loading Venue” grind right when our bar is very busy and bartenders dont have time to reboot to get the terminal back. Over the past few weeks we have worked with Breadcrumb and Meraki support to try to identfy why this is happening. Nobody has answers. It looks to be to be an iPad/Breadcrumb issue and not a network issue. Has anyone out there had similar symptoms?


      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


      Can we get an updated review on Breadcrumb? I’ve read they have added more features and have worked out some bugs. Also, thank you for such thorough reviews…this makes shopping for our (first!) POS system SO much easier!!


      RatingNot Rated

      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


      Sounds like a great idea with many pieces still missing. It needs to operate even during downed internet times then upload info later. It needs to compare info beteween stores. It needs to have a rewards program built in AND prepaid or gift card program.

      RatingNot Rated

      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


      Dave, since this review was done in 2012, any chance you will be doing an updated review for Breadcrumb like you did for Shopkeep and others? Thanks.

      RatingNot Rated

      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

      Neculai Papaghiuc

      What about other iPad POS options? BReadcrumbs seems quite expensive based on what it does. I am using the posIPOS point of sale for iPad, for $29 per month per iPad, and I’ve been quite happy with it. It is cloud-based, and has some unique features: if you have multiple restaurants at different locations, you can manage all locations from one central web administration interface, so you can define the shared menu items in only one single place, and share it between all restaurants.


      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


      Amad: Have you had any more-recent feedback regarding Breadcrumb PRO? The most recent above is 6 months old. I am considering BreadcrumbPRO for our business but the reviews above are VERY concerning. Wondering if Breadcrumb has instituted any updates in the past 6 months that would address any of these concerns.

      RatingNot Rated

      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


      It’s great… Better than squarescam. And reachable customer service, compared to squarescams no service. I personally just hate square… those bastards are nothing but thieves, they are holding 15k of my moneys hostage for who knows what and no explanation. breadcrumb owns them. use breadcrumb don’t use square. i’m in ruins for 6 months =[.

      RatingNot Rated

      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


      The system is window dressing, looks nice but is far from complete. The people have been nice but have resolved nothing.
      I had big hopes for this but have disappointed and I am now searching for a new cloud based system.


      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


      I would highly suggest NOT using the Breadcrumb service.

      I recently launched a new business venture and decided to use Breadcrumb for payment processing due to the lower rate than Square.

      Upon running my first transaction I was contacted by them with like 10+ questions they wanted answered for verification, including business documents, invoices, etc.

      I spent 2 hours compiling the requested information only to receive the response “Your payments processing has been turned off.”.

      Their reasoning? I processed a charge that was not directly related to my business, however IT WAS RELATED. Maybe it was the amount? I don’t know.

      Either way I had to REFUND my customer as they would not release the funds to me, and rebill them via another method. I cannot even begin to explain how bad they made my business look to this customer. As a result I actually lost the client.

      If you value your business and your clients I would highly suggest steering clear of Breadcrumb.


      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

      Rick Yarussi

      Been using it for 6 weeks. Very frustrated with it and looking for other solutions. It keeps losing the connection to the wireless network, and to the receipt printer which is right next to the iPad and cash drawer. It also likes to hang while authorizing credit cards. We FREQUENTLY have to restart Breadcrumb, the iPad or the routers to get it back up. Obviously this is a big problem when you have a line of customers. One time, there happened to be a customer in line who worked at another place with Breadcrumb and she said they had the exact same connection issues.

      It is lacking some really basic and important functionality. In CA, some to go items are taxed, and some are not. Breadcrumb has no way to deal with this.

      The woman who came to help us set it up the first day was clueless and we ended up spending many hours figuring it out ourselves.

      Even worse, one of the tech support people is a jerk. My girlfriend called them and told them that it had incorrectly closed the trading day. He was pretty rude. He literally said “You are incorrect. It could not have done that.” Well, she’s not dumb, it did do that. She called again today, got the same guy, and he was rude again. Really unacceptable.

      I wil give them a few days to come back to us with a credible plan to fix their problems, but I’m looking at other solutions.

      RatingNot Rated

      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


      This is the worst experience I have had in using a POS in 25 years of opening restaurants. To sum it up: No one to program your menu into the system properly (things printing to the wrong printers, items not printing at all, categories incorrectly entered) and NO ON-SITE SUPPORT the first week you are trying to use the system in real time. Other negatives: No House Accounts, No kept data for delivery customers (that is a huge negative for busy delivery restaurants) VOID/COMP are the same feature so you cannot give some folks the ability to do one or the other, it’s all or nothing. Checks disappear from the system, mid-transaction, and God forbid the internet goes down, you are back to dupe pads and tax calculators, which no one under 40 even has a clue how to do.

      My biggest complaint however, is that the sales people don’t tell you from the beginning that this is a DO-IT-YOURSELF system. As the owner, I have spent AT LEAST 60 HOURS in the past two weeks, trying to troubleshoot. I am not a techie and neither our restaurant managers. We have lost so much business in the past weeks because of all the problems. Not small problems, big problems. Maybe this system is fine for a small, small restaurant but I wish we had never agreed to this nightmare. Truly, I am not exaggerating when I say this is the WORST experience I have ever encountered in running businesses.

      RatingNot Rated

      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


      After using Breadcrumb for two days…yes TWO days it is extremely basic and does not have the feature set that it touts as ab revolutionary cloud based solution. It is a plain and simple POS that has hospitality centric functions distributed to the cloud.

      There are so many simple functions that REAL hospitality operaters need that are missing?

      The system requires a router hooked to each cash draw & printer to function correctly.

      The Groupon Payments (credit card merchant solution) is still a PAPER system – yes that means you have to print the reciept and have the customer sign it and keep a piece of paper. You can currently implement Paypal, iphonemerchants and many other fully digital solutions that allow customers to sign on the screen and save and manage your merchant accounts without paper.

      We have seen some major bugs – like the trading day is stuck on one day even though its the second day (support says they fixed it) even though the settings were enabled to automatically end the trading day. The hours and timesheets are inaccurate and incomplete they do not calculate correctly – however you can download and manually manipulate in excel… but didnt you do that before you got a POS?

      The implementation has not been perfected for all situations…. and you really need 8 weeks at a minimum to put everything in place correctly to go live.

      It has potential but it really is in it’s infancy and has major gaps to become a real player.


      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

      Courtney Barbiaux

      I am curious to have feedback on TouchBistro. I have a small restaurant and am looking between the features and cost effectiveness of these 2. Thank you for all of the wonderful reviews. This was exactly the website I was looking for!!

      RatingNot Rated

      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

      Amad E.

      Hi Courtney,

      Unfortunately, we haven’t reviewed TouchBistro yet, but it’s definitely in the works. I will let you know once the review is posted.

      RatingNot Rated

      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

      Amad E.


      Just a heads up; we recently reviewed TouchBistro if you want to check it out.

      RatingNot Rated

      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


      Do not use breadcrumbs. You will regret it!

      RatingNot Rated

      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

      Matthew Starobin

      The lack of integrations does look like a serious negative.

      We have a back of the house food costing product (CostGuard), and I vainly tried to find contact info on their web page to start a converation about interfacing (we interface with all the major POS systems out there).

      Breadcrumb, if you’re watching, please get in touch! We can help you get chefs on your selling side!


      RatingNot Rated

      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

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