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Retail credit card processor

6 Best Retail Credit Card Processing Companies For 2024

With so many payment processors available, how do you pick the one that’s right for you? We at Merchant Maverick believe that the best processor for one type of business is not always the best for another type of business. In this article, we’ll highlight a few great processors for just the retail sector, so at least you have a good place to start in your search.

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Feb 20, 2024 Filed under: Credit Card Processing
interchange pricing fees

Interchange-Plus Pricing

With interchange++ pricing, your transaction statement will include three elements for each transaction: the interchange fee paid to the issuing bank, the card association fee paid to the card brand (e.g., Visa, Mastercard, etc.), and the processor’s markup fees. Note that card association fees are typically very low and do not constitute a significant portion of your credit/debit card processing fees.

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Jul 18, 2023 Filed under: Credit Card Processing
Checking credit score

How To Build Your Business Credit Score

Checking your business credit reports and correcting errors could give your business credit score a boost quickly. Beyond that, consistently paying bills on time and paying off debt will also help contribute to a higher business credit score.

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Jun 20, 2024 Filed under: Business Loans
winery pos systems

8 Best Liquor Store POS Systems

Liquor stores are unique businesses with constantly fluctuating inventory and price changes, meaning that choosing an effective point of sale system is extremely important. Businesses that sell liquor, such as grocery and convenience stores, have the same needs. You’ll need to make sure the system is strong in certain very important areas.

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Dec 8, 2023 Filed under: Point of Sale

Short-Term Loans, Merchant Cash Advances, & APRs

Small business owners searching for a merchant cash advance (MCA) or short-term business loan (STL) are often surprised to learn that their capital has come with a very high effective annual percentage rate (APR). The fact that your cash advance might have an effective APR reaching into the triple digits can be a big surprise. After all, that’s a very large number. […]

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Feb 10, 2020 Filed under: Business Loans, Merchant Cash Advance