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ERPLY Review

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Date Established


  • Integrates with most credit card processors
  • Strong shipping integration
  • Customizable loyalty programs
  • Very strong customer management features


  • Higher cost than similar systems
  • Slightly higher learning curve to master


Do you know what holds the title of unlikeliest locale for the future of software development? The correct answer is Estonia, a small European nation whose official language doesn’t even have a future tense. Skype was Estonia’s first major export, and venture capitalist/ERPLY board member Saul Klein believes that “ERPLY can do for business software what Skype did for telecom.” This Estonian outfit is making waves in a growing POS market, and attracting venture capital like flies to a plate of rosolje.

Started in 2009 by Kristian Hiiemaa and his crew of five, ERPLY was created with the intent to provide proprietors everything they would need to manage their businesses with one inexpensive, stable, and easy-to-use software solution. And they’ve succeeded on most fronts. ERPLY is a cloud-based service whose name indicates it’s more than just a simple point of sale system. ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, which is the technical way of saying “this software organizes a lot of data.” Any ERP software worth its salt needs to hit a list of set criteria: real-time operation, POS functions, HR capabilities, supply chain management, customer relationship management, accounting capabilities, and access controls. ERPLY satisfies these criteria, hence the ERP of the name. I’m not sure what the -LY in the name is for, though it certainly seems like some kind of clunky adverb which describes how the software goes about its business: it erply handles POS by integrating all these back office functions.

ERPLY is cruising along at breakneck speed. Their latest numbers show 20% growth every month with over 100,000 paid subscriptions.

In an interview with BBC News, Hiiemaa spoke of ERPLY as an equalizing factor in the retail landscape, saying the software’s mission was to “bring small companies back to the table so they can fight against the big corporations.” (Note to self: never share a table with a rival Estonian).

I put ERPLY through its paces recently to see if the software achieved the goals Hiiemaa set, and I liked what I saw. It’s an overstatement to say store operations can be started in minutes—ERP by its very nature is too complicated for that—but once you get a handle on ERPLY, it’s a powerful and invaluable tool in getting comprehensive control of your business processes.

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All pricing tiers come with a 14-day free trial, which won’t extort a credit card number from you. Once you’re convinced, you can then upgrade to one of the paid plans listed below.

Standard –

  • $200/month per location.
  • 1 hour training.
  • EMV payments.
  • Online Tickets.


  • $350mo per location.
  • Online priority tickets.
  • Phone support.
  • Conversion of Data.
  • Includes everything in the Standard edition.

Enterprise –

  • Pricing tailored to your specific situation.
  • Elite support.
  • Enterprise Elite Onboarding.
  • Includes everything in the Pro edition.

For more detailed information check out ERPLY’s pricing page.

Cloud-Based or Locally-Installed:

ERPLY is a “Cloud Hybrid System.” This means it works both on and offline. The software is locally installed, but data retrieval is now in the cloud. They’re calling it a “Cloud Hybrid System,” which means that its primary function relies on connectivity with their servers, yet an offline mode is available as a failsafe.

Specific Industry:

ERPLY is designed specifically for retail operations, from the POS to the backend ERP features.

Specific Size of Business:

ERPLY markets themselves as a small to medium sized business solution, and from CEO Hiiemaa’s words it sounds as though development is focused on alleviating the headaches of the small business specifically. The pricing certainly is in line with that standard, but again, ERP software by its nature isn’t just for the small boutique looking to simplify the sales process. And the latest developments on ERPLY have seen even more features added, making it a complete solution that should be attractive even to the largest of franchises and chain stores.

Medium sized businesses struggling to keep up with the management of their retail operations are going to see the biggest upside, as ERP software traditionally has large upfront costs that are out of the midsize retailer’s means. With ERPLY’s cloud-based, no-contract monthly service model, investing in such robust software and management tools becomes a lot more attractive to a wider swath of business owners.

Ease of Use:

ERPLY Review

Upon signing up and logging in for the first time, I was presented with a full-featured dashboard. The “So Simple A Child Could Use It” standard referred to by CEO Hiiemaa may be true of the register itself, but getting products into your system in a meaningful, erply way (I’m sticking with that as an adverb) certainly isn’t child’s play. Again, this is inherent to the concept of ERP and not a fault of the software, per se. Everything about your business is interconnected in some way, and true ERP software provides the tools to organize these pieces into a functioning whole. Don’t expect to turn it on and be ready to go in minutes; inventory, storage, sales, invoicing, and purchasing are all gears in the machine of a retail operation and, as with any machine, you need to assemble the parts in a thoughtful, deliberate way to keep everything running smoothly. Once you’re up and running and used to the whole environment, the clean design and surprising speed of the software should make daily operation a breeze – but there WILL be a learning curve.

Hardware and Software Requirements:

You’d think that the device running point of sale software would need to be physically present. But you would be as wrong as I was. The whole instance of your ERPLY installation can be accessed through a web browser. In a pinch, any computer with a functioning Internet connection and web browser would suffice.

As for peripherals, ERPLY’s site features a handy-dandy list of compatible hardware:

  • Payment Devices – Pick your favorite credit card scanner, and it’s probably on this list. There are several MagTek, ID Tech, and Ingenico devices, along with Atos Worldline Yoman and PayPal Here for all your international needs. And in observance of the EMV chip card liability switch that occurred in October 2015, the Verifone MX 915 has become available in the U.S.
  • Printers – All EPSON and Star printers are supported, though ERPLY provides direct printing to EPSON products for faster printouts. You could also use most generic printers such as Legacy Com and LPT.
  • Cash Drawers – Though they feature Star, APG, Partnertech, and the M-S CF-405 cash drawers on their site, the system is compatible with any drawer connected through a printer or via a direct port.
  • Customer Displays – Again, ERPLY prefers Star, Jarltech, or Birch displays, but any USB, COM, or LPT display pole will work.
  • Scales – You’ve got your choice of Mettler Toledo Viva, Avery Berkel FX, or Dibal scales.
  • Scanners – For PC operating systems, Honeywell is recommended. Socket Mobile and Motorola are optimal for the iPad, but most USB and Bluetooth scanners in keyboard mode will work.

Self-labeled “Hardware Agnostic,” ERPLY claims its software can be used with virtually any hardware you’d like as a POS computer. “That said,” they add, “at the lower end of the performance spectrum you may see some performance problems.” Here are their suggested specifications:

  • 1 GHZ or higher processor
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 3 GB hard drive space
  • 1024 x 768 screen resolution

Product Features:

ERPLY’s functions are extensive. I’m going to highlight the features that I think make ERPLY stand out, and if I haven’t listed something you’re looking for, don’t assume it’s because the feature is not there. More likely, it’s because I simply got tired of typing.

  • All Tender Payments – ERPLY processes credit card, cash, and check payments, and even creates, redeems, and tracks gift card payments. Customers can also have “house accounts” with credit lines that purchases can be made against, and the ability to send out credit statements or invoices.
  • Real-Time Reporting – Current register totals from all locations can be viewed at any time.
  • Shipping Integration – The shipping module connects to all major shipping carriers like FedEx and UPS, providing real-time quotes based on weight, shape, and shipping methods. Print out labels at the register, slap them on, and send your items on their way.
  • Customizable/Printable Purchase Orders – Using ERPLY does not mean you have to sacrifice company branding. Create custom purchase orders with your own company logo and font.
  • Supplier Database – Keep track of your vendors including necessary contact info, contracts, and items purchased. This automatically connects to the PO creation system for quick ordering.
  • Automated Reordering – Define restock levels for products so the system can automatically generate and send purchase orders to your suppliers when your inventory is running low. Set a maximum stock level so you don’t order more than you can afford at any given time.
  • Track Purchase Order Status – Keep track of your purchases based on what has arrived, what is in transit, what has been received partially, and what has been received damaged.
  • Purchase Reports – Take a look at all your purchases for a certain period with easily accessible and understandable purchase reports.
  • Easy Inventory Management – View stocks at each store location or all locations combined with easy transfer of items between stores. ERPLY manages COGS (cost of goods sold) using the FIFO (first in first out) system. You are able to generate multiple price lists through the inventory module so that pricing can be determined by location, customer groups, or any promotions/sales you might have.

ERPLY review

  • Easy Sales Promotions/Coupons – ERPLY contains a function for the implementation of promotions like BOGO or 50% off next purchase. Furthermore, the system has the ability to create, print, scan, and redeem coupons. For easy insight into the return on investment, detailed coupon reports allow you to see how many coupons were redeemed for which items and by which customers.
  • Multiple Tax Rates – Whether based on product or store location, tax rates can be customized.
  • HR Capabilities – ERPLY has a built-in time clock for employee time tracking with clock reports you can generate based on employee, store, and/or time period. Additionally, the system has schedule management capabilities (so employees can see their schedule right in the system), manages payroll and commissions (whether sales-based, product-based, or tiered), and supports multiple security parameters for individual employees so you can control what each employee is able to access and what is restricted (can also be done by groups, e.g. “cashiers”).
  • Advanced Customer Management – With ERPLY you can record and manage very detailed customer contact information, including name, address, phone, email, business info, Twitter ID, Facebook name, webpage URL, loyalty card codes, bank name, bank routing info, special discounts, credit limits, overdue penalties . . . everything other than their fingerprints. The system is also able to record each customer’s sales history, allowing storeowners to keep track of frequent purchases to send customers recommendations, coupons, promotions, discounts, or other specials. Furthermore, the system is able to create and implement loyalty programs for promotional incentives.

Pasted image at 2016_08_17 09_03 PM (1)

  • Email Linking – ERPLY can link all your emails together from one location, connecting all your customer emails at the same time, allowing for easy sending of customer documents like receipts, quotes, or promotions.
  • Barcoding Feature – ERPLY’s barcoding feature allows you to create and print your own barcodes, which can even be customized with your own business logo.
  • Customizable Sales Reports – With 100+ basic report templates to choose from, the filtering options—like employees, products, date, time range, customer—create an insanely large amount of permutations, meaning there probably isn’t an insight into your business that ERPLY isn’t capable of providing. This customization can allow for easy pinpointing of slow versus busy times, which in turn provides information for potential adjustments in inventory, staff, or promotions. Also, reports for different locations can be prepared by date range, making it easy to delineate busy times by location, as well as stores that may need more promotion in their area.

ERPLY Review

  • Dashboard Feature – ERPLY’s “dashboard” widget bar provides a quick look at daily figures and can be customized to present whatever information you desire, including but not limited to: last year’s numbers compared to this year’s, total revenue for the day, total units for the day, number of sales for the day, average daily transaction, current product inventory, returned items, and new tasks. The “dashboard” can be specified to provide a glance at various sales reports as well, like sales by employee, top daily sales, top monthly sales, and monthly sales summary.

Integrations and Add-Ons:

There are a few add-ons that are available with your ERPLY subscription:

  • QuickBooks – This integration allows you to send new invoices from ERPLY into QuickBooks, synchronize customers between ERPLY and Quickbooks, and send invoice payments from QuickBooks to ERPLY.
  • ERPLY Accounting – A separate offering from ERPLY, this suite of online accounting tools can be integrated with the POS for seamless management of your inventory and the money that flows around it. The “Small” accounting package–less than 500 invoices per month and only one user–is included with a Retail Chain or Enterprise subscription to ERPLY.
  • Warehouse Web App – A complementary application to the back office functions, this mobile app is designed to be used in the warehouse or on the shop floor. Configure shipping and receiving rules, receive products from suppliers, and ship/receive products from another warehouse from most tablets and smart devices.
  • PrestaShop, Magento, Shopify – These common online shopping carts are able to connect to ERPLY, enabling you to take online orders. Transactions, inventory levels, and CRM are all tied directly into your ERPLY admin.
  • ERPLY eCommerce – ERPLY now offers the ability to build and customize your own eCommerce platform that works seamlessly with your ERPLY system and can be integrated directly into your company web page, blog, and social channels. Keep in mind, though, that this is not a do-it-yourself feature and will require the services of an external web design and development agency.

In addition to these integrations, ERPLY also makes the API (Application Programming Interface) for its inventory backend freely available so that anyone can engineer their own custom integrations.

Compatible Credit Card Processors:

ERPLY has recently taken a major leap forward, partnering with just about every big name processor around the globe, and even if your preferred processor isn’t on the list, let ERPLY know. They may be able to add the integration for you. Rates may vary between the many providers.

Customer Service and Technical Support:

ERPLY’s customers largely have good things to say about the company’s customer service and technical support. The support options include:

  • Phone and Email – Contact the support team directly by sending them an email at or give them a call at the number listed on their help site.
  • Knowledgebase – You’ve got to love an extensive, searchable knowledgebase with a plethora of training and educational materials, and ERPLY’s got it.
  • FAQ – For more basic troubleshooting, there are several FAQ sections organized by category.
  • Tutorial Videos – A complete library of tutorial videos is also available.
  • Social Media – Alongside the company blog, you can keep track of ERPLY’s goings-on through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Negative Reviews and Complaints:

It’s a pretty great sign that I can’t find many complaints or negative reviews out on the Internet.  I mean, the Internet is where complaints propagate like a virus. Here are a few of the common criticisms I found:

  • Customer Service – A couple customers reported long wait times and several said their requests for help went unanswered.
  • Bugs/Minor Issues – Though this did not seem to be a prevalent problem, there were a small number of complaints regarding bugs and other issues regarding the software.

Positive Reviews and Testimonials:

On the flip side, there’s no shortage of good vibes surrounding ERPLY. Their users seem to really like it, suggesting that the software is every bit as simple and equalizing as its developers intended it to be. Even at the iTunes app store, normally a dumping ground for the ill-informed who spout off at having to pay for a valuable monthly service, ERPLY’s users are highly satisfied. Some common points of praise are:

  • Impressive Features – A large number of customers praise the versatility of ERPLY’s feature set. A lot of customers are also impressed with the inventory feature.
  • Bang for Your Buck – Customers think ERPLY is well priced and delivers your money’s worth.
  • Customer Service – Quite a few customers stated that their customer service experience was great and had no complaints.
  • Easy to Use – Though there can be a bit of a learning curve in some areas of the software, many customers laud the straightforward user interface and find it a breeze to operate.

Final Verdict:

So is ERPLY the next Skype? As far as the analogy goes (which isn’t extremely far) I would have to say yes. ERPLY distinguishes itself nicely, navigating with relative finesse the dichotomy between high-end functionality and “little guy” accessibility. If I were one of the folks behind the creation of the software, I’d be less inclined to say I was trying for a second Skype, and more likely to brag that I’d developed the first ERPLY. It certainly has the potential to be a game-changer for midsize, family-owned retail operations that usually lack the means—financially and technically—to get a handle on their operations. It wouldn’t be fair to categorize ERPLY on the expensive side of the cloud-based POS scale (though it may be correct). The real truth is that it’s on the very low end of cost for full ERP solutions.

Since ERPLY got their offline capability launched, I’ve had a hard time deciding where they should focus their development. Perhaps they should concentrate on employing an in-house Customer Support Team. But 100,000 ERPLY users can’t be wrong, correct? Their user base is growing and consistently happy, and the software is a true ERP solution. Lots of companies are doing POS well these days, but only one is doing it erply.

If you’re ready to take the dive for yourself, you may start your free trial here.

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Jordan Nelson

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    Rezella L McDonald

    Organization Name: McDonald Bookkeeping

    Rezella McDonald I would NOT recommend this software, NOT user friendly has to many work arounds, technical service you may aswell figure it out yourself, The books side, a serious mess.. wish we had read the review prior to, cant wait for this year to end and start w/ another program.

    • Organization Name: McDonald Bookkeeping

    We are looking for a POS system that will do all the basic things but also print customer badge/labels for a small private museum. I like the looks of ShopKeep (mailchimp integration would be cool!) and ERPLY but haven’t seen any that are capable of printing a customer badge so I thought I would ask.

      Jessica Dinsmore

      Hi J,
      Erply appears to have label printing capabilities, but unfortunately we have not yet reviewed this feature. Here’s their customer support info if you’d like to get in touch. Thanks!

        Steve Mozer

        We operate in several locations with ordering being centralized at our warehouse. Erplys ability to show our real-time stock levels has really helped with our growth and allowed us to manage store transfers and even writeoffs. They also have an app that allows my floor managers to take physical counts using a mobile reader.Another great feature they have is a CRM module which gives us the ability to track how frequently our customers visit each location, what they purchased in the past, and other details that can be taken down in a notes section. We can then send our customers loyalty discounts based on the information they provide which allows us to build a more personal relationship with them. Whether you have 1 store or 100 stores I recommend Erply to anyone who’s looking for an all around business management software solution.


          We’ve been using this software for about three or four months now, and I’ve run in to a plethora of issues that stem from a lack of polish or follow through on their part. At a glance, this system seems to be feature rich, but in practice, many of those features don’t function fully or function in a way that is impractical to say the least.We’re admittedly in a fairly unique situation because our business model is dynamic in that our products are variably priced, are sold to both wholesale (tax exempt) and public customers (taxed), and are sometimes sold on house account, but I chose to migrate to this product on the premise that this software had the features and capability of supporting all of these things…And it does… but sometimes in ways that are sometimes less than meaningful. And that’s a problem. There are a lot of “features” that don’t exactly do much (some that don’t do anything at all) so you end lured in thinking they work, when they only halfway do.For example:ERPLY supports the ability to make sales on house credit accounts, and the ability to make payments towards those house credit accounts. Meaning, you can give a particular customer $10,000 worth of credit, and they can buy using that credit. If they make a $3,000 purchase using credit, they will be left with $7,000 until they pay that balance off, and their balance statements will reflect this. That works perfectly fine.The trouble kicks in when they actually go to make that payment. Unlike a normal receipt, a receipt for a payment made on account will show absolutely zero information other than the company who made the payment, the amount paid towards account in a small parenthesis, and that the total amount is $0.00 (regardless of if there is more due on the balance or not, it simply states $0.00). It makes absolutely no note of which invoice(s) that payment is paying for, or even what the type of payment is (be it credit, check, cash, or what have you), so at first glance, your eye is drawn to the $0.00 amount, and you are lead to believe that a transaction for $0.00 just occurred.Now if you enter the back office and check the payment itself, all relevant information, (such as the invoice it was paid towards, the amount paid, the type of transaction, and–if relevant–the credit card reference and authorization codes used in the transaction) is there, but there is no way to actually print a receipt from this information in the system. The only way to print out this information AT ALL, is to go in to your web browser and print out that specific page, exactly as it is. You literally printing out that page of the back office–which in no way looks like (or is)a legal receipt document.Another major issue is importing customers. Customer and vendor importation is a fairly buggy process to say the least (Because the upload format is in Unicode only, I had to split up my customer information database in to two separate uploads with specific catagories in each of the two fields, and it took a lot of trial and error to figure out what worked. I.E. you have to upload the company name, their registered number, their credit limit, and their contact, in one file, and their physical address, their phone number, their email address in completely separate one. Otherwise all information would simply be incorrect so in the system, so in their address you might and up with their name, and for their credit limit I might end up with their phone number. To their credit however, I believe they MIGHT MAYBE be working on switching to a different upload system, because their product list upload process is different and much more reliable). In addition to this, there is no way to actually upload or denote whether is a customer is tax exempt or not. The only way to make a customer tax exempt is to physically find the customer, click on them to open their page, scroll down and tick them off as Tax exempt… Which means that for our company, I’ve had to do this manually about 600 times… which took about 3 or 4 hours of tedious clicking. I have another client list of about 4,000 that I need to upload, all tax exempt, and I’m just not bothering uploading that client list at all, until each customer show up because based on my previous experience that’s about 20 straight hours of work.Other features that are included but actually do nothing or are impractical:- Adjusting layaway % amounts. The system SAYS you can edit the listed percents towards a layaway, but editing it has no impact whatsoever.- The point of sale itself allows you to change prices on items (which is something we need) but because of the way that information is cached, if you change the prices too many times, the cache gets full and doesn’t let you change it until you clear your cache (I’ve created my own fix for this).- There is a pretty common known bug (it happens at least once every two weeks or so at each of our locations) when the connection to a credit card terminal just completely ceases to function, and the only fix that they can provide is to log out, and log back in–which is a massive inconvenience while your busy to say the least.- There is a button in the PoS interface to make a customer Tax Exempt… and when you press it it asks you to input their resale tax ID, but this exemption applies to that transaction only is reflected absolutely nowhere. They SAY it’s recorded, but they also say that there is absolutely no way to retrieve that information. Which means that even if it IS recorded (which at this point… I doubt), it’s effectively useless because it’s not retrievable.All these things really strip away at the value of the system.Currently we’re paying close to a thousand dollars a month for the system and with as limited as the practical functionality is, as more time goes on and as more issues arise, I’m just seeing less and less value or return in our investment. I’ve had several other people in our industry ask what our system is (because it LOOKS neat and shiny) and I’ve turned them away each time for those reasons.The fact that the major features of this system (like tracking inventory) work and integrate so well is a major plus over other competing systems like Shopkeep, Vend, Lightstroke, which don’t have them at all, but the ill thought out execution of many of other features makes many of them impractical and given that the you’re paying such a high premium (you can probably get Vend for sales + Trade Gecko for inventory tracking for an equal or less price), it makes those advantages nearly a moot point.I’ve contacted their technical support many times about several of these, and effectively been told: “Sorry, we can’t do anything about it” a few times, and once even told: “we’ll flag it, but you’re not a big enough customer for us to really do anything about it so don’t expect anything because we have other priorities” Which is understandable… but fairly infuriating to actually hear… and if you have a “feature” that actually doesn’t do anything, don’t put it in at all, because that is known as fraud….


            This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

            Rezella L McDonald

            Organization Name: McDonald Bookkeeping

            I so agree… one my client extremely similar issues, there tech dept, they dont have a clue…1 star was to much for me.

            • Organization Name: McDonald Bookkeeping

            I have to agree. For a company with a mission statement of supporting small business – their customer service/technical support is virtually non existent. They “only” support Shopify, yet they don’t know how Shopify actually works. I have had many glitches that Erply cannot or will not do anything about. If my staff treated clients they way I am treated at Erply – they wouldn’t have a job, and I wouldn’t have a business. I inherited Erply when I bought the business and have been very disappointed from day one. I am looking for a new software system. I could not recommend Erply to any business.


              The biggest complaint I have is technical support, or lack thereof. The customer service guys on the phones try, but they don’t appear to be able to do much, or even really know what is going on. They can field function questions, they have helped me do reports etc etc. The software is good… it would be great if it actually worked properly. This is 5 star software… running at 2 star functionality.Actually I take that back, my biggest complaint is that we tested things on a demo account then they put us on some “brand new version” (BERLIN POS) that isn’t quite ready for prime time… we have discovered several critical flaws in the software. We have opened tickets, we have called in frequently trying to find out the status. We can’t get a straight response from technical support.As of this writing there is a critical issue regarding product cards. When we first called in, nobody could reproduce it inhouse… ok so we did the troubleshooting and found out what was going on. Basically the product card doesn’t fully load all of the data in the tabs…so when you save, it only retains the data in the active tab. All the other tabs are now empty. We lost days worth of data entry before we figured out what the issue was. We reported it almost a month ago and have aggressively followed up on it. We are currently doing data entry into a spreadsheet, I’m reminded of another issue where we had major problems importing… so getting the data synced when they eventually fix the problem will probably require erply assistance again.I could talk about how the system prints labels it doesn’t scan…. I could talk about the little quirks in the POS… I’d rather talk about how easy it is to cut a PO once inventory is accurate and reorder points have been set (hint: its SUPER easy)… I’d rather talk about how easy it is to do inventory… I’d rather talk about all the great stuff and really defend my purchase. There are just too many broken pieces right now.


                This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

                ERPLY Support

                Hi Stu,

                I’m sorry you had some difficulties. We are transitioning to a new Berlin back office, but we will and have at your request, transitioned you to the normal back office which you demo’d on.

                As far as the fix you required, code fixes take some time to ensure e’re not breakign functionality elsewhere, and your particular issue was something that VERY few customers (you and one other) were seeing. We have resolved it now, and pushed those changes.

                As for some of hte other functions, we’re happy to hear where things aren’t working for you. I know, however, that the labels were resolved:
                “…regarding this barcode printing issue, I spent a significant amount of time working with the settings for his specific printer to get the barcodes to print properly. The problem ended up being within the configuration of the printer itself. I believe it was that the label stock was 0.9 inches, but the config said it was printing on 0.85 inch stock.”

                So, I’m happy that we could also help you solve your outside of ERPLY issues.

                  This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


                  customer service is a nightmare and they don’t really have all the features listed on their site. this thing about shipping integration is not true. an erply agent told me in the demo that they have the button in the system because it is in their plans to add it but it is not an existing feature. Shipping Integration – The shipping module connects to all major shipping carriers like FedEx and UPS, providing real-time quotes based on weight, shape, and shipping methods. Print out labels at the register, slap them on, and send your items on their way


                    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

                    ERPLY Support

                    HI Richard,

                    The shipping feature within the core product will allow you to add your own custom or adjustable shipping fee product, should you choose to do so, and is meant to have added functionality with the add on integration to whichever shipping service you choose. We do have a shipping integration to other services, such as tax calculation, or shipping weight/label generation as an extra feature.

                    Sorry you are misinformed, I have clarified this point to our staff!

                      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


                      Customer support has been poor. I have over 35 years of retail experience and I am surprised by some of the basic POS functionality (primarily in the area of fraud prevention).

                        This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


                        Your customer support experience seems way better than my own. They often just don’t even bother to reply to our calls and emails! I wish I could reccomend this system, we have multiple locations and from a software sophistication level Erply does more than many. However their sales, customer service, and tech support keeps me from reccomending them to others and often makes me want to pull my hair out! Ugghh!!

                          This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


                          I started reading this because I looked at erply and it made my head spin. I am just in the deciding phase of what I want to use and it was a bit over my head, just starting out in business. I am more a point and click kinda gal at this point. I gave it a valiant try, but the help for a newbie was just not obvious enough to overcome my intimidation. That being said, it will probably be my evolution in a year or so and I am not afraid to learn it, I just have too much to think about getting things off the ground to learn something that might be too comprehensive for my simple needs just now. However, my real comment is this, Dave.. I came here to get educated on some of my filtered choices, and I just keep reading to be entertained! Your wit and sarcasm has definitely lifted my mood and makes this homework more pleasure than pain. Thanks for posting and I look forward to reading reviews of things I am not even interested in trying, just to see you guy’s spin on it. I am so glad I stumbled on this site. Starting a business cannot be done without this site. Marvelous!

                            This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

                            Dave Eagle

                            Thanks so much for the kind words! I probably have way more than I should writing these things. Good to know someone’s enjoying and getting use out of them.

                              This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

                              ERPLY Support

                              Hi Lisa,

                              We actually get that a lot, we have a powerful bit of software, but it can be intimidating! We offer an hour of free onboarding, plus many demonstrations prior to purchase to help set you on the right path.

                              Hope this helps,

                                This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

                                E Larsen

                                Been ‘on’ Erply since Sep 2013. Single store coming off an antique POS system. Our changeover was delayed a number of years so I’ve done a fair amount of research on systems over that time. We have both hardgoods & softgoods, new & used, leases, service, travel & trips so needed a system with good breadth for sales & inventory – not a one dimensional system that kicked out many daily tasks into the ‘workaround’ pile. It does not do everything, but does competently manage most of our retail business quite well.

                                Erply was hands down the most sophisticated solution at a bargain price. You do need to have a clue, though – it isn’t an entry level type POS system, it probably requires some experience. Implementation was stressful but generally smooth – their documentation is confusing and doesn’t seem up with their changes. As soon as I gave up on the ‘figure it out myself’ mode and just called – the answers were immediate, accurate and problem solving.

                                I don’t have a perfectionist bent anymore, just want systems that provide good value and actually work. Erply has been g r e a t. It has been a tremendous value overall.

                                The spend we had to make on hardware was minimal.

                                No ‘install’, maintenance and upgrades to be done on software, just open the browser.

                                Staff ‘got’ it fairly quickly and our training was mostly on the fly during slow periods.

                                Coming to the end of our first season on it, the information Erply is generating seems reliable. We made an extra effort for accuracy and it paid off. I don’t see a single reason yet to regret going with Erply.

                                  This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


                                  Absolutely shocking customer service. 4 emails over the course of a month and no replies. This is to a potential customer – heaven help me if they thought I was already hooked. I reposted one of the questions into the live help and mentioned the lack of response. The live chat feature then went offline.
                                  Might be good software but without any apparent customer support cannot see it going anywhere for me.

                                    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

                                    e larsen

                                    As a current customer, it may be that they have their priorities on servicing the clients they already have first.

                                    I’ve been a bit suprised at how quickly a real human answers my questions. Sometimes I felt like the only customer they had to worry about, & it was wonderful.

                                      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


                                      There is a new ERPLY user group on Facebook.


                                        This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

                                        Jules P (MI)

                                        Erply works well for me, tried Vend and Shopkeep but erply has much more to offer when you are running multistore operations. Also i was able to link our webshop to erply using their apis. Not speaking about report or invoice customization capabilities (look Actual Reports inside Erply). Stock replenishment, solid hardware support, FirstDAta support etc.


                                          This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

                                          Lisa B.

                                          Jules, have a question for you about erply. Can you give me a call a 727-804-5218?

                                            This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


                                            Their support is touch-and-go. Sometimes they respond quick, sometimes they don’t. They have certain products that they’re phasing out, but they don’t really tell you which ones up front. From what I could gather, Windows POS and Web POS are not longer being developed. Everything is moving toward TouchPOS. However, TouchPOS can’t do everything that WindowsPOS does, and WindowsPOS can’t do everything that Touch and Web POS do. And WebPOS does even less than Windows and Touch POS. The deal breaker for me was when they told me that Touch POS can’t open the cash drawer on cash sales only, as Windows POS can. But the receipts look horrible in Win POS and the interface is missing some features.


                                              This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

                                              Brian Vallois

                                              I agree with Amad E, support for the UK needs to improve. I sent a request for support question and it’s 2 days already and no response yet.

                                              Less that ideal if you are trying to sell a product.

                                                This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


                                                I’m shopping for a POS for my wife’s shop and I just got off the phone with Erply. I was told that yes, their system can proceed with transactions if it looses the internet connection, but no, not with the iPad App, and not when using the system through a browser – Only if using their Windows based software.

                                                So its not quite as robust in this area as I had hoped. I thought it was worth the clarification because I did not come away from your review with that understanding.

                                                  This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

                                                  Amad E.

                                                  Thanks for the comment Greg. There’s a paragraph in the Overview that clarifies the connection issue…

                                                  Similar to other hybrid POS systems like Shopkeep, ERPLY operates using both the internet as well as a locally-installed software program. All data management occurs by accessing the service via the internet, however transactions can continue should internet connection be broken, due to ERPLY’s software component. Sales generated during a down connection will sync up to the ERPLY service as soon as connection is restored.

                                                    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

                                                    ERPLY Support

                                                    HI! since 2012 we have added support for offline transactions from both browser and iPad. We still offer the WinPOS version should that not meet your needs.

                                                      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


                                                      Customer Service good ……… I don`t think so …. try using this system in the UK.

                                                      20 + Days waiting for issues to be sorted.

                                                        This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

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