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Balboa Capital Review

Balboa is an alternative business funder offering short-term working capital and equipment financing. It’s well-established, offers a flexible product line-up, and appears to have fairly reasonable rates. But be cautious in dealing with Balboa as there are quite a few red flags including an unusual number of customer complaints.

Shift4 Payments Review

Shift4 Payments is a merchant services provider that has been around under various business names since 1997. While previously best known for its Shift4 payment gateway, today it offers a complete line of products and services for almost any retail or eCommerce business. But does it work for small businesses?

National Funding Review

National Funding is a lender that provides funding to small businesses that cannot yet get a bank loan. It provides reasonable rates for an alternative lender as long as you fall on the lower range of its factor rates and origination fees.

First Data Merchant Services (Now Fiserv) Review

First Data (now Fiserv) is a massive company offering everything a merchant could need for payment processing. But small businesses will pay a premium for access, whereas large businesses might be able to negotiate a fair deal.

Merchant One Review

Merchant One has a number of features that help it stand out from its numerous competitors in the merchant services industry. However, the company’s standard three-year contract and the potentially expensive early termination fee that comes with it are not so great.

How To Start A Delivery Service In 9 Easy, Hassle-Free Steps

Owning a delivery business is a great opportunity for many entrepreneurs. Depending on the niche you plan to serve, you can start your own business with just one vehicle and no employees. What’s more, you can quickly scale your delivery business as demand increases.

Reliant Funding Review: Alternative Lending For Businesses

Reliant Funding is an alternative business funder that provides short-term loans and merchant cash advances (MCAs). There is no credit rating requirement to access its loans. Be cautious of Reliant’s transparency regarding its terms and fees.

Talus Pay Review (Formerly Talus Payments)

Talus Pay claims to be trying to offer merchants a great experience with transparency and honesty, but the company definitely doesn’t live up to that promise.

Wells Fargo Merchant Services Review

Large banking organizations such as Wells Fargo have little motivation to offer competitive terms or prices on payment processing. Customer service is also subpar, and the promise of quicker deposit times is rarely fulfilled, with many competing providers now capable of getting your money to you even faster. Read more in our review of Wells Fargo Merchant Services.

Guidant Financial Review

Guidant Financial is an alternative lender that specializes in Rollovers as Business Startups (ROBS). It also offers SBA loans and lines of credit. Guidant is suitable for mature businesses with excellent credit.